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Knock knock knock!!!

Sophia turns on her side, waking up to the sound of silence knocking on her door. She realised that she was on the floor, sprawled with her cloths on as though she had drank and having a hangover.

Knock !!!

“Am coming” she calls out, but her voice didn’t seem to have left her mouth. Last thing she remembered was leaving the office after she spoke to Adams and he had asked her to go home and rest and he would come pick her up. She remembered entering her car and putting her head to the wheels, wanting to rest for a brief few minutes but that’s it. Every other thing was blank. A blurt. . Like nothing ever happened.  But how did she get here. How did she get home? And where was Adams? It was almost 4.., they had a doctor’s appointment. But yet…

She was worried that she was really sick, having amnesia and headaches that could render her worse than the way she was. She hoped by the time Adams got home, both of them could go see the doctor.  He needed to proffer solutions for her. The tapping on the door shook her out of her wandering thoughts.

She quickly went to find out who was knocking, on opening the door she found Rebecca staring right at her, she manages a weak smile her way. Rebecca had told her she was coming by. And then she remembered why she was coming by, her heart caught in her chest but she had to be strong. Maybe by a sheer work of miracle this might be a big misunderstanding and the man they saw wasn’t her Adams.

She opened the door wider and saw another person, a man standing beside her, his back just turned to her as he turned to look at a car that just pulled up behind them and a man all too familiar alights and takes purposeful strides towards them.


Rebecca was speaking.  Why did this stranger stare at her with shock in his eyes? Have they met before? Why does he keep staring at me and what is Rebecca saying? Her headache hadn’t gone. She turns when Adams speaks again. Rebecca shoved a big brown envelop into her hands, she was confused and the man wouldn’t stop staring at her. It was creepily uncomfortable and why does Adams sound as though his heart is going to fall out.

Gosh my head. She blinked ..sulked in air and expelled.


“Open it Sophia!” Rebecca continues

” Y- y-you..” Peter Holmes trails off, suddenly becoming speechless as he continued to stare at Sophia and pointing back and forth

“What are you doing here Rebecca? Who is he and what’s in that envelop you are giving to my wife?” Adams asked through gritted teeth.

Oh lord, please let it not be what I think. He prayed.

“Well, I know that you already know but just for emphasis I would explain. I am here because I have found proof of your sneaking-around-feeling-touchiness of you and your M.I.S.T.R.E.S.S”… she spelt it out while using her fingers to do the cliché.  She was excited. He could see it in her eyes.

The Bitch. The devil.

“You lie Rebecca because like I said before and I would say again. I have never cheated on my wife and I never will. So I think you and your.. “he turns to the guy who seemed more interested in staring at his wife, his fist closed

“And your bodyguard or whoever the fxxk he is should leave now and take whatever you brought with you. Sophia won’t be interested in listening to another made up lie. Thank you”.

Rebecca scoffs. Shaking her head, and she laughed. Those deep throated laughter that you would think one had gone completely insane with her head thrown back, scattering her hair a little.

“Can you believe this guy Peter? Can anyone believe this guy?  You see us with evidence and you still have the balls to act cool. Peter can you believe this?” She laughs turning to Peter but he looked as though he couldn’t say anything.  He hadn’t taken his eyes off Sophia.

A little anger boiled inside her. She knew Sophia was a beautiful woman. She made heads turn in school, everyone wanted to be her friend. The girls always wanted to be with her and the guys wanted to have her But only one did. The only one she, Rebecca, wanted for herself, but Adams just like the rest, fell for the innocent blue eyes, long black hair and killer body features and a beautiful face and that made her angry as hell.  Jealous too.

Now Peter was staring at her like a love sick puppy. She jabs him.

‘Ouch! What the hell Rebecca?” He exclaims rubbing his side. But he went back to staring at the lady standing in front of them.

“This can’t be, their resem-” he breaks off as Rebecca’s words pierces into his

“Focus Peter, we are here to clarify this and you are here to explain the genuineness of what’s inside the envelop.” Rebecca stated

“B-but Rebecca the woman, her… they..” he began to point at the envelop and to Sophia,  blabbing


Rebecca gets distracted. She shakes her head.

“No sir. No can’t do. I promised my friend I would find proof of your cheating ass and here I am with It.” she turns to Sophia who hadn’t said a word. She was staring at the envelop in her hands. Her hands shook slightly…

“Open it Sophia and end this once and for all. You are my friend and I love you and I want to see you be happy, Open it! And know the truth about your sweet saint of a husband. He isn’t such a saint. Right Peter? “… She beckons to Peter to speak and back her up. Open the damn envelop woman. Rebecca willed.

“Erm.. Rebecca, you not listening to me. She.. her. They. They…” Peter stutters

“Oh not now Peter.  Open the damn envelope Sophia” Rebecca states again, a little more firmly this time.

If you don’t I will. Stop stalling Bitch.  Rebecca mutters under her breath.

You could literally hear Adams heart beat really fast. He could snatch the envelope from her hands and make a quick dash and tear it up. But he was a little distance away from her. But who is to say the fxxker standing beside him didn’t have another copy.


Think Adams think!

If Sophia opens that envelop she was opening Pandora’s box and he knew what would happen afterwards. He couldn’t go through it again. He needed to do something. Anything.

“Baby… look at me” he moved closer

“Baby, Sophia please look at me” he pleaded. Just look at me Sophia, please. He willed. Then she stared up at him. OK. Adams, hold her gaze, keep holding her gaze. He moved closer.


“Please, for the love that we both share just trust me. If you have always trusted me before, I need you to give me the benefit of the doubt and trust me just once again. Listen to me carefully Sophia, my wife. My baby.  The love of my life that I have never cheated on you and I will never do it. Not in this life or the next so I need you to trust me and don’t listen to Rebecca and please don’t open that envelop. Trust me, it’s just a bunch of lies and a means to break what we have. Rebecca doesn’t care about anyone but herself and she wants your life, your place, she wants me and she made that pretty clear when she was at my office this morning forcing herself on me”..

Sophia’s eyes darted quickly to Rebecca. Peter tugs at Rebecca’s sleeve. .

“Listen to me. The lady in the picture, its h-

“Shut up Peter” she nudges him. The fxxker Adams is trying to turn the tables on her. No not yet. Like hell is she going to let that happen.

“You liar Adams!!! Sophia open the damn envelop and let’s get this over with. You know what, let me. My nails are really sharp”

She reaches for the envelope. Adams blocks her reaching for it himself and Sophia steps back taking it out of reach from the both of them. She keeps stepping back until she was in the middle of her living room.

They followed her in.

Her head was pounding. But she couldn’t avoid the scene unfolding in front of her. She was scared to open it but she needed to. Or she could fxxk it, tear the envelope with whatever evidence they have found and give her husband the benefit of the doubt.

But vivid visions of lipstick nails on his shirt, nail marks on his back and those messages she saw a couple of months ago played back in her mind and scenes of lovemaking she could envision of her husband entwined between the legs of another woman, moving in rhythm and echoing each other’s intense desire and passion. And her heart broke because she couldn’t erase it even if she wanted to, and her heart broke a thousand more pieces when she remembered asking him and he had lied.

Yes. Adams had lied to her face. Her sweet sweet Adams, her first love lied to her.

No. She needed to open it.

“Sophia please don’t”

His voice cracked, he stepped forward

“Please don’t.  Okay let’s talk about it. It’s not what you think but I need to explain something’s to you so you understand. You have to trust me Sophia for your own good as well as for us. Please, let’s talk then you can open it please.”

“Don’t listen to him Sophia” Rebecca moved closer. Like a devil’s angel encouraging you to do evil. …

Open it. Open it..!!! She chanted mentally

“Listen to me Rebecca, you don’t understand.  She is – “ Peter tries to make Rebecca listen to him but she was more interested in watching the unveiling of the evidence.

“Leave my house. You both leave NOW. Give me and my wife some space please. Haven’t you both done enough damage for one day?”

Adam screams at them. He could punch the man in the gut. It was obvious that he was a private investigator, maybe Rebecca had hired him to follow him and he had dug and gotten pictures of him and Bella.  If he could beat him up now he would feel better. If he could deal with them both in fact but that would be for later. For now, he needed to make sure Sophia doesn’t open up that envelop.

“Am sorry but I will not. Sophia, you going to let him keep lying to your face? I went back to the hotel, castle waters, showing them his picture.  Can you believe that he and his mistress where in the opposite room, room 109 and I thought it was 106? ” she laughs shaking her head

“We missed them just by a tiny breath but now we got you Adams and there is no sneaking and lying your way out of it. ”

“You are pure evil Rebecca. We both know why you are doing this.” He hisses.

“Yes. For my friend. That’s why”.

“No. For you and that’s what Sophia needs to understand”

“Rebecca, why the fxxk won’t you shut up and listen to me” Peter tries again.  If only she would listen to him she would realise what he has been trying to say ever since he got here and laid eyes on Sophia It’s uncanny and it’s obvious.  If only Rebecca would shut up.

Rebecca ignores Peter. ..

“Keep at it Adams. We aren’t leaving here until your ass get found out”


Her head hasn’t stopped hurting. Their constant banter back and forth wasn’t helping and he, the stranger kept trying to get Rebecca’s attention.  But why won’t they just…

‘SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!! Both of you just shut up!!!” Sophia screams

She held up the envelope, waving it over their eyes.

“I will open this Adams and I hope to God that it isn’t you but someone who looks exactly like you because am done with this shit of hoping it isn’t you. I have loved you and given you my all. So you better hope to God that this isn’t you else I would make you pay for hurting me so much.” She states.

“Sophia, please “… Adams sounded broken,

“Do it Sophia, do it” Rebecca encourages but inwardly she was holding the banter and chanting. Open the damn envelop bitch!! Open it. Open it… ruin your marriage open it. Bye bye… and am stepping in. She smiles.

“Erm… ” Peter scratches his head, but he also wanted to see her reaction, he looks at her again trying to understand the situation.

Rebecca’s face had already begun to form a wide winning smile.

Adams looked death stricken,  he takes off his coat, undid his tie , he felt like a man uncertain of his fate.

Sophia carefully tears the envelope. It was quiet so you could hear the sound of paper being torn, and every heartbeats that waited for the outcome.

“Please” Adams steps forward, with his hands stretched forward telling her to stop. To wait. Anything.

“If you take one more step towards me Mr Adams Wellington I would use that vase of flower you got me the last time and smash it over your handsome head. One more step Adams…” she threatened moving closer to the table that had the vase and flowers. Lilies and red roses.

Adams stops. There was no need. It’s done. No need to hide it anymore. As soon as she takes a look at the pictures, he is done. No more lies. No more pretends. He closes his eyes just before she dips her hands inside and pulls out the first picture.  He takes a seat and buries his head on his arms. A tear drops from his eyes.

Sophia stares at the picture, one after the other. And as she takes the other one and the other one, her brows furrows, she looks shocked and then confused and then she starts all over again. And then left with the same expression and she starts all over again… Her hands shaking,  her head turning from side to side in disbelieve,  lips moving but words were not coming out. She staggers.

“Wha… what is this. What’s this supposed to mean. What’s this? ”

Rebecca’s face which had previously had a plastered smile on it waiting for the fire and brimstone showdown and hurling of shoes and glasses and then the get out of my house you cheating bastard chant but all she was getting was Sophia staring at the pictures and no actions.

“What’s what Sophia?” she asked.  Where is the thunder Sophia.  Rain down some. Shout, scream, break or throw something Sophia, anything. Why isn’t she raining down thunder?

“Can someone please explain this to me, Adams, What’s this? Who is this? Why,why does she- ” she trails off. Adams hadn’t raised up his head.

“What is she saying? Isn’t she supposed to turn Madea up his ass around this moment?” she turns to Peter who kept staring at Sophia. He was no use. He was more interested in her looks and she wanted blood. She walks up to Sophia and grabs the pictures

“Let me take a look at that slut  who dared to hook up with my friend’s husb-  ” Rebecca’s eyes popped open as she too staggered, blinking once or twice and then a couple of times as she repeatedly went through the pictures as Sophia did, shock and confusion registered on her face. Then anger


What in the world? Rebecca didn’t understand what she was seeing.

“Adams, why aren’t you saying anything.  She.. she ..”

Now it was Sophia’s turn to stutter as she blinked a couple of times, taking a step back and points at the pictures, shocked

“Peter, I don’t get. I asked you to get me proof and you go and get me pictures of this… this??” Rebecca flings it at him.

“What the actual fxxk!!!” She exclaims

Adams raises up his head and stares at his wife who bent down and picks up the pictures looking at them again, more confused than the first time.

“That’s what I have been trying to tell you Rebecca, she, the mistress looks just like…” Peter didn’t finish it

“Me!!” Sophia finishes as her hands flew to her chest. Shock. Confusion.  She touches her face. Her lips, her eyes and hairs and looks at the pictures again.

“She looks just like me” she states again.

“No Peter, you took pictures of her and Adams. You bloody took negatives pictures of the wrong people, of Adams and his wife sophia.  Not of Adams and his mistress, that’s what this is. An incompetent work and I need you to give me back my money. How dare you trick me? I asked for him and his mistress and you give me him and her, his wife.” Rebecca fumes

“She looks just like me. Her features bolder, confident. Dark, different but she looks like me” she repeated as her headache intensified.

“Look at the damn picture Rebecca and look at the days and times. From the information you gave me. Check the dates and times. I went to the hotel at castle waters and got those. I got to the new hotel he checked in, the Enclave too. And I do a thorough job. So I believe your friend here has a twin or some doppelganger shit going on. Someone who definitely looks like her. “… He tells Rebecca who began shaking her head in disbelief. But he kept staring at Sophia.  The resemblance was striking.  While Sophia looked simple, beautiful and innocent in looks.

The other woman who looked like her was darker, in fierceness and character. But there was no mistaking. The resemblance was un-canning.

Rebecca shakes her head, staring at the picture conforming the dates and times. No. This can’t be.

Does Sophia have a twin sister?  And Adams had been sleeping with the other woman who is the twin. Does she have to share him with another woman who looked like Sophia too?  She remembered what the worker, the girl said at the castle waters hotel…

“That’s her!! The lady, his mistress. That’s her”… and she had not listened .


“Why does she look so much like me Adams? Why aren’t you saying anything. Why does she look so much like me? Tell me, why the fxxk does she look like me.?” Sophia’s voice hits the roof.

“I- I can’t believe this ” Rebecca says, she looks at the pictures again.

Yes. The time matches the time Adams and this… this woman who looks just Sophia were at the hotel.  The Bastard.  Who cheats with someone that looks like their wife? What ever happened to me Adams… why didn’t you just cheat with me? She boiled.

This woman. Who the hell is she and why does she look like Sophia? She wondered.

“I believe she is your twin. I mean look at those pictures and the lady standing in front of us. The resemblance is uncannily the same. So I think she is your twin because those pictures shows the other woman looking fierce and more sophisticated and confident and you… you look calm, carefree and simple but alluringly beautiful too. So it’s safe to say you have a twin or some really sexy fox for a doppelganger and your husband has been banging you both like a god” Peter points out laughing…

The next minute he was holding his jaw on the ground as his vision blurs to reveal Adams towelling over him.

“Oh fxxk!” Rebecca rushes to Peter’s side

“I said I have never cheated on my wife and you asshole after ruining my life now with this shit think you can still keep talking… huh?” Adam clenches his fist again to land him another one, maybe punch his face in to channel his anger and helplessness

“Asshole! You gonna pay for that” the bloodied lipped Peter speaks as Rebecca handed him her hanky.

“Stay away from him Adams.  If you had kept you dxxk in your trousers we wouldn’t be here. So suck it up and face the music”

“I will sue you.” Peter continues

“Go ahead and I would state violation of privacy and let’s see who gets to face the music. Now get out. Both of you. Out Now”… he points at the door. Rebecca gets up folding her hands forgetting the bloodied lipped Peter.

“No! Unless you wanna hit me and I need you to dare. I ain’t going nowhere. Sophia needs me and am staying.” she knew that he never laid hands on any woman because all through school he was a gentleman, and Sophia never complained of any abuse and she knew that despite how angry he could get, the law always comes in and if he dares to hit her he was going to really see the inside of a cell for abusing a woman physically

Adams stares at her

“Who is she?” it came like a whisper breaking them from their trance as  they turn

“Adams Wellington who is she?” She asked again.

“I know I don’t have a twin sister. I, I was an only child or did my parents lie to me? Or she is some relative or what… or just someone that looks like me… and you you… You and her. You both having an affair behind my back.” she spat, tears falling down her eyes.

“How dare you Adams?”

“Look baby” he went to her, close to her and touches her shoulders

“Listen to me please. I have never lied to you. I never cheated on you. This…” he indicates the pictures

“I can explain. It’s not what you think. I am not cheating on you. This pictures only tell a side of the story. Let me please explain the whole story please listen to me Sophia… I am not chea—

The slap took the words away.

“Now that’s what am talking about” Rebecca mutters, Peter gets up

“Shit just got real” she folded her hands smirking.

“You are happy about this. You happy about people hurting. You really are a bitch you know that?” He points out

“Hell yeah am happy and Yes I am a bitch at least it’s good to admit something about yourself and look at who is talking, you investigate this kinda stuffs for a living and you don’t think it hurts people? Don’t bring out the conscience card and wave it like an achievement. You are just as fxxked up as I am. I think your job is done you and get going.  I need to play a role as a supportive friend ”

She dismisses him. Peter looks at the couple… Sophia screaming at him and Adams standing staring at her, his whole heart hanging down by his sleeve. For some reason he felt pity for him and he felt whatever was going on was much deeper than what it seems and if only she could listen… just maybe he had a good explanation of who the woman is..

But then again, he was asked to do a job and he has, money in the bank, there was no time for pity party.

He touched his cut lip.

One of those necessary collateral damage. He mused. One last look at them, a disapproving look at the smiling Rebecca and he was gone. Rebecca steps closer to them.

“Sophia” she calls her name

“You lying cheat. You still lying to my face. My face Adams.”  she points her right index finger to her face

“Please Sophia listen to me please “… his voice broke.


Whamp! !!!

Whamp!!! Whamp!!! Whamp!!!!


His face burned, his eyes blurred and his ear buds were tearing with her screams, she had held on to his shirt, hitting his chest and screaming at him crying. His world was shattering… but he didn’t stop her. He didn’t know how to stop her

“I have loved you alone all my life. I have given you my heart, my body and my everything. I have given up on so many things because of you. You my husband. My friend my all and you promised to never hurt me nor leave me… and you do this. For how long Adams” she shakes him

“So those messages weren’t a lie. Those midnight coming home you were with her. All the days you claim you had work you were with her… you disgust me. And to think I let you touch me when you get home and kiss me” she pulls at her cloths, uses the back of her hands to roughly wipe her mouth, her eyes licking and her nose drooling…

“When I saw that lipstick mark on your shirt and those nail scratches on your back I should have kicked you out when you lied to me again instead I let you… touch me ” she sobbed

He stares at her. So she had had doubts of him since then and she never said a word.

“Sophia calm down” Rebecca says as she steps closer. She didn’t want her to calm down at all. She wanted her to flare up. When would you start throwing things Sophia? She wondered but Sophia turns away shaking her head… wailing

“No no!! I won’t calm down!!!

“Please Sophia” Adams grabs her shaking her” listen to me Sophia . I never cheated on you. That lady in the picture she is-

“Shut up shut shut shut up”!!!  She struggles free and reaches for the vase of flowers and flings it at him. He ducks right on time. Rebecca hids herself in a safe corner. She didn’t want to be caught in the crossfire but she was liking this very much.  She made a mental note calculating how much a vase cost and any other thing she breaks by the time Sophia divorces Adams and they go their separate ways, she and Adams can go shopping for new things when she was done making him forget Sophia that is.  She scoffs. A plate flies, Adams docks again.

Damn. She smiles

“Stop it Sophia. Stop it please… Listen to me.”

“You liar. You lying cheating man. You still dare to lie to my face. Cheat with someone that looks like me, that’s creepy, that’s sick… That’s…” she picks up her bag and flings it at him. He catches it and takes purposeful steps towards her…

‘I didn’t goddamnit. And if you would stop throwing things I would tell you everything . For God’s sake Sophia am begging you please listen to me… I swear it I am not and I have never and I will not cheat you on… she is –

“I need you out. I need you out

I am getting a divorce and I would slam you with everything I have got. Get out Adams I don’t want to ever see you again. . Get out before I call the police. I need you out” she screams.

“No sophia I am not going anywhere. We are going to settle this as man and wife.”

“I think you should leave Adams, after all you brought this on yourself. You should leave at least till she calms down” Rebecca comes out and walks to Sophia who was sobbing

“Who the fxxk asked for your opinion Rebecca. This is what you wanted right? This. You are happy that we are hurting. Your best friends Sophia is hurting? What kind of evil are you because yours is on another level.  Why are you still here… pleases leave  I don’t want you here and Sophia as hell don’t want you here either. This is between me and my wife… me and Sophia so get out” He states.

Why doesn’t she just leave for shit’s sake…

Oh God!!!

Rebecca shakes her head, as she held on to Sophia whose tears didn’t stop as she shook with it

“She isn’t going anywhere. The only person leaving here is you Mr Adams Wellington.  Go back to your mistress. . MY LOOK-A-LIKE” she spat in her tears, still shaking.

“Yes go back to your Bella”

Rebecca chips in. No don’t go back to her… that slut. Wait for me and I would treat you right, after I stop being a crying shoulder to your wife, or soon-to-be-ex-wife. She liked the sound of tha .

“Bella??” Sophia looks at Rebecca.

“Yes Bella.  That’s the name they registered with. I assume it’s her name or some alias” Rebecca offers

“Oh fxxk me” Adams rubs his hands over his face, throwing his hands up in the air

“You are the devil Rebecca.  Don’t you see what’s she is trying to do Sophia, Don’t you see that she isn’t your friend. Ask her what she came to do in my office this morning forcing herself on me asking me to sleep with her and telling me she doesn’t give shit about you but taking your place in my life. Fxxk Sophia is that who you want to stay with you. Gosh!!! I love you Sophia with all my heart and I would do anything for you and I would never hurt you, not like this… please give me a chance to explain this. That Bella you refer to as my mistress, that woman you think is some random stranger that you say am cheating on you with… that same woman my sweet Sophia is none other than my very own —

“Get out Adams and I don’t want to see you. Leave now. Get out! I hate you…I hate you Adams Wellington!” She screams closing her ears and running into the room cutting him off as she slammed the door behind her making the picture frames on the wall of their wedding pictures and memories shake. She was done listening to any more of his lies. She was done believing him. She was done with all of this, this marriage, with him every single thing. She didn’t want to see him anymore… her world has crumpled and she wanted to be alone than be with someone who would hurt her without a thought.

Adams made to follow her but Rebecca stands in front of him…

“Hell no Mr W you ain’t taking one more step.”

“This is my house you bitch I can take as many steps as I want and you need to get out of my way.”

“You might want to walk through me and seeing the police takes seriously any physical abuse of any dimensions against women I think you might want to take a big step back and leave her the heck alone. You just got served Adams, so suck it up like a man” she smiled folding her hands.

Adam’s eyes turned to red slits.  He needs to talk to Sophia and tell her who Bella is. Explain to her, make her listen and maybe she would understand that he was telling the truth. He never cheated on her with anybody she needed to know that and she needed to know now. But he knew she wouldn’t listen not while she was boiling with anger and she was in pain.

He had only one option. He never wanted to use that option.  Not again. Not ever but he had no other choice, that’s the only way she would listen. He looks at the woman standing in front of him. Hate washed over him for her. .. He hadn’t felt so much hate for a person before..

“You think you have won. You think you have succeeded in breaking my home. You think you can have her place. You never could before and you will never have her place. ”

She laughs, turning to make sure Sophia wasn’t hearing and their bedroom door was shut. Then she laughs again, takes a step closer to Adams, face to face with him…

“Look around you Adams… I just won. And before long, we would… you and I that is” she steps much closer, as she touches his shirt and ran her hands up to his collar, wrapping her arms around his neck..

“Soon enough we would be rolling on that bed in there in passionate love making and you won’t be calling out Sophia or even Bella, that slut’s name, you would be moaning… Rebecca, Rebecca, ohhh Rebecca  and I would reply.. Oh yes Fxxk me harder Adams, take me to hell you beast” she stuck out her tongue and flicks his lips

He pushes her away in disgust… wiping his mouth with the back of his sleeve. He wanted to puke

“You need help”

“Maybe I do but help being pinned to the wall while you ram your beautiful rod into me… yes I wouldn’t mind that. Thanks for the offer, I would be waiting.” she smiles, licking her lips and blowing him kisses

“By the time I get back I need you out of my house. I don’t care what you say or what Sophia insists. I need you out.”

“Yeah yeah keep whining… just leave already” she points to the door feigning a yawn.

“Don’t worry it’s only for a while. Soon it’s going to be both of us and Sophia puff! Into oblivion and by the way, nice try trying to tell her about me wanting to have you in your office. It was so hilarious watching you trying to turn the tables but too bad she wasn’t believing shit from your mouth because you are a lying cheating H.U.S.B.A.N.D!!! ”


She laughs…

Adams turns away in anger. He needed to make this right. He needed Sophia to let him talk to her. He needed her to see what an evil friend Rebecca was and the only way he can do that is to get her to listen to him but first…

The call.

He walks out of his house, dialling. . The person picks on the third ring…

“Hello, you need to come here please. Sophia just found out and I don’t know how to make her listen to me… please my whole world just crumpled and I can’t lose her please. I don’t know what to do. Come here and please… Hurry.”

He spoke into the phone, his voice breaking, a tear falling. He wipes it. He cuts the call and sits in his car, resting his head on his hands as he waits.  He brings out his wallet and flips it open, the picture smiled up at him, that sweet pretty smile of hers… the innocence in her eyes… he cried.


Rebecca opens the door and finds Sophia curled up at the corner of her room crying. She stops and stares at her for a minute

That’s it. Cry. Hate him. Hate him so much and by tomorrow file for divorce and leave far far away. Let me step in already.  She was tired of the pretence.

Sophia sobs… she rushes to her, cradling her in her hands, rocking her and shushing her…

“Sssshhhh, its okay baby. It’s okay. It’s all over. He won’t hurt you anymore Sophia. He can’t. You can be free of his lying ass, you don’t need this drama. You are a good person Sophia and good people deserves people who would give up their own world just to make sure you have the best of yours. ”

“Oh God Rebecca, it hurts. It hurts right here, in my chest and I feel like suffocating” she grabs her shirt and squeezes, still curled up in Rebecca’s embrace. .

“I know Sophia I know. Don’t worry it would stop eventually.  You know time heals? I would know that because I have being there done that. So just hang in there”  she wipes her tears.

“But he promised me. We made our own vows and understood it. He said so many things, good things to me.  I love him Rebecca but how do I forgive this, this betrayal.  He had been lying and cheating on me with her, with someone who looks like me, it’s sick. It’s disgusting and creepy. Who is she, who the hell is she? I don’t have a twin sister. I know that because I am an only child. After my parents died I became an orphan. I don’t have a twin. So who ever she is, is just a slut who has succeeded in ruining my own and Adams, preferred to be with her every single chance he had than to be with me. It’s… it’s… oh God!!!” She sobs

“Are you sure about that Sophia?  I mean she looks exactly like you. I swear those pictures were, clear indications. It can’t be a coincidence. It’s either you got a twin sister somewhere or that that lady had some looks changes done to look like you so she could get to Adams I mean, you have no idea what lengths  girls would go to just to get that hunk of a man. Your husband Adams is a beautiful man, he is rich and still in his energetic age. Who wouldn’t want him for herself?” She tells Sophia. ..

Even me. You have no idea Sophia. You have no idea the lengths I have gone to get your man, So keep crying, exhaust yourself and get out of my way already.  She muses

Sophia shakes her head.

“No. I am sure. I am an only child. My parents would have told me. And yes, I believe she is just one of those rare faces that look alike. You know, like those foreigner actors… what’s their name?” she screwed up her face trying to remember, while her eyes were red from tears, her nose drooling

“Javier Bardem & Jeffery Dean Morgan, I know one of them acted this movie” she sniffed “Eat, love and pray with Julia Roberts. But you know the resemblance is striking, like identical twins but they are of no relation. OK what about Stephen Colbert & Bob Saget. Even their hair looks and their nose looks similar! Or or Kofi Anan and Morgan Freeman? Doesn’t mean they are twins. So this, Bella is just another chick who looks like someone who happened to be me and I hate him so much for having an affair with someone who looks like me. Its heart wrenching. Wasn’t I enough. Wasn’t I? I pray who ever she is and where ever she is, she has no peace or happiness for ruining my home.  If only I could see her, I would rain down all heavens and raise hell.  Then both of them can take a trip down to oblivion because am done. Am DONE!!!” she begins to cry again.

So they aren’t twins. Just some doppelganger shit going on.

Bella. Whoever you are, you better hope to God I don’t find you. It took me years to get to this point and break this marriage. You aren’t going to come here and reap what you didn’t sow. Adams is mine.  So your time with him is up because am coming for him and am taking what’s mine.

Rebecca thought to herself. Sophia’s crying only irritated her. This bitch should be done already.

“It’s okay. It’s okay.  It’s all over. Just be strong, call your lawyer and have him draw up the necessary papers. You need to show Adams that he can’t ride over you like that and expect to eat his cake and have it. You need to show him who is boss. And you aren’t about to hit the road crying. So call your lawyer now before he does. You have the upper hand now sweety” Rebecca pushed.

Sophia wipes her eyes and nods.

“Yes… I would call him now.” she picks up her phone.

“H-has be gone?”

“Who… that cheat? Well I hope so. I had to kick him out.”

“Good. I can’t stand him. Don’t want to ever see him again.”

Knock!! Knock!! Knock…

They turn.

“I thought you said he left?” Sophia asked

“Well he left the house and I locked the door.” Rebecca gets up, leaves Sophia in the room going to the living room. After she sees through the window who was at the door, she comes back inside puzzled.

“There is a woman there, all glasses and nerdy, with a brief case and some grey hairs at her temple…” Rebecca says

Sophia gets up, remembering. .

“It’s my doctor. I had booked an appointment with the doctor for four and it’s already …” she checks her time” over two hours late but we were supposed to meet her at the clinic why is she here?”

Sophia daps her eyes and goes to the living room, Rebecca follows behind her.

“Why would your doctor come here if you were supposed to meet in the clinic? And isn’t it just for your headaches, does she need to make a home call. If you didn’t call her here then who did?”

“Adams!!” Sophia shakes her head.

“Well don’t open it. He probably called her to come sedate you or something. Don’t open the door” Rebecca stops her

“Why not? She is my doctor. She is maybe here for a reason.”

“And I still see Adams car outside. He hasn’t left.” No sophia! make the call.

“Besides you were about to make the call”?

“I don’t care about him anymore.  Am through. We are done. But I can’t keep her standing out there. I just need to find out what she is here for and I would call the lawyer”…


Rebecca throws her hands up in the air,

“Are you kidding me?”

Sophia was already unlocking the door and she opened it.

The lady turns facing her, a sad smile on her face.

“Helo Sophia, how are you. I know I didn’t let you know I was coming but we had an appointment and you didn’t show up so I was pretty worried. But in any case, something more important brought me here today. Can I come in?”

“No you can’t! ” Rebecca stated, arms folded as she stood behind Sophia.

Why was everyone trying to piss on her parade?

First it was Sophia stealing her college crush Adams. Now Bella under her nose, shagging her man two ways to Sunday , then this Nerd… who doesn’t  want her to close this mission in peace and have her man.


The doctor spared the stranger behind Sophia only a fleeting glance and she made up her mind that she didn’t like her and figured she was bad company. Sophia didn’t need any of that.

When Adams called her crying over the phone to rush down here, saying his world had crumpled and Sophia had found out, she knew what for and what. She knew this day would come eventually and she knew she was the only one that coud help to savour the situation if Adams failed.

“Sophia” the doctor asks her. Sophia hesitated for a brief second before she opened her door wide for her to pass. She faintly heard the lady behind Sophia murmur some obscenities but she could really care less.

“Can we talk in private if you don’t mind? It’s a delicate issue and it’s a confidential matter. Only family is expected to be here and… she isn’t” the doctor stated pointing at Rebecca.

“Oh am more of a family than her cheating husband.” Rebecca stated.

“But, she is the only person I have now. I- I can’t be alone. Something happened in my home and she is the only one I trust at the moment. Please, you can say what you want to say in front of her.”

“Very well if you is insist. I would need to ask Adams to come inside. Like I said it’s a topic somewhat delicate and I would need him to be present. ”

“No!!’ Rebecca and Sophia exclaims.

“Again, it’s a delicate issue that your husband is aware off. I am terribly sorry of any grievances you both have against each other but he needs to be present… and because it concerns you. Can I sit?”

“Come on Sophia, your husband probably called her to distract you. Kick her out!”

“You don’t understand doctor. Adams, my husband has been cheating on me and today I just found out and to top it up, he has been lying to my face all this while and she” she points at Rebecca, my only trusted and best friend found proof. And the shocking part is that she looks at me. I am hurt.  Betrayed and … I just want him far away from me. He should go back to her, his Bella and never come back. Look at the pictures, doctor,  look at them” she gathers them and hands it to the doctor

The doctor gave her a sad smile shaking her head as she went through the pictures one after the other as she shook her head.

If only she knew.

“Sophia, I think you should take a deep breath. Sit down for what am about to tell you…” she states getting up, she opens up the door and beckons for Adams to come in.

He walks in, his eyes red. He looked aged all of a sudden.

“But Doctor!!” Sophia gets up.

“I don’t want him here!

“You were told to leave” Rebecca joins in.

“Am sorry Sophia” the doctor ignores Rebecca, as she spoke to Sophia. ..

“But Adams has every right to be here and he is an important part of this.” She waved the pictures over their heads.

Adams doesn’t sit. He rests on the wall, wallet in hand. Shoulders fallen, he stares at his wife with his heart on his sleeves.

“Adams called me and told me to come here. He told me everything. So if you wouldn’t listen to him, I hope you can listen to me.

“This pictures don’t lie and yes, Adams had been with this woman for as long as you were told and these pictures are proof of his infidelity. His Affair or cheating if you will but can it really be called that if it were with a woman, the same woman he had been with all his life?” she states as she shifted her glass on  her nose.

“I don’t know what you mean doctor.”

“Yes I too don’t get it. Am waiting for that point when you stop spewing bullshit, get to the point so the people can continue their journey of going their separate places Doctor!!” Rebecca wasn’t like this at all. If Sophia had made the call, by now the lawyer would have started drawing up a divorcee documents.

Who the hell does this woman think she is?

Adams doesn’t stop looking at Sophia who was trying to avoid his eyes. Her eyes had become swollen from tears. His heart broke.

“I am saying that, this woman you see in this photo isn’t just someone who looks like you that your Husband has been sleeping with. This woman… this lady called Bella is none other than YOU!!!”

Sophia blinks…

“What The Fxxk did you just say?” Rebecca askes, she puts her hands in her ears, shakes her head no she didn’t hear correctly.

Someone was laughing hysterically.

The doctor, Adams and Rebecca watches her go off in fits of hysterical laughter…

“Am sorry doctor, I didn’t hear you, what did you just say?” Sophia askes in-between fits of laughter

The doctor looks at Adams, who nods . She sighs and repeats herself.

“I said, this woman in these pictures is none other than you Sophia. ” she states.

Sophia stares at her and then at Adams… then she goes off in another fits of hysterical laughter.


To be continued.

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