Casa De Ville-PT 1

Story By: Onome Ekama



“Oruka ti dówo na, di ololufe re mu Kó séni tole ya yin titi lai” blaring from the speakers.

Hand in hand Paul and Keira walk down the aisle to the dance floor from the door.

Family and well-wishers usher them into the reception hall with smiles.

“I have got this” Keira whispers silently to herself, trying to remember the dance steps she practiced with Paul at the dance class they had.

“Mi lady, can I have this dance” whispers Paul to his new bride.

Keira grinning from ear to ear “Yes, you may”

The song continues and everyone watched as they danced happily.

“The wedding ceremony was a huge success, graced with the presence of close family members and friends. Keira had the father daughter dance to her favorite song; it was like a dream come true. She would be with the love of her life forever and a day more.

“Keira, you know I love you right, and I am ready to go to the ends of the earth to please you”. Said Paul staring straight into Keiras’ eyes.

How could she have been so lucky she thought, dreams really do come true? Paul was a total package for her, tall, fit, handsome and has got blue eyes that melts her heart whenever he stares at her. The previous day they had talked on the phone for hours into the night about the future, having three kids, and how they would so adore them and teach them everything they needed to know.

“Yes, Paul. I can see it in your eyes and I love you forever and a day Paul. I would die if you were not by my side.” Said Keira almost tearing up.

“Hmm Hmm” Keira’s Dad clears his throat, forcing them to adjust “Paul, please take good care of my princess, she is still my baby, and I would do anything for her” his gaze fixated at Paul and he is not smiling now. You can tell as a typical African man, he means business; Paul would have to answer to him if his daughter is not well taken care of as promised.

The new couple danced until the last guest leave the hall, after which they settled their outstanding bills. The wedding gifts were taken to Keiras’ family house for the special prayers as ordered by her mother. In African beliefs, it is very necessary to bless the wedding gifts before taking it to the couple’s house for fear of bad spirits and evil curses from the guests who presented the gifts.

The bridal train still on standby at the hall for the after party. Some old classmates and the bridal train now in party clothes have waited behind to send off the couple on their honeymoon by throwing them a small party.

It was all fun and games while the couple watched; being that they were excluded from the ‘truth or dare’ game which was the highlight of the night. The couple left the party towards the end to retire to bed so they can wake up early and catch their flight.


“BUZZ BUZZ” the alarm clock went off exactly 6:30am

Keira woke up startled, thinking they had missed their flight to Maldives, quickly she grabs her phone, clicks to check the time and sighs in relief when she discovers they still have enough time to rush to the airport.

“Paul, please wake up. We would miss our flight if we don’t leave for the airport in the next fifteen minutes. Good thing we are all packed”.

“No…, I still want to sleep Paul muffles rolling to the side. “Yesterday was very busy, told you we should wait some days before going but no you can’t wait”. Paul smiling turned to face Kiera.

“Honey Please, we can argue on our way, let us start preparing for the airport” said Keira as she gentle kisses Paul while getting up from the bed.


“Flight from Lagos to London boarding now” blares from the speakers. “That is us Paulie” she says fondly. They both arrive at the airport just in time to board the plane. They would be connecting their flight from London as there was no direct flight to Male, Maldives.

The plane takes off and Keira and Paul are holding hands, looking forward to their honeymoon which was all planned out by her of cause. Walking side by side by the beach, visiting tourist sites, dancing with the locals at the club, making out under the moonlight. Who would not look forward to that?

At Heathrow airport, they highlight from the plane to wait for the connecting flight to Maldives.

“Boo, care for a bite, we could get a snack and some drinks to pass the time” Paul said while they waited.

“Sri Lankan Airlines 1504 leaving for Maldives is now boarding” the announcer called out, that is what they have been waiting to hear.

“Twelve hours baby, am sure I would be jet-lagged when we arrive Maldives, would need that foot massage you promised yesterday”. Kiera said with a sly grin

“Anything to make my boo happy.” Said Paul as he plants a kiss on her forehead.

Some folks around turn to watch them in surprise as they both  wore matching Ankara outfits sewn in the latest designs. They pay no attention but walk straight to their seats and wait for the plane to take off.

“Babes, wake up. We are finally here. Look through the window; it is as described in the pictures. Heaven on earth.” Paul said.

The plane lands and they take turns to get down from the plane. Inside the airport they wait for their luggage’s, once cleared they look for a cab to the hotel they would be spending their honeymoon.

“Casa de Ville please” Paul said to the Cabbie.

“Yes Sir, Let me help with your luggage’s” replies the Cabbie.

“Thanks Man, Yeah Thanks” Paul and Keira say together as the cab pulls over in front of the hotel.

“Boo” said Keira “This place is beautiful, we could stay here forever”

“If you say so” replied Paul with a smile.

They walk to the reception together.

“Hi, my name is Mauna. How can I help you.” Said the lady at the reception. She should be in her twenties, and from her words you can tell she is not fluent with English.

“Nice to meet you Mauna. I am Paul and this is my wife Keira. We booked a single room facing the ocean in this hotel for two weeks starting today. Can you please check your records?”

“Welcome to Casa de ville Paul and Keira, we have been expecting you. Kindly go through our brochure which has detailed guidelines on how to find your way round the hotel. On page two you would find a list of numbers you can call when you have any request. Please feel free to call the reception when in doubt. I would be pleased to come to your aid. Hold on for the porter to take you to your room. We are pleased to have you in our hotel and we hope you have a pleasant time with us.”

“Thank you Mauna, am sure we will” replied Paul.

As they enter their room, Keira scrambles under the covers on the comfortable bed and pretends to be fast asleep “Would you please freshen up, I know you are tired. Remember I promised you a foot massage and you aren’t getting any if you don’t freshen up.” Keira groans as she lazily moves to the bathroom to take a shower, Paul follows.


“Wakey Wakey rise and shine” said a smiling Paul sitting beside Keira on the bed with breakfast which consist of freshly squeezed juice, toast bread, baked beans, scrambled eggs and a vase of fresh roses.

“If you didn’t speak the smell of this delicious meal was enough to wake me up. Thanks boo” Kiera says, sipping from the cup of juice

“ I asked one of the locals for a good place to relax and guess what? We are in luck, the hotel owns the beach, so we can go soak under the sun”

“Everything about this place is wonderful, am glad we came” said Keira. “So, I have to start preparing first as usual, you know the long process we women take to get ready for anything” said Keira

“Yes Dear, You are on point, no arguments there”


At the beach, Paul is very friendly with the locals, Keira was almost showing how jealous this made her, and the honeymoon was for them to get closer not to make new friends.

“Hun, can we go back to the room now, I think I have had enough sun for one day”

“Yes Boo” Paul said, still smiling not knowing it was exactly what she had wanted to hear. They were after all on their honeymoon and not there to make friends with the locals.

“Paul, why were you so friendly with the locals at the beach today?” Keira says as she prepares for bed.

“I was only being friendly, beside’s the locals know the area well who knows there might be hidden treasure’s they could show us?”

Kiera smiles, she found the statement relaxing, Paul would always be paul

“Come here you, you know you can’t stay mad at me for long” Paul says as he grabs her under the covers. The moans could be heard from a mile away


Still squinting, Keira finally opens her eyes, she could swear she heard a sudden thud, on close look she can see two figures before her, she felt washed and dizzy, this didn’t feel like Casa De Ville she thought as she tries to get up but is laid on her back in handcuffs. Could this be part of Paul’s surprise or is she still dreaming.

Kiera eyes begins to clear, she can clearly see two figures now, not able to make out who they are she looks at her surrounding, the air felt salty and muddy at the same time, she was in a hot and where was Paul she pondered.

She can hear silent whispers now, from the side of the hut but the words are not easy to decipher. The square shaped hut is fairly lit with an old lantern and is a bit stuffy. Beside her is a table with tools for an operation, and an ice cooler. This reminds her of a series Destination Files she watched while at home. Hopefully this does not end the same way.

She tries to wriggle but then she thought she recognized one of the figure’s; she did on closer look, she spots Mauna the receptionist at the hotel, speaking in her local dialect with a man looking like an American Indian, with all the ancient regalia.

As they speak, the man turns to look at her, turns back and continue in the discussion.

After a few minutes and some incantations, he walks up to her.

“Welcome Keira, we have been waiting for you.”

“Where’s Paul” was all she could mutter


To be continued…

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