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In the previous episode I introduced myself to you, how I met Mark and how he introduced me to my current amazing world of power and sensations. I however attempted my first kill, who fortunately is my baby cousin Tobi, although he seems to still be alive, things aren’t going according to plans.



“He mustn’t wake” kept reechoing in my head, “He mustn’t wake!”

I wished Mark was here to direct me on what to do next. Mark was never sloppy

“Kelvin how could you be so sloppy?”

Now this could cost you the opportunity to feel, to relieve this sensation a thousand times over and worse you could be discovered ‘

Mark said never to get caught
“Kelvin how could you be so careless?”

“It’s not your fault”

My mum replied making me realize I had said my thoughts out loud. I returned her reply with a mournful look, I myself was quite impressed at how easy this came. She cradled Tobi in her arms as he looked quite weak and was still struggling in between wheezes to breathe. Aunty Stella looked a wreck with her previously well styled hair completely disheveled. She kept muttering

Tobi “maṣe lọ”  “ma ko fi mi” and occasionally you could hear the tears stuck in her throat trying to break free.

Mum turned to Aunty Stella with a stern but calming voice

“Go down stairs and use the phone to call Dr Maxwell, tell him it’s an emergency”

Aunty Stella nodded in between sniffs and rushed down the stairs, I could hear those previously stuck tears slowly making its way up and before she was out of ear shot I heard the first bout of tears escape her mouth. It was all full five minutes when Aunty Stella screamed with a voice filled with tears from downstairs

“Sister they are asking if you have an appointment, they are ……”

Her voice trailed off again as she began sobbing loudly. Mum turned from Tobi to me.

“Kelvin go downstairs and…” she paused….”you know what?”

She got up and lay Tobi gently on the bed….”watch him I am coming let me get the phone’” She smiled at me reassuringly, patted my head and rushed down the stairs.

I smiled as soon as she left…..this was a golden opportunity and I wasn’t about to let it pass. I got on the bed and pinched his nose, he flinched weakly and attempted to get my hand off his nose so he could breathe. But it was such a weak attempt. That inner voice nudged me again.

“Act fast!”

A throw pillow lay on the floor beside me, I picked it up and placed it gently over his face and pressed down. At first he gave no reaction but he suddenly started jerking with so much strength…I pressed down harder. The more he jerked the higher my pulses grew, I could feel those sensations growing, I was getting excited. A few more jerks and he grew still. I took away the pillow and looked at my work… His face had a surprise look pasted on it with a touch of sadness. I was his liberator, I liberated his soul, I was a god, I had life and death in my hands, these sensations felt so empowering… a low laughter tore through my throat and almost resonated in the room but I caught myself and smiled instead.

A few minutes later Mum and Aunty Stella entered the room, I looked at Mums face and I could see raw grief as she stared at Aunty Stella trembling uncontrollably, as she kept trying to straighten Tobis’ fist which was balled up. It was clear I won, He was gone, He was liberated.

The burial was such a messy affair what with everyone weeping uncontrollably, tears infuriated me. They should all be grateful I liberated him, I gave him life, life was death, I set his soul free. Mark said they were always grateful in the end they just couldn’t say it. I know it’s true because I peeped at Tobis’ body just before they covered his casket and he looked happily at peace. So why was there so much tears? Angrily I stormed away from the procession and ran towards the car, I couldn’t stand ungrateful people and they where all being ungrateful to me.  Mum came after me and pulled me into her arms , assuring me it wasn’t my fault and that it could have happened to anyone,

“no need to beat yourself up”.

A smile appeared on my face as tears streamed down….

“it’s not your fault” .

Mum kept reassuring me. I wanted to push her away and scream “UNGRATEFUL!!!” till they all understood just what gift I had given Tobi but I remained in her embrace. We later returned to the grave side as the body was being lowered.

Aunty Stella couldn’t attend the burial because it was against tradition for a parent to see the corpse of their children not to talk of actually attending the burial itself. Mum did the final farewell speech, midway through the speech she beckoned me to join her and say something before the body was finally lowered into the grave.

“Tobi was so young and gentle, thank God he is at peace now, never to worry, He is free'”

I picked up a handful of sand and threw it on the coffin, turned and walked gently towards the car, my legs trembled with so much sensations. The act of standing over his grave and paying the last respects made me fulfilled, I could have sworn a halo appeared round my head. I was his Liberator no one knew it and it was okay because not all gods live in heaven, some live amongst men and after this work I knew I was certainly a god.

The taste of my first work however didn’t last long and I knew it wasn’t going to be the last, nothing was going to make me give this up so soon, not when I was finally becoming the god Mark had said we were, not when I was finally a Liberator.

The next three months will mark my final term and the end of my 6 year stay in secondary school. Worries of when my next work will be kept me awake for days to come and finally I figured it out. I needed to be around people and lots of them. I walked up to Mum one afternoon after I got home from school; smiling as someone who just discovered a gold mine I said
“Mum I wanna get into the boarding house…”


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  • Chibuzor Ibe says:

    Wow! I just had to go back to catch up on the first episode. This is one dark piece of art that had my engine revving throughout the read. Ken, I’ve never doubted that evil mind of yours, this is rather refreshingly different. Mea culpa my child, mea culpa! ????

  • tolani says:

    This is really good. But when he talked about reliving the sensation a thousand times, does that mean he has killed before? Or assisted Mark in killing someone else? Cos if tobi was his first kill, he wouldn’t know about reliving the sensation until he is actually dead.
    2. I would have loved for you to establish a little bit more about who Kevin really is. The Kevin that his parents didn’t know about but he revealed to Mark because he seems to be as dominant as Mark is.
    3. I’m guessing there’s still something you’re yet to tell us cos I want to know why he thinks he gave tobi ‘life’ after killing him.
    Write up… ????

  • Richard Ejim says:

    Nice. But the message though, would have preferred it to be something edifying, rather than causing sad and scary imaginations. Painting the pain in the heart of the mother, aunt and even all those present at the burial isn’t a good one. But in all, very cool writing skills. Weldone. I expect a positive resolution in the next chapters.

  • LN AJAGU says:

    This is cool bro, though I suggest it should be for 18+ yrs only, to avoid being practiced at home by kids.

  • Taiwo Oluwaseun says:

    nice one…Yea dats true @LN Ajagu

  • Johnstanley says:

    Hmmm god forbid this lil devil amongst men

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