Walk in the dark: Episode 3

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Recap: Ade is still trying to make sense of things and it does not look good if Emeka’s word are anything to go by, Kemi on her part seems to be the voice of reason in this hell hole.


Mama Shola had just come home from a hard day at the market and was seated in the living room resting before a loud bang on the door disrupted her nap. Angered by the intrusion she marched towards the door, determined to tell off whoever had interrupted her sleep.
‘Na who…..’ Her voice trailed off, standing before her were a troupe of police officers and a man who was seething with rage.
‘Officer arrest her!’ The anger man barked.
‘Eh!!!’ Mama Shola yelped, withdrawing into her living room.
‘Madam, good afternoon,’ one of the officer said, ‘I am Inspector James, we are looking for your son Ade.’
‘Ah! Ade?! What has he done?’ She asked, worried lines caressing her face.
‘Madam your useless son stole my money!’ The angry man quipped.
‘That is impossible, it cannot be! Ah my son Ade cannot be a thief!’ Ade’s mother was beginning to panic but she was certain her son would never steal, they were not rich but she made certain they had enough.
‘Sorry ma, but is your son home?’ The Inspector asked.
‘No sir, he does not get home till much later in the day but Officer, I can vouch for my son, he did not do anything.’ Mama Shola said, tears trailing her misty eyes.
‘Okay ma, will you mind coming down to the station and writing a statement?’
‘No problem, Inspector James, lemme just dress up and follow you. I will also need to inform our neighbors of my whereabouts so they can relay it to my husband when he gets home from work.’
‘Go ahead ma, we will wait.’
‘Just look at!! Just negodu!!! While you people are busy wasting time here, that riff-raff is somewhere living large on my hard earned money…’
‘Mr. Chinedu, please let us do our jobs!’
Mr. Chinedu let out a heavy sigh and began to pace. Ade seemed like quite a trustworthy young chap, he was smart, hard-working, intelligent and always kept to himself. He was not one for extravagant things, he had a girlfriend; a nice looking girl, that he always brought to office functions and whom he had met severally on such occasions. In fact, in the five years Ade had worked with him, he had never acted out of character except today. He had before today run many errand for him and a load of them involving much more substantial sums than this, which is why somehow he felt he was missing something but he had to be sure, these days there was no one you could trust a 100 percent.
Ade’s mother came out of the house at that time and he could not help but feel sorry for her.
‘Let’s go.’ James said pointing towards the van that waited at the edge of the driveway.

‘Where are you taking her? Bring her back!’ Ade screamed banging on the door, ‘let us go!! Help!!!’ The door pushed open sending him crashing to floor and with it came two burly men, machete in hand.
‘Come, you dey craze, you think say na only you dey here abi?! If you like shout from now till tomorrow, nobody go hear pim. We dey middle of jungle make you know, so relax and wait your turn.’ He kept pummeling Ade as he talked, when he was done they both walked out of the room, leaving the prisoners quivering in their wake.
‘Are you alright?’ Kemi asked her voice laced with concern. Ade grimaced, as she touched him.
‘You just come today, you don dey do anyhow, oh boy calm down oh make you no use your own hand hasten your own death sentence.’ Emeka chipped in from across the room.
‘Yes oh, e no easy but try calm down.’ another added.
‘I am not dying here!!! I am escaping tonight.’ Ade said getting to his feet, determination etched on his forehead.


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