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He stepped in the gates. Wide eyed, pulse racing, the drugs in his system made him think he could hear his own heartbeat. He had to keep his composure, the house was a good 20 meters from the compound gate, to get inside he would have to speak calmly and coherently to at least 2 well trained body guards at the door who would knock him out in a heartbeat if they glimpsed the knife he had tucked in behind his shirt.

He checked out, clean and cleared, the guy at the door did a quick frisk, his examination was loose and sloppy. Yemi was in the house and armed!

“Speak of the Devil”

Those were chief’s only words before he lifted the phone to his ears.

“excellent timing….


“hmmm… perfect, I don’t mind us meeting actually….

“in 5 minutes, *laughs* that’s fine. Let us get to meet each other then”

“It seems your driver is on his way to see me, or should I say to see us, he really shouldn’t mind what we are doing don’t you think? What style should we try in anticipation of his arrival?” Mbuotidem froze.

This was not good, Yemi had been having suicidal tendencies for the past 3 days. If he saw her with the chief under the circumstances he would certainly do something crazy. Somebody might actually die.

Beads of sweat were breaking out from her forehead as she tried to feign calmness in the situation.

Chief smiled at her. “Quite some concern over a driver, would you say. Although I doubt he would make it upstairs, they’ll stop him at the visitor’s parlor. The call I had wasn’t from my security by the way and it wasn’t about your little boyfriend’s tantrums. It was from the Director of Awro.”

“So he isn’t coming??” she asked.

“Oh! Well he certainly is but he won’t make it here. My security would never allow it, except I tell them to of course” He grinned

“Please you can’t! You can’t! she cried.

“Well that depends”

“On what”

“On whether you actually impress me this time, One more round and this time do it like your life depends on it, cos it probably does. He laughed loudly.

He had her on check. He would never allow such a stupid thing and if he did, he would make sure his guards first beat some sense into the Yemi boy. Anyway, all that mattered was that it scared her. He smiled to himself and laid on the bed, the next 30 minutes were scheduled to be awesome.

Judith was finally going to see him. The big boss, the man who was said to have personal kept AWRO afloat when they ran out of funds. Their biggest single benefactor, she was wondering what new webs to weave, what could she do to really gain his sympathy. So far the AWRO had pushed her campaign to fame beyond her imaginations and the director had said only one thing about this meeting.

“Chief is a man of justice, especially for women. He is running for a bigger office very soon, if he believes in you and your story, you can get anything you want from this situation!”

She stepped in the compound of his mansion, the house did not by any means fail to impress. She shuddered at the sight of it, she had heard that Chief lived conservatively for a man of his means.


The walls of the house were inordinately high, as though the purpose was to block any view of the house from the outside. Inside, the house had 2 pillars at the entrance that were adorn with marbles. The entrance of the house was a see through fish pond, with leaving fishes swarming around, two hefty body guards stood atop this glass cover of the pool and did a quick frisk on her before letting her through. She had prepared for this, but it didn’t in any way stop her from being thoroughly intimidated by the thought of the power this man must yield to afford the luxurious life he was living.

She stepped into the house and was told chief would see her shortly but in the meantime she would wait with the “other” guest in the visitors’ parlor.

The next session with Mboutidem or “Bouti” as he just liked to call her was unimpressive and annoying. She was totally off rhythm, a disappointing spectacle to beyond. He literally pushed her off him hastily, as he prepared to join in, virtually to the showdown that was just about to happen.

From chief’s room he could see practically every part of his house through his cctv cameras. Even he was pretty excited at what the outcome of this possibly explosive meeting would be. He knew everything about the story as far as the tv had presented it so far, he also knew that somehow Booti had been trying to convince him that her driver-boyfriend was innocent. The AWRO had shot the case into the limelight making it quite a high profile case with a lot of media buzz. He wanted to see firsthand what would happen between these two and then he would pick the side that would best favor his political ambition.

Yemi had been pacing across the entire room waiting for the politician and his lying girlfriend to show their faces. He would end them unfailingly before any stupid bodyguard even had a clue what had happened. His veins were flowing with drugs, his blood was pumped with adrenaline and his mind was weak from lack of sleep. When the lady in red walked in, he paid her no attention whatsoever. Maybe she’ll be a witness or perhaps he should just add her to casualty list. She sat towards the far end of the sitting room, mumbling some words to herself, demonstrating slightly with her arms as though preparing for the meeting she was also about to have. When he saw her, at that moment, they looked each other straight in the eyes.

Yemi reached for his knife pulling it out in one quick sweep and ran towards her. Both Chief and Mb who had been watching over the CCTV dashed towards the parlor…

When they got there, there was a pool on the floor, blood seeping through a body that was already loosing consciousness.


Three weeks had passed since the incident, the doctor gave assurances that everything was fine. The patient could not only go home but there would be no further need for the frequent visits to the hospital. Yemi had received 3 stabs to his stomach in an eventful chased that left him tethering on the balance between life and death.

He had chased her from the visitors’ parlor to the bigger sitting room that was connected through an adjoining door. The drugs in his system made his entire coordination sloppy, in his attempt to catch her he had let go of the knife which fell to the floor and then he started to pound her with his fists. But Judith was as much a fighter as any street girl could be, the first 3 punches cleared her head of the initial surprise which had left her stunned at seeing the face of the man whose life she knew she had ruined. Now she was in full survival mode. She pushed him off and made her way to her feet again but in a second, he had jumped back on her knocking her off her balance once more and down to the floor, but he was careless. Her second fall put her within easy reach of the knife and as soon she grabbed it she inserted it in his side and twice in his belly, she attempted to flee the house but the guards stopped her before she could leave.

Yemi was bleeding profusely and losing consciousness, Mboutidem was hysterical, Chief gave quick orders for him to be taken to the hospital, for the house to be cleaned and for the girl to be released. If Yemi was going to die, it would certainly not be traced back to him.

With Judith on the run, the AWRO went quiet about the case, Mboutidem made her confessions about what had happened but Chief decided it was unnecessary for the world to know the truth. The political climate in which he was campaigning was one that was charged with the disappointment of people over obvious cases of impartiality and nepotism on the part of those in power. The prevailing opinion of the electorate was that only those aligned with those in power could get justice, they needed a leader who could assure them that justice was for all.

It was the perfect political landscape for Chief Anthony to switch sides, he withdrew support from the AWRO and claimed to have paid for deep investigation into the issue and uncovered facts that proved the case against Yemi was false and that Judith was a crazy lunatic who was out to destroy Yemi for her own agenda.

The tale he spurn was a masterpiece, the media jumped on it, Chief had made himself central to the story in turning against the AWRO which he had supported almost highhandedly for many years, he created a perfect image of a hero for justice in the minds of the justice starved masses. He took care of Yemi’s medical bills along sides with several living expenses, he forbade Bouti (Mboutidem) from telling Yemi the truth about her involvement in the entire scandal.

It was a nightmare, a terribly scary nightmare, but even nightmares, like all dreams, eventually come to an end. Yemi would never need to know what happened nor would he ever find out just how close he had come to death’s Yemi, all at the plot of a woman scorned.

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