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She couldn’t understand how he could lift her from below, holding her entire body weight in his arms as he thrust deep in to her. She let out a soft moan

“Chief don’t stop”

“Don’t call me chief, like I’m some old guy call me Anthony. Besides, we haven’t even started here”.

He spoke in between thrusts, his grip was firm, his muscles were firm as steel cables. Nothing about his fit athletic body gave indication of his age. They were on the third round and he looked like he might be able to go a fourth before reaching his limit. He showed her skills she didn’t know existed in positions she never thought were possible. She was scared of him, his prowess topped that of any man she had ever been with. Each time they had sessions she would drift into deep sleep only to wake up to what seemed like a different reality where she had a life outside that room, that house and Chief’s possessive arms.

No matter how many rounds they went, she wanted more. Chief, no Tony, was like an aphrodisiac everything about his 45 year old body exuded a level of sex appeal that no man should ever have. Billionaire at 38, Nigerian Senator at 44, he was 6 feet 3’, with a muscular well-toned body and a skin so smooth that it looked like it was made of glass. His voice was unusually soft and sonorous for a man of such status and power, he seemed like he had seduced his way to affluence but his eyes held a dark light. They looked like they could sift between skin and bone to see through to the soul. Something about him spoke of an enigmatic persona, a mystery, a puzzle, a person who could conceal rage behind a smile and give a death sentence in between fits of hysterical laughter.

This man was a devilish dangerous womanizer, and he was absolutely irresistible. She came to herself after 3 hours of sleep. Her head was still spinning “Damn! What a session

She tried to hold her head in one position as she struggled to recollect pieces of memories that were available to her shattered mind.

“So I thought you were here because of your boyfriend” Tony asked

Boyfriend… boy… friend… boyfriend?? What is that?

For a moment, the words boyfriend had lost meaning. Then it hit her… Yinka! …. Oh no! Yemi, Yes Yemi!!

“Me! Boyfriend? You mean my driver right”

“Driver? That’s not how it looked to me when I first saw you two together, besides you did say he was the reason why you came”

“Well yes, err… Yemi has worked with my family for over 6 years. He has been very dedicated so this whole story of him raping someone breaks my heart because I know it is a lie.”

He chuckled.. “ hmmm… since when do people go out of their way to help their drivers, since when did people start to know whether or not their drivers are rapists and do tell me, how a man who was working for Eppsions oil barely 2 months ago has been your driver for over 6 years. Don’t play games with me”

He laughed hard “ You are one very poor liar, at least your ability in bed is slightly better than your ability to think on your feet or did you think I wouldn’t know anything about him?”

“I personally represent over 30% of the local funding that the AWRO women’s group get. Of course that’s only about 10% of their total funding but the AWRO operates in several countries, local philanthropist are the life blood of each national branch, they can’t afford to ignore my opinions on how they proceed on the issue with Yemi. And that is why you are here, stack naked in my bed. You need me to influence the AWRO director to stop fanning the flames of the fire that has destroyed your boyfriend”

He spoke every word in a very deliberate manner as those they were stacks of dominoes he needed to lay perfectly side by side so they don’t collapse before he intended for them to. He was far too aware of his power.

She was about to argue but he interrupted with a raise of hand

“There’s no need to, the devil is live”

He had just tuned to a local station airing over the cable network. The interviewer was a dark classy looking lady in her fifties. She had the professionalism of one who had been in the presenting business for several years and the empathy of a mother.

“Be strong” she said. “the world needs to hear your story”.

She offered her guest a glass of water to sip

“Judith, we cannot let this happen to women coming behind us and this is why you need to tell your story” She urged.

Judith drank the water, her hands were shaking badly as she returned it to the table. She wiped her eyes with a handkerchief.

“ The truth is, there is no easy way to tell it. We live in a society where the woman is always blamed when incidents like this occur. I can only …. O..n..l..y advise young ladies to look beyond the empty promises of marriage.Yemi and I dated for years every time he made me abort he would say it was because he didn’t want me in the family way before we meet his parents else they wouldn’t bless the marriage when they discover my condition they would think I am roping him . He would promise we would meet his parent once the abortion is done, then he would go out to buy me an engagement ring, the last time he even bought a wedding gown. Such heights of deception”

She broke down again and sobbed softly



Even Mboutidem had her mouth agape, what incredible acting skills! What level of role play! Judith was a wizard at acting. Her performance was flawless, even Mboutidem was moved. To think that this nobody who had never even seen Yemi face to face could put up such an impeccable act all in the name of a lie someone else was sponsoring. But what do you do when the pet you raised in your home grows into a monster? Judith was overplaying the script and the reason was simple.

Money! But not the money Mb was paying Judith. The AWRO’s money. When Judith took the job to lie against Yemi, it wasn’t that serious. Judith would be scheduled to go on so and so day and time, Mb would have already contacted AWRO with the story so they could lend their weight, she would also leak the story to bloggers across the internet, it would go public and Yemi would be ruined. Everything went perfectly, too perfectly. Public sentiment was in the overwhelming favor of Judith who has suddenly become a heroine, the face of women scorned and jilted all over the country.

The AWRO immediately sensed the story was a hit, they had received massive funding in the recent months but were yet to pursue any project that had that level of publicity. Mboutidem had used the Awro and now the AWRO was using Judith as their pun. The waves the story was making and Judith’s sensational acting made them forget to do a thorough investigation into the matter. Call it an oversight, but then why would a lady lie about being jilted, or forced to abortion. Judith got interviews on newspapers, radio, tv everywhere. They moved her to a new apartment and practically put her on the pay roll. All she had to do was tell the world how evil men like Yemi were and how AWRO was liberating, helping and saving women like her all around the country.

In her role as Yemi’s Knight in shining Armour, MB had made her own attempts at providing the public with a different opinion of who Yemi was. But bad blood spreads fast. The article she wrote “Not what you think – My relationship with YEMI OTUNBAMIJO OLUKOSU over the past 4 years” presented Yemi as a saint, a good boyfriend. No one wanted to hear anything of that sorts. Only 2 blogs put out the story most editors shunned it.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t still out to break Yemi, she was. The problem was that she had created a monster, a beast, that was ready to tell any lie or turn on anyone for the right price and this demon had two things going for her: press and public sympathy.

She was shocked to see Judith on live tv. Just yesterday she had wired her N50,000 for doing a good job and asked her to stay out of the press regarding the matter moving forward. She called her to make her point emphatic, yet here she was, the sleazy b***h, on live tv, mouthing and giving advice, telling people what to do like she was a pastor on a pulpit.

Judith had become a disease and she was going to have to cure this ailment. One or two thugs should be enough to remove Judith from the picture …. COMPLETELY and FOREVER.


Yes… He decided Yemi’s existence was a pain. He was never the type to share a woman, he wanted to possess her for himself and that oil job buy/driver was going to be in the way.

Yemi honked a third time, he was out of patience already. For 3 straight weeks, she had been visiting this politician claiming he would be their messiah, the solution to their woes and that he could make the AWRO and Judith go away like a bad dream. 3 weeks, every day, at first he was bringing her here and taking her home but now he was certain she was intimately involved with the senator. He had been thinking of it for 3 straight nights in a row, imagining that rich pig devouring her body, exploring every bit of it. He had told her to stop seeing him, but she refused, she said nothing ever happened while she was there. That she spent a long time because so many people were always at the senator’s house asking him for favors. Senator Tony is the only way she said.

Yemi wasn’t going to let the one last remaining good thing he had in his life slip away. He wrapped, the knife in his hand with a hand towel and slipped it in his pocket. His sweaty hands shaking and unsteady, his eyes blood shot red, he looked like he had aged 5 years in 2 weeks. He had been high for 2 weeks straight, taking hard drugs on a daily basis, his mind was muddy, his judgement was clouded. He put on dark shades and approached the main gate. He had come with Mb at least 5 times before, then suddenly she said it would be better she came alone that’s when his suspicion started.

He clutched the knife in his pocket hard enough to make his knuckles turn white. Somebody was definitely going to die today!


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