Walk in the dark: Episode 2

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RECAP: The protagonist Ade had wanted to go make a cash deposit but wakes up in a cold room filled with other people. He has been kidnapped.
‘…where am I?’ Ade asked fear evident in his tone.
‘I don’t know.’ The girl said softly.
That answer hit him harder than a boxer’s knockout punch. He got up and walked to the only window in the room, it was boarded up, he walked to the door and found that it could only be opened from outside. He tried to look through the peep hole, it had been painted over but he could make out shadows walking around, he tried to listen in but their voices was muffled by the thickness of the door.
‘Where is this place?!’ Ade said, panic beginning to set in.
‘I do not know but I guess we are in a den of kidnappers or worse ritualists.’ A male voice that he will later learn belonged to Emeka, said from the corner of the room.
‘Ah! Kidnappers! Ritualists!! Ah! My God!!! How did I end up here?!’
‘I was in a bus heading to church, next thing I know I am here.’ Kemi; the eye girl said.
‘I was walking home one night and men dressed as police officers grabbed me and took me to the station, this is the station they brought me to. There were 2 of us, they came to take the other one away, his name was Ejike, I haven’t seen him since then.’ Emeka said.
There were 11 of them in the room and all their stories had one thing in common, they had been either in a public transport or picked up by the police. All except the six year old girl who said her step mom had brought her here.
‘But my parents are not rich, I have no rich relatives, my salary is not even up to a hundred thousand, why would someone want to kidnap me?!’ Ade squealed.
‘Bros to tell you the truth, this is a ritualists’ den. I have been here for more than a month and in that time many people have come and gone. It is no coincidence that every time one person leaves there is always a guttural cry after.’
‘Jesus!!! Mommy oh!!! I cannot die here.’ Kemi said.
‘How long have you being here?’ Ade asked Kemi.
‘This is my third day.’ Then she went on to introduce everyone and stating how long they had been held captive. She concluded by saying, ‘Of course you know Emeka, he has stayed the longest; about a month by our calculation.’
‘Have you guys thought of escaping?’ Ade asked.
‘I tried once, I only got as far as the front door before I was captured again. They gave me the beating of my life. But I learnt one thing though, they are only about 5 people guarding this place and they are all armed with pump actions and Dane guns.’
‘So you gave up?!’ Ade asked surprised.
‘Do you see this?’ Emeka said pointing to a big gash in his forehead, ‘an axe did that to me. If I have to escape, I have to be sure I do not get caught again.’
Kemi let out a sigh of resignation, Ade looked on in despair, he was not going to die here. He had hopes and dreams, his mom was at home awaiting his return, he was supposed to meet up with his girlfriend Muneerat at their rendezvous. Then it struck him. ‘What about my bag, did anyone see my bag?’
‘When you were brought here, there was no bag on you.’ Musa said.
‘Jesus!!! My boss will kill me!! That bag had 250 thousand in it! God!!!’
‘You better worry about leaving here with your head intact before you worry about something you can do nothing about.’
Ade fell to the ground weeping, his whole body quaking, how will God let this befall him? He was a good Christian, said his prayers daily and respected his parents, why will God let this kind of evil befall him?
He was still crying when the door opened and three mean looking men walked into the room and grabbed one of the girls Kemi had introduced as Charity.

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