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What on Earth was going on? One minute my neck was snapped and the next, I am bursting out of what I think is a coffin with everyone looking at me in shock.

Holy shit! Joe gasped in shock.

Why is everyone looking at me like this?

Britney? Joe said.

Yes… I replied slowly.

How did he know my name and why is he acting as though I had just died.

Wait! My neck snapped. Did I die?

Am I dead?

Technically? Yeah; He replied, still in shock.

What do you mean technically? I asked standing up straight.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, you’re not human.

I’m a ghost? I gasped.

No, You are one of us.

A vampire?! I gasped causing Joe to nod.No this can’t be. But how? I can explain that,  I heard a voice say that made my knees weak. It sounded just like smooth chocolate. I could tell it was Damon. Oh how, I love his voice.

No. I need to snap out of those thoughts. He killed me. He turned me into a monster. He knew I never wanted to become a vampire and yet here I am…A flipping vampire. This is all of your fault? I asked.

Yes it is. I had been giving you my blood in your food for a few weeks now which is how your back wounds healed so fast and if you look, you will find no scarring. When I had actually meant to kill you, I had completely forgotten the fact that you had my blood in your system.

You actually wanted to kill me? I asked.

For some reason, that is the only part I picked up on. He meant to kill me. He wanted to take my life.

Yes. You were turning into a monster.

I was confused until his words sunk in. He called me a monster. My confusion quickly turned into anger as something was bubbling up inside me.


For some reason, it seemed as though my anger was magnifying. If I was to be honest, it seemed like every single thing is magnifying. My visions is getting sharper and I can hear someone scratching their chin.

You need to gain control over your senses. Joe calmly said.

It is not my fault. I never wanted to be a vampire. I wanted to die like normal humans do. I would rather be dead then be a vampire. YOU F**KING SELFISH BITCH! Damon shouted. DO YOU THINK I WOULD PREFER IT IF YOU WERE DEAD?!

“Well why kill me in the first place then d*ck face?” I snarled.

If this is how you’re going to be, I wished you never had my blood in your system when you died. Hearing those words felt like someone had begun stabbing my heart over and over again. My heart sunk in my chest as I realized he didn’t want me. He might as well have just ripped out my heart like he did my mate’s, tear it to pieces, burn it and then trample on the remains.

You don’t mean that I whispered as my bottom lip quivered. I saw the pain flash across his eyes when tears began to fall down my face. Just then, the doors flung open and in walked the last person I wanted to see.

Well what did I miss? David asked.

Well what did I miss? David asked and then he saw me. I thought she was supposed to be dead?


I remembered what he did to me, how he tried to touch me and it made me even more angrier.

“I’m only here for my wife and son.”he said

“We will go” Claire said standing up. “We don’t want to cause any trouble.”

They started to walk out before Tommy stopped and turned to me.

“I’m glad you are alive” He smiled.

It warmed my soul hearing that. At least someone was glad I was alive. It just came from the wrong brother.

“We will need to train you and feed you some blood” Joe stated.

“I will go get her some blood now” Samantha smiled before leaving and coming back with a blood bag, she strectched her hands and said “Drink this”

“No” I snapped.

“Britney, you have to drink it. You can die if you don’t” she said

“I don’t care. At least Damon will be getting what he wants.”

“THAT IS MASTER TO YOU!” He snarled.

“Really? You want to go there?”

“Yes I do…Pet.”

Anger ripped through my body once again and this time, I took action. I lunged at Damon, taking him by surprise as he tumbled to the ground. I bit into his shoulder and moaned in delight as his blood poured into my mouth. It tasted like heaven. Damon pushed me off and I fell to the floor. I wanted more of his blood. I needed to taste him again. I crouched down before lunging at him again only for him to throw me against the wall.

STOP! He roared.

NO! I roared back, lunging at him.

I felt Joe’s arms wrap around me from behind as he held me in a death grip so I couldn’t move.

It’s the blood talking right now Britany. You need to calm down.

I need it. My throat feels like it is being ripped apart.

I know sweetie…I know. He spoke soothingly in my ear.

“Vicky.” I heard Damon say get her some human blood but not too much.

“Don’t Vicky” I said

“You need to drink proper blood.” She responded

“I don’t want to drink human blood.” I replied

“Well what do you want then? He asked.

“Your blood.”

“Well you can’t have my blood.”

“But you asked what I want.”

“Well you can’t have that but I can sort it out to find you another suitable donor.”

“You would find me a vampire of my own to drink from?” I asked.

I began to feel an overpowering emotion of affection towards Damon, and something else…Lust.

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“Everyone leave” Damon ordered Except my pet.

“Sure you will be okay.” Xavier directed at me.

“She will be fine now follow my orders and leave.”

When the room was empty, he stalked over to me. Why would he ask everyone to go?

“You’re probably wondering why I want you here alone.”


“I wanted to tell you something without the other hearing.”

“I’m listening.”

“Do you like me pet?”;

“You’re my Master and creator now so don’t I have to?”

“I’m being serious.”

“Yes, I do like you.”

“Do you want to make me happy?”


“Then please drink this blood bag.”

“No.” I protested.

“I don’t want you to become a cannibal of sorts. Plus it would make me extremely happy for you to do this for me.”

The last part made this pull inside me to want to obey him. It was as though I had this need to make him happy.

“Would it really make you happy?”

“Yes it would pet.”


I slowly took the blood bag from his hands and bit into it. My throat stopped burning as the cool liquid slid down my throat. It was heavenly. No wonder vampires loved to drink blood so much. When it was all gone I sighed in satisfaction and Damon looked guilty. But why? Why was he looking so guilty? Did he do something?

“Why do you look so guilty?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does.”

“I used our special bond against you okay.”


“It is something a creator shares with their progeny.”

“Well how did you use this bond then?”

“A progeny is made with a special bond to their maker and will do anything to make them happy. When I told you it would make me happy if you drank the blood, you had no choice but to obey.”

“So you forced me to go against my morals?” I squeaked.

“Yes.” He replied, holding his head down in shame.

“How could you?!”

“I had no other choice you would have died. I want you to live. I would do anything for you.”

“Then why kill me then?”

“You were turning into a monster. I knew you wouldn’t be able to kill another human, vampire yes, but never a human. I wanted to preserve your memory I had of you before you destroyed it.”

“So you were basically being selfish?”

“No. That’s not what I…”

“You killed me because you didn’t like the person I was becoming. You wanted to preserve your memory of me. What about everyone else?&”


“See. Selfish. And just fyi, I’m not a monster.”

“You were turning into one because of me. I’m the monster and I was turning you into one and I couldn’t let that happen.”

“That isn’t my fault. You and your father were screwing with my head so of course I was going to end up getting messed up in the head.”

“That has nothing to do with this.”

“It has everything to do with this. Your father tried to sexually assault me and then tried to kill me. You spanked me, beat me with a belt and killed me. You played with my emotions and made me so confused. I hated you but then I liked you. You messed with my head and it made me jealous and loathsome of you.”

“I’m sorry you went through all that.”

“No you aren’t. You weren’t sorry when you hurt me and played with my head all those times. A dream potion? Really? Can you screw with my head any more after you did that?”

“I lied.”


“I lied about the dream potion. What happened that day, really did happen. It was no dream.”

“You see! Messing with my head again. You lied about it all and now I am more confused than ever.”

“Please calm down.”

“Why? Why do you even care about me? I’m your pet remember, nothing more.”

“Don’t you see it pet? I want more from you, and not just on a physical level.”

“Although I hate to admit it, but I still like you. But I do have unanswered questions”

“Okay, that’s understandable, shoot”

“Why me?”

“Why you what?”

“Why do you like me?”

“There is just something about you. I don’t know what yet but it’s attracting me to you. It attracted me to you the moment I saw you at that auction. I just can’t get you out of my head. I can’t even f**k anyone else without me picturing them as you.

“You make that last part sound like a bad thing?”

“I haven’t decided yet as a man still has his needs.”

“Maybe I could help” I blurted out.

“No. You have heightened emotions and me messing with you more is the last thing you need. I will get Joe to train you”

“Okay” I sighed.

“You can go now. Joe will start training you this instance.”

“Yes sir.” I mock saluted.

“There she is” He smiled before planting a kiss on my forehead.

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