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“Come with me. I will keep you safe.” I smiled, holding out my hand.

She hesitated for a moment before placing her hand in mine. She walked along side me with her head held down.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

It was a stupid as of course she was. She finally gets adopted and those parents do bad things to her and now they are gone.

“Not really…I feel lonely.”

“You shouldn’t feel lonely. You have me now and you will have someone else soon.”


“You will find out when we arrive at our destination but I promise that this person will never hurt you.”

“Where are we going?”

“A friend of mine.”


“So what is your name then?”


“Well Caroline, my name is Britney.”

“Did they really do all of those things to you? Did they really sell you to vampires?”

“Yes they did. They were in debt and needed the money apparently but I don’t care. You may think the vampires are bad but some of them aren’t. I have met some nice ones.”

“I was scared to be around your father.”

“I was too when I was your age.”

“I told your mother but she shook it off as though it was nothing.”

“I know. My mother told me to deal with it when I told her about it all. But you need to forget about them, they were bad people and they can’t hurt you anymore. In a way though, I’m glad they sold me as I have someone in my life that I love and who cares about me.”

“What is their name?”


“What is he like?”

“At first, he was cruel, possessive, angry but that was all a mask. I have seen the real him and he’s nice, charming, protective and even has a sense of humor at times. Oh and he is drop dead gorgeous.” I replied, chuckling at the last part.

“Why does he wear a mask? Why not just show the real him?”

“His father did things to him when he was younger, I’m not sure what but it turned him into the person is today. His father reminds me of mine.”

“Where is he now?”

“In hiding I heard. He left Damon’s mother and brother and is waiting I believe for the right moment to attack.”


“It will be fine. I will ensure that no harm will come to you.”

“Why didn’t you just kill me?” She blurted out, looking up at me.

I looked at her and she quickly diverted her eyes to the ground.

“I saw myself in you. Plus you have never done anything bad to me. You are a good person and I see that. I only punish those that have done bad things. Mainly pedophiles and vampires.”

“You’re like a hero in a way.”

“I’m far from it.” I smiled. “But thank you.”

“I think you are though. You become something that I can tell you despise yet you turn it into something good. You are ridding the evil from the world.”

“If that was true, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Maybe that is because you know deep down that you’re doing something good, not evil.”

“Doing something good, doesn’t make you a good person.”

“True, but I think you are.”

“I doubt that.” I replied before stopping at my destination.

“Where are we?” She asked, looking up at the huge mansion.

“My little friend, Tommy’s house.” I smiled.

“Who is Tommy?”

“Damon’s little brother.”

“Is he nice?”

“He is probably the sweetest man you will ever meet.”

“Is he a vampire?”

“Yes. But don’t worry as he will never hurt you. He will most likely make you play Call Of Duty with him all day.”


I walked up to the front door and knocked on it. An elderly woman opened up the door and fear over took her eyes when she saw my bloodied clothes and face.

“I’m here to see Master Gray.”



“Wait here a moment.”


She disappeared in an instance and someone replaced her spot. A teenage boy with shoulder length, brown hair and blue eyes.

“Britney!” Tommy grinned before hugging me.

“Hey Tommy.”

“Who is this beautiful lady?” He asked, pulling out of the hug to kiss Caroline’s hand.

“This is Caroline. My parents got her to replace me but their long gone.”

“They are?”

“Long story. May we come in?”

“Britney, you know you’re always welcome here.”

“Thanks Tommy.”

“Follow me.”

I followed him into the hallway and straight to his living room where Claire sat watching The Big Bang Theory.

“Mother, you would never guess who is here.”

“Who is it?” She asked before turning to see me. “Britney!”

“Hello Claire.” I smiled.

“How have you been?” She asked eyeing my bloodied clothes up and down.

“I’ve been better.”

“Wait her a second whilst I make a call to Damon.”

“There is no need. I’m just dropping by so no need to call him.”

“I know. I was just going to call him to tell him I just bumped into you in the town and saw you were doing good. I won’t tell him you are here. I just don’t want him worrying about you.”


“Now what is with the girl?”

“Her name is Caroline. I saved her from my parents.”

“You did?”

“Yes she did save me ma’am.” Caroline smiled.

“Please just call me Claire.” She smiled back.

“I remember Damon promising to find someone for Tommy. I think Caroline would be good for that. I know that Tommy will be good to her and will protect her. She needs someone in her life that will do that for her.”

“She is mine?”

“No. She will not be some possession to you. She is just someone that I want you to protect and care for, for me.”

“I could never hurt a woman. I would hurt a man though if they were trying to hurt a woman.”

It warmed my soul hearing that. It did upset me as he has no idea what David does to his mother. It would break his heart.

“You’re very kind, gentle and handsome.” Caroline blushed.

“Thank you beautiful.”

I saw something in Tommy’s eyes that made me smile, admiration. Damon looked at me like that.

I grew sad as my heart longed to be with him again. For his arms around me, his hand in mine, and his lips on mine. What would he say if he knew what I have done and that I lied to him?

“Are you okay Britney?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah. Fine.” I replied, forcing a smile on my lips.

“Why are you on TV?” Caroline asked.

“What?” I asked confused as Tommy turned up the volume.

“Right now, there is a hunt going on for this woman.” The reporter on TV said before playing some video footage. “This woman is responsible for breaking into a pet shop, freeing the pets before torturing and ripping to shreds the vampires that work there. Bodies are piling up around this woman and they aren’t just vampires.”

That is when several video clips of me murdering a few pedophile’s for blood came up and footage from my parent’s house.

Someone must have been there videoing the whole things. All it showed was me smashing my mother against the wall, ripping out my father’s windpipe and then me walking away holding onto Caroline.

They didn’t show the whole footage so it just looked like I was some heartless monster. What if I am?

“As you can see by the video, she killed that girl’s parents before forcing the poor, defenceless girl to follow her. As the video’s show, she is a dangerous woman.”

“Is this true Britney?” Tommy asked.

“Yes…But I can explain.”




It has only been two days since I last saw Amelia and it was killing me. I hadn’t slept properly as I just keep longing for her touch again.

I just want to hold onto her and never let her go. She’s my everything and she left me. Well she told me she would be back any day now but still. How I am supposed to go on without her?

Just them my phone went of, interrupting my depressive state. I looked at the caller ID to see it was my mother calling.

“What is it mother?”

“It’s Britney.” She whispered.

I could hear the tap running in the background so she obviously didn’t want anyone to hear her.

“What about her?”

“She is here?”

Why is she there when she said she was just going to see some of her old friends from school? I should have known that she lied to me. She manipulated me by acting all sweet and tricking me into letting her go. I bet girls don’t even talk about tampons whilst together; it was just something to scare me off.

“Why is she there?”

“She has a girl with her. She said it is someone for Tommy to take care off. Oh my gosh.”

“What is it?”

“Turn on your TV Damon.”


“Turn it on.”

I turned it on to see the news report about a woman killing a load of vampires in a pet shop, killing some idle humans and then killing two people before kidnapping a young girl. Oh my gosh, it was Britney. She has become a monster.

“She has gone on a killing spree and kidnapped a girl Damon. That same girl is here with her.”

“I am on my way. Get Tommy and the girl somewhere safe until I get there.”

“Okay.” She replied before hanging up.

How could she do this? She killed all those humans and kidnapped someone. This is not the Britney I know and love.

I have to do something to get my sweet, beautiful Britney back, no matter what the consequences are.




“I can explain everything Tommy.” I pleaded.

“Did you really do everything on there? Did you really kidnap Caroline?”

“Tommy, you know me.”

“I don’t think I do anymore.”


“Tommy, go take Caroline to your room for a minute.

“Okay.” He smiled before taking Caroline upstairs with him.

“Take good care of her.” I called after him.

“Is everything okay?”

“It’s fine.”

I could tell she was lying. She was definitely hiding something but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“Is there something that you’re not telling me?”

“No. Why would there be?” She quickly said making me suspect her more.

Then something crossed my mind, she went to call Damon. Then it was like a light bulb flashed over my head. She told Damon where I was.

“You told Damon I was here.”


“Yes. That’s why you’re acting suspiciously.” I said beginning to walk away.

“Please don’t go.”

“Why?” I snarled, causing her to flinch away in fear. “Why did you flinch?”

“No reason.” She nervously replied.

“You saw the video…You know I would never hurt you or Tommy right? I care about you guys and would never lay a hand on either of you.”

“You kidnapped an innocent girl from her parents.”

“Those were my parents too. I saved her from them.”

“You killed your own parents?!” She gasped.

“Yes I did. I have my reasons to and they are my reasons not yours.”

“Is this because they sold you? That doesn’t give you the right to kill them.”

“You have no idea what they have done. No one but me. They deserved what I did to them.” I snarled.

“You sound just like David.”

“I’m nothing like him. You know what? I’m done here. Tell Caroline I left.”

“I’m sorry. I can’t let you do that.” She started before putting on some leather gloves.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Before I got a reply, silver handcuffs were placed on my wrist, burning my skin. I tried to break them off but found I couldn’t. It was as though the silver was weakening me.

“Please take them off.” I pleaded, as the pain was bursting over my skin like fire.

“Don’t let her manipulate you mother.” I heard the one voice I didn’t want to hear say. “Hello again Britney.”

I turned to face a pair of ice, cold, piercing blue eyes staring back at me.

“Damon. What is going on?”

“You’ve been a naughty girl.” He replied before grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the house.

“Be safe!” His mother called, but I could tell it was to Damon and not me.

Did she really think I would try to lay a hand on Damon in the wrong way? I’m not a monster…I swear.

“Bye mother.” He replied before pushing me into the passenger seat of his black, matter, Audi R8.

“What is going on?” I asked him, as my voice began to break.


“I thought you wouldn’t ever hurt me again.”

“It isn’t you though so it doesn’t matter.”

“It is me Damon.” I cried.

“Oh stop with the crocodile tears. You manipulated me and you lied to me. I bet you lied about loving me.”

“I love you Damon, I’m not lying about that.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Please Damon. Believe me. I love you.” I pleaded, tears streaming down my face.

“Just shut up.” He spat through gritted teeth.”

The drive home was eerily quiet and I hated every single second of it.

He parked up outside the front door, got out and dragged me out with him.

As we entered the building, people looked at us with fear…No…They were looking at me. Oh God…I was a monster. He dragged me to a flight leading down, but it wasn’t the basement. Where the hell did this lead? Metal doors were on both sides of the concrete hallways. What was this place? A prison cell type room? My thoughts were confirmed when he opened a door and dragged me in to the cell. He pushed me forward and attached a chain from the wall to around my wrists.

“I will get my Britney back.” He spoke before he left me alone in this cold, damp room.



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