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“It is good to finally meet you.” The stranger said when I was in the room.

“I heard you are the dress fitter.”

“Yes that is right. Now stand over here and try not to move whilst I get it perfect. Oh and it would be best to be in your underwear.”

I stripped to my underwear and stood in front of her smiling. This was going to be fun.

The dress fitter pulled out this stunning floor length dress. The upper half was black with a beaded belt that separated it from the coral pink, silk skirt that flowed out slightly. It was beautiful to say the least.

She helped me into it and allowed the fitter to go behind me to do the zipper up. She started to grunt in annoyance which didn’t sound good.

I felt my tummy to realise it had grown again. How fast does this baby want to grow?

“Sorry. I’m pregnant and it is growing faster than I anticipated.”

“No need to apologise my lady. I can easily make it loose fit round the stomach area so if it grows again, it will not be restrained by the dress.”

“Thank you. It just makes me feel like I am fat.”

“Maybe you are just fat.” I heard Joe laugh from the entrance.

“Your mother was a whore with a fat ass!” I snapped at Joe.

“You are getting a little chubby.” I heard Damon add.

This caused us both to laugh as we were quoting Game Of Thrones which I had gotten Damon into. The dress fitter joined in with the laughing and Damon glared at her.

“That was funny was it?” Damon asked her, acting all serious.

“N…N…No sire.” She stuttered back.

“No?” He asked, acting angry. “Didn’t you find my joke funny?”

“Sir…I…It…I…” She began to trip on her own words.

“Damon. Stop messing with the poor girl.” I sighed.

“Fine.” He sighed, putting his hands up in surrender.

“Oh Britney?”


“The car will be here soon.”

“Will you be driving or will we be in the back?”

“Always go in the back as it’s the best contraceptive.” He chuckled causing me to roll my eyes at him.

He disappeared with Joe laughing and I turned to the dress fitter.

“Sorry about Damon. He is a bit of a dick sometimes.”

“No need to apologise my lady.”

“I feel like I do.”

“Well you don’t.” She said before stepping away from me. “All done. The dress is more loose in case your baby bump grows more.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome my lady.”

Why does she keep calling me, “my lady”?

“Well it was nice to meet you my lady. I hope you have fun.”

“Thank you. And the dress is beautiful.”

“Thank you.” She smiled before leaving.

I was looking forward to the party but at the same time, I dreaded. It was at Claire’s and even though David was nowhere to be found, I was worried he would make another appearance.

Damon and I entered the house and were led to the ballroom in the mansion that didn’t have as many people there as I expected there to be.

“I thought this was a party.”

“It is.” Damon replied.

“Then why is there hardly anyone here. I think there are only twenty people here.”

“It’s more of a small gathering. Something is going to be happening tonight.”


“It’s a surprise.” He smirked.

“Okay Damon. What do you have planned?”

“I don’t have anything planned. Joe however does.”

“What does Joe have planned?”

“Just a little something.”

“Please tell me.”


I dashed over to Joe who was with Samantha.

“What are you up to?” I questioned him.

“What are you talking about?” Joe asked.

“Not you too. I will find it out.” I replied feeling very determined

with myself.

Joe walked off and onto the stage to talk to the band there.

I looked around and was relieved to see David wasn’t here which made my tummy ease. Thinking about my tummy, how is the baby doing?

I placed my hand over my stomach and felt the bump which seemed bigger than last time. Great.

“Boy or girl?” Claire asked me.


“Is the baby a boy or girl?”


“I have been pregnant twice so I know the symptoms. Plus you keep holding your stomach even without you noticing. I did the same.”

“Oh. It is still early days so not sure if it is a boy or girl.”

“Let me know once you find out.”

“I have an announcement.” Joe said into the microphone. “I love Samantha.”

That’s no big secret. That much was obvious.

“We have been secretly together for over a year now.”

Okay now this I didn’t know. They were together…A couple. I didn’t see this coming. Neither did anyone else by the looks on their faces.

“And that’s why I’m about to do what I am.”

He nodded to the guitarist on the stage that started to play. The bassist and drummer started to play as well. What was going on?

“Now I love your mama, let’s save her some trouble.” Joe started to sing.

“And your daddy won’t mind if we save him a bundle. Girl it just so happens, that ring that you wanted,

Well guess what I bought it, It’s in my pocket baby, come on…”

Oh my gosh. No way! What the hell?! Was he proposing?! He pulled a box out of his inside pocket. I looked to Samantha who looked like she was about to faint.

Joe walked over to her and got on one knee, one hand holding the box open revealing this beautiful, diamond ring whilst the other hand had the microphone in it.

“…Let’s get it done, let’s get it on your left hand, This is me, girl, poppin’ the question.

Why wait another minute,

For something’ we should’a done yesterday?

I know a little church,

With a preacher who could hook us up right away.

Love don’t need a reason,

Baby I don’t see how I could love you anymore than I do today,

So why wait?

Let’s do something crazy,

‘Cause crazy’s what you make me.

Why wait another minute,

Wait another minute come on!

Well I know a little church,

With a preacher who could hook us up right away.

Love don’t need a reason,

Baby I don’t see how I could love you anymore than I do today,

So why wait?

Why wait?

What’aya say girl we do somethin’ crazy?

Samantha will you marry me?” He spoke the last bit.

“YES!” She squealed, jumping on him.

I instantly started clapping. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. They were engaged!

I ran up to Samantha and gave her a massive hug.

“I’m so excited for you!” I squealed.

“I am too!” She squealed back. “I’m engaged!”

Damon just lent against one of the concrete pillars in the ballroom smirking. He knew. I looked at him and shook my head.  He sent me a cheeky wink making my stomach flip as I started to feel butterflies. Why does he have this affect on me? The night was coming to an end, Samantha, Joe, Xavier and Andy had left to go home. The other guests left leaving the only people here to be Claire, Tommy,

the nanny, Damon and I.

Claire had gone to tuck Tommy into bed with the nanny so I was stuck here by myself waiting for Damon to get back. He had gone off to make some quick phone calls and still wasn’t back. I had a feeling he was on the phone to Johnny or that Alpha again.

“Well hello you.” I heard a voice say behind me.

I knew instantly who that creepy, sadistic voice belonged to. I turned around to come face to face with him.

“Hello David.”

“You look ravishing tonight. You know, being a vampire does suit you.”

“And being a bastard suits you.” I spat back.

“You always have been a feisty one haven’t you?”

“Are we really going to start this?”

“No. But we can start something else if that is what you want?”

“The only thing that I want is to have your head handed to me on a silver platter.”

“I see Damon’s friend, the Lord, has rubbed off on you. You almost sound like royalty, but you’re far from it. You’re just a common whore.”

“And you’re an abusive, sadistic psychopath.”

“That’s only on week days.” He chuckled making me want to puke.


“Don’t you just know it.” He winked.

“I suggest you leave now before Damon gets back.”

“He wouldn’t do anything, even /if /he did come back.”

“What do you mean, /if/ he came back?”

“Don’t you think it’s strange how long he is taking with that phone call?”

“What have you done to him?”

“Me? I’m insulted. I’ve done nothing to him my dear. You however have, with what’s in there.” He stated before pointing to my stomach.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, clutching my stomach protectively.

I’m not going to give him a chance to hurt my baby.

“He never wanted kids, or a girlfriend for that matter. He hates kids and even said he would never want one of his own. You see how this looks now? He hates kids and you’re carrying one of his offspring inside you. He’s left you my dear.”

“Liar. He would never do that.”

“Go find Claire and ask that bitch. She will confirm what I have said. He doesn’t want kids.”

My heart was slowing beginning to break at the realisation that maybe this was true. Maybe he did leave me.  “NO!” I shouted in denial as tears threatened to fall. “He wanted do that.”

“He has my dear. There is some good news and I love kids and would be happy to raise this child with you.”

How can he say this? He has a wife, yeah she wants to be rid of him but still! They are bound by marriage and he is talking about raising a family with someone else. I would never raise a child with him, let alone let him near my child.

“Why would I want someone to grow up to be like you?”

“You already do, well you did have someone like me…Maybe even worse.”

“Damon is nothing like you.” I snarled, fangs elongating.

“Has he ever hit you? Abandoned you, even if it was for a week? Has he even tried to make you drink human blood when you were human as a joke?”

Yes, yes and yes. He did. Is he really like David, maybe even worse and the adoration and love I have for him clouding the reality?

“I take that as a yes.” He smirked.

I really wanted to hit him right now.

My hand enclosed on the wooden stake I kept on me. The only place I could put it was between my breasts in the top part of the dress as that is the only place I could put it. Yes I am a little paranoid but I knew I would eventually run into David so why not be prepared.

“Are you trying to seduce me my dear?” He chuckled sliding his hand down my side.

Oh he is pushing it now. I pulled out the stake and stuck it right into his dick.

He howled out in pain and fell onto the floor, blood pouring from his crotch as he screamed out.

I pulled out the stake and was aiming for his heart when he pulled me by my hair onto the floor as he injected me with something that burned.

What was going on and why couldn’t I feel my body?

“Unlucky for you, I had a syringe of silver. Do you know what that doesn’t to a vampire.” He asked before answering it. “If injected, it paralyses them for a couple of hours, depending on the dosage. When it

starts to wear off, it hurts and you’re weak until you have a drink of blood. Shame I won’t give you any humans to feed from unless I get a reward first.”

He started dragging me away by my hair and all I keep thinking about is where the hell was he taking me?

Wait, my baby! What would the silver do to my unborn child?
I tried to speak but couldn’t. Damn silver. Please be okay my little Annalise if it’s a girl or Stefan if it’s a boy.



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