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I made it outside and walked to the edge of the forest, and knelt down. I smelt some of the tulips. I knew Joe was watching me as I saw him follow me, out of the corner of my eye. I do love tulips though as they’re my favourite flower. The smell is just heavenly.

“No, she’s just smelling the flowers.” I heard Joe say.

Did Damon really send someone to watch over me? Doesn’t surprise me.

“Okay. On my way.”

I turned around to see Joe was gone. I looked around and saw no one else. I even checked the windows to make sure no one was there either. Good. It was all clear. I took off running into the forest before I came to a halt. What if they track me?I took of my jacket, took another couple of steps and then took of my flip flops. I then took a load of steps in the mud which felt gross when the mud slushed between my toes.When I got to the grass, I retraced my steps, walking backwards and in the same footprints so it looked like I stuck to the way I was going.I then went on my tiptoes to the left for about a minute before turning forward again and going straight forward in a sprint. Nothing was going to stop me now.




“What’s my pet doing? Is she up to no good?” I asked Joe on the phone.

“No, she’s just smelling the flowers.” He replied.

“Come here. I need to ask a favour.”

“Okay. On my way.”

After a few seconds, Joe was standing before me.

“How did she seem?”

“What do you mean?”

“Was she angry?”

“She looked calm.”

“Good.” I replied.

If she was calm, I will be able to speak to her without her snapping back. I have no idea why she was even angry with me. She knows what I’m like so why is she surprised I would do something like that. Yeah I didn’t actually do it but she should still not be surprised if I did do it. In all honesty, she fascinates me a lot. She is a very intriguing human.

“Sir?” One of the guards said bursting into my office.

“Is there a reason you’re in here without being asked to do so?” I growled.

“It’s your pet sir.”

“What about her?”

“I went outside and she wasn’t there. I could smell her scent go off into the forest. I think she has attempted to escape sir.”

“WHAT?!” I roared.

Oh she’s in for it now when I get to her. She really thinks she can escape me.

“Both of you follow me.” I ordered.

Joe and the other guy who I can never remember the name of, were following me outside and to the edge of the forest in the back yard where she was seen last. Another guard was already there waiting for us.

“Tell Xavier to keep an eye out on the front gate in case she tries to go around.” I said to the guy who was waiting for us.

I dashed into the forest with Joe and the other guy on my tail as I followed her scent. Luckily she didn’t know that I was one of the best tracker’s there are. I held up my hand to motion them to stop. There was her jacket and not too far, a pair of flip flops. After that, there were footprints in the mud leading off towards a grass clearing.

“She might be trying to go to the river.” The other guy announced.

“Go to the river now and check to see if she’s there.”

After he was gone, I followed the foot prints that led to the grass clearing. Joe went to carry on but I stopped him.

“What is it?”

“Her scent stops here.”

“But she went this way.”

“Let us go back to her flip flops.”

We made it back and I looked around. How could she just disappear?

“Maybe another vampire got her and took her back?”

“Could be…” I started before seeing something unusual. “Wait. What is that?”

I walked over to the left slightly and found a kind of footprint.

“Is it just me or does that look like toes.”

“There are more going off that way.” Joe announced.

“Clever girl.” I muttered under my breath, actually impressed.

She even tricked me into thinking she went the other way. I underestimated her.

“She went on her tiptoes to throw us off her trail.”

“She’s smart.” Joe stated. “I give her that.”

“Smart, but stupid.”

We made it to the end of the toe prints to find her full foot prints. She must be sprinting again. I like her spirit. I stopped along with Joe when I heard panting. She was close. I took a step and a branch snapped under me. Shit.

I heard her heart beat pick up in panic as I heard footsteps running. I told Joe to hang back a bit in case she tried to run back this way. I dashed off and past her. I stopped in front of her, where she ran into my chest. She stumbled back and screamed when she saw me. She went to run the other way when Joe stepped into sight.

“Someone has been a naughty girl.” I totted.

“Bite me leech.” She snapped angrily.

She went to run past me but I elbowed her in the head, knocking her out cold.

“Joe. Pick her up and take her back to my room. I will need to have a word with her when she wakes up.”

“Yes sir.” He replied before picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder.

Boy was she in for a surprise. Although I do have to give her credit, she was smart. She just wasn’t smart enough. Luckily for her, she did impress me so no lashes or spankings for her. I will just give her a little thing to keep her from escaping again.



I woke up with a pounding in my head. Damn it. I was so close. I could have sworn my little trick I did put them off my tracks. I sat up and noticed that I was in Damon’s room. I looked down to realise I was sitting on a soft, cushiony dog bed below me. What the fuck? I looked over to Damon’s bed to find him lying on it. Was he asleep? I carefully stood up and looked over at him to see his eyes were closed. I automatically presumed he was sleeping. I looked over to the door to see it was open slightly. That’s convenient. Maybe too convenient. Oh well. I started to tiptoe forward. I barely went a few steps before freezing when the sheets on his bed started moving. Shit. Was he awake? I looked over to see his eyes were still closed. In a flash, he was sitting up, supporting his weight with his elbows as he smirked at me.

“Where are you going pet?” He asked.

“Fuck you!” I spat as I ran for the door only to be choked and pulled back onto the floor.

I sat up confused and gasping for breath. I looked over to Damon to see he hadn’t moved. Then how did I get choked and dragged back? I looked to my right to see a chain. He didn’t. I felt the back of my collar to feel a chain attached to it that was attached to a hook on his wall at the other end.

“What the hell is this?” I gasped.

“A chain. What else does it look like?”

“I know what it fucking is! It was a rhetorical question asshole.”

“Watch it pet.”

“No I won’t watch it as there is a chain around my neck for no God damn reason.”

“There’s a reason pet and you know it.”

“Why then? What did I do that was so bad?” I asked knowing full well why it was attached to my collar.

He got out of bed and walked in front of me. He stood looking down on me wearing just a pair of grey sweat pants. Has he ever heard of wearing a shirt to bed so he doesn’t confuse me with his sexiness?

“You were a naughty girl.” He tutted lifting up my chin so I was looking him in the eyes. “You tried to run from me.”

“You drugged me with that potion and expected me to be happy about it? All you do is torture me. If not physically, you do it emotionally and mentally.”

“That’s what is fun pet.”

“Well I don’t find it fun.” I pouted.

“Hmm well that’s a shame…A shame I don’t care about you.” He chuckled.

“Bastard.” I mumbled.

“What did you say?” He growled gripping my chin tightly.

“Nothing oh kind sir.” I mocked, saluting.

“Watch it pet. You’re walking on some mighty, thin ice right now.”

“Actually right now I’m kneeling not walking so…”


No! I have to stay strong. I couldn’t show weakness but I couldn’t help it. I just wished he had a heart so I have a reason for me liking him the way I do. Why did he have to be so cruel and scary? Plus his squeezing of my chin isn’t helping with trying to act strong as it’s starting to really hurt like crazy right now.

“You should have had more of a punishment then just the chain.”

“Then why not just hit me then.” I cried. “I know you want to.”

“I do pet. I want to hurt you so badly.” He growled, clearly annoyed as he grabbed my chin harder before releasing it. “You’re getting this punishment as you actually impressed me with your escape. You put me of your actual track and confused me when I lost your scent at the grassy plain.”

“Why couldn’t you just let me go?”

“I think you’re missing the whole point of you being here. You’re mine. I bought you for a lot of money, £5,000,000 to be exact, and I expect to get my money’s worth before you go.”

“You mean before you kill me.”

“Where did you hear that?”

“Doesn’t matter as it’s the truth isn’t it? Once you get bored, you kill them. When you get too angry, you kill them. And when you get a new pet, you kill the old one.” I said getting angry.

“Awe I love how well you know me.” He cooed.

“F**k off.”

“There she is. I thought I had broke you then.”

“Dream on. I’m strong and will never give in.” I huffed.

He burst out laughing which only irritated me further. I guess I know how he feels when I push him to his limits.

“Won’t give in? You do make me laugh pet.”

“I hate you.”

“Well if you’re a good little girl tomorrow, I will take the chain off. Make one mistake, it stays on.”

“Why do you want me to be so good?”

“My friend is coming round for dinner.”

“The hot Lord?” I asked.

“YOU’RE MINE! NOT HIS!” He roared.

I never said I was his. Wait…Is he jealous because I called his friend hot? Oh my gosh I think he is! I couldn’t help the smile that fought its way onto my face. Yes I hate him but I feel triumphant to have made him jealous. Maybe he does care about me? I woke up the next morning happy that I didn’t dream at all. I’m still angry at Damon for making me dream that one, he had rubbed my sensitive spot and then two, he had eaten me out. How could I not be mad? I thought it was real. That damn dream potion made it seem so real.

“Pet. You’re dirty and not in a kinky way.” Damon chuckled entering the room. “I’m going to unhook the chain for about ten minutes, and in that time I want you to shower and put on the dress and shoes I will leave for you on your bed. After that, I will get Victoria to come in to do your hair and makeup, even if I prefer you without make up.”

“You do?” I asked curiously.

“Yes I do. Make up makes girls look tacky. I prefer my women more natural. Enough about that. Get showered and dressed.”

He unhooked my chain and left, leaving me to go back to my room.

I went to the bathroom and showered off all the muck and mud from my body and feet. I entered back into my bedroom to find a red, black and white Elise Ryan lace, bandeau bodycon, knee length dress. It was nice. Really nice. I put it on and it clung to my waist perfectly, outlining all my curves.

I slipped into the red, satin heels before walking over to the floor length mirror, admiring my outfit. Why had he given me something not so revealing? This isn’t like him? Is it what I said about his friend that made him jealous perhaps?

“Hey again.” A soft voice said from the doorway.

I looked over to see Victoria, my head maid standing in a simple, black, knee length skirt and heels with a white blouse tucked into the skirt.

“Hi Vicky.” I smiled.

“Now sir says I have to do your hair and make up, so take a seat and let me work my magic.” She chuckled.

“I can’t complain with that.” I chuckled back.

I sat down in the chair as she began with my hair.

She first blow dried it before getting out the curling tongs. Once my hair was curled, she put it up into a high ponytail leaving a strand of curl to dangle each side of my face.

“Perfect. Mature and sophisticated.” She smiled.

“Okay what’s going on?” I sighed rubbing my temples.

“What do you mean?”

“The dress isn’t revealing, it covers everything so nothing private is showing. Now you’re giving me a professional type look. What’s he up to?”

“I’m not sure. All I know is, he told me to not make you look like a slut.”

“This is because of his Lord friend coming round. I know it is.”

“What does Lord Williams have anything to do with it?”

“Last night I called him hot in front of Da…You know who.”

“You did!” She shrieked.

“Is that bad or…”

“Bad? That’s terrible!”

“He got a little jealous but…”

“No. Sir doesn’t get jealous. What you thought was jealousy was in fact him angry. He’s most likely acting this way to show he controls you with what you wear and look like. He chooses when you show skin and when you don’t. You don’t want this. One more wrong move and that’s it. He won’t be so easy on you anymore.


“Yeah. Oh. Just behave today or this could be your last day alive if you’re not careful.”

“Okay got it. I can do that. Call me little miss goodie two shoes.”

“I mean it. If you look for one more second longer at his friend then need, he won’t be happy and you don’t want that.”

“Alright. I will keep my eyes to the floor then, just in case.”

“Good. Now let us forgot this conversation and let me do your make up.”

“Okay.” I mumbled.

Could it be true what she said? Could he really be angry and not jealous? Maybe it’s a mixture of both? He did say I was his and seemed really possessive over me. Maybe I’m just over thinking this. I mean, he did buy me so of course I’m his so he would be a little possessive over me. I snapped out of my thoughts and watched as Vicky applied mascara, a bit of blush and some red lipstick to match the skirt of the dress. Just then, I hear the sound of a lot of shuffling going past the room and down the stairs.

“What’s going on?” I asked curiously.

“Lord Williams has arrived.”

“Time to be a good girl.” I sighed.

“You had better get going.”

“Yes. Of course ma’am.” I smiled politely. “See. I got this.”

“You had better. Now go.”

“Thanks for the help Vicky.”

“Any time.” She smiled.

I left the room and walked down the hallways towards the stairs. I stood at the top and took a deep breath before walking down them. I heard a booming laugh coming from the living room following by Damon’s laugh. I wonder what they’re laughing about.  I made my way to the living room and was about to open the door before I remembered that I’m not allowed in here unless I get Damon’s permission. I could just barge in but I’m a supposed to be a good girl today or I get the chain back on.

“There you are.” I heard Samantha say.

“Hi Samantha.”

Just like that she clipped a chain lead on me. What the hell was she doing? I don’t like her any more.

“Sorry but Damon said I had to put this on you. He’s waiting for you in the room.”

With that, she was gone. I know she was made to do it but it still didn’t mean I couldn’t like her at the moment.

“Where is your pet anyway?” I heard Lord Williams ask Damon. “You killed her yet?”

“No. I wish though. Did I tell you that she tried to escape?” Damon replied.

Okay, I really shouldn’t be eavesdropping but they’re talking about me. I deserve to know what people are saying about me.

“No. How far did she get?”

“Nearly to the river.”

“Really! A pet has never been able to get into the forest let alone the river.”

“She was smart. She even put me off her trail.”

“I like her enthusiasm. I could tell the moment I saw her that she was smarter than the others.”

“And stupid for getting caught.”

“That too.”

I didn’t like them talking about me anymore so I knocked on the door to the living room and waited for a reply.

“Who is it?” I heard Damon growl.

I opened the door and stuck my head round it and smiled.

“Ah pet. How nice of you to grace yourself with your presence.” Damon said with a hint of sarcasm in it.

“Morning sir.” I replied, still smiling.

“Come on in then pet.” Damon ordered, slightly irritated.

Was he annoyed I was being good? Was he hoping I would slip up? Well game on bitch.

I entered the room and closed the door behind me. I looked over to Lord

Williams and smiled at him. Damon saw this and patted his lap.

“Sit down pet.”

I did as he said and he pulled me against his chest tight. I sat confused as to why he did this until I felt his breath on my ear as he whispered in it, “Mine.”

“Nice to see you again Britney.”

I liked how he called me by my name.

“You may be the lord but you’re under my roof and now you have to go by my rules.”

“That would apply to other Lord’s but I’m also a Prince so doesn’t apply to me.”

Damon didn’t reply. He only growled and I ended up blushing a little. Not because he was angry because I was still thinking about how he told me I was his. He clearly was jealous, not just angry as Vicky said he was. I don’t know why, but it made my stomach tingle. What was going on? Did he slip me a love potion or something?

“That tickles.” I giggled out as Damon had started to slowly stroke my side.

“Are you ticklish pet?”

“No.” I replied.

“Are you lying?” He asked.

I shook my head and he started to tickle me and I burst out in a fit of giggles.

“Lying is not being a good girl.” He warned continuing to tickle me.

“Please stop. I think I’m going to pee.”

“Go to the bathroom and come right back with a glass of your blood.”

“Okay. Wait. My blood? How will I do that?”

“Be creative pet.” He smirked pushing me off his lap.

I frowned and he grabbed the chain attached to my lead and pulled me close to his face. His eyes turned red and his fangs elongated.

“Maybe you would prefer it if I drank from your wrist instead?” He asked causing me to whimper. “Hurry up now. I’m thirsty and I’m sure you don’t want me to change my mind.”

He let go off the chain and I hurried off to the bathroom first to pee before going to the kitchen. I looked at all the staff.

“What can I help you with darling?” A man with pink purple nail varnish on asked me.

“Hi Andy.” I replied realizing who he was. “Sir says he wants a glass of my blood. I don’t know what to do.”

“Unfortunately it will hurt honey.” He sighed grabbing a glass and a knife.

He placed the glass down in front of me and handed me the knife.

“What do I do with this?” I asked confused.

“You need to slice your skin and let the blood pour into the glass.”

“WHAT?!” I gasped in shock as he couldn’t be serious.

“I’m afraid it’s what you have to do.”

He went off and carried on preparing lunch for Damon and Lord Williams. I looked at the knife and was scared. What do I do? Do I let him drink from me causing me incredible pain and then to pass out or do I cut myself and let blood drip into the glass causing less pain. What to do? What to do?

Fuck it. I quickly sliced over the inside of my hand with the knife and hissed at the pain. Fuck it hurt. It hurt a lot.  I let the blood drip into the glass and squeezed my hand shut so more blood poured into it.

When the glass was full, I moved my hand away and looked for something to wrap around my hand to stop the bleeding. All I saw was a cloth. It will have to do. I wrapped it around my hand tight, before picking up the glass of my blood and making my way back to Damon, trying hard not to spill it. I walked into the room and handed the glass over to Damon smiling.

“Here you are sir.”

“You actually did it pet?” He gasped in astonishment. “No other pet of mine had the guts to do it. You still manage to impress me.”

“Thank you sir.”

I stood in silence whilst he drank it in one go. When he was finished, he placed the glass on the coffee table.

“Seems as she did as she told, aren’t you going to heal her wound?” Lord Williams asked Damon.

“No. Why would I?”

“Damon. Heal her wound.”

“Fine.” Damon growled, clearly not happy with his orders.

He grabbed my hand, took off the cloth and licked the wound clean.

“Damon. You know that’s not how you do it.”

“Just trying to get all the blood off. I can’t waste any of it now can I?”

“Just do it before I heal her.”


“Then take care of her. She has been good so far so reward her!”

“FINE!” Damon roared before biting into his wrist.

He grabbed my head and pushed it to his wrist, forcing me to drink his blood.


I quickly drank it until the wound healed. Damon sighed out in what seemed like relief.

“See. Feeding blood to humans from the source gives us vampires a thrill.”

So that’s why he sighed, he liked it. I however, hated it. His blood tasted metallic and it was thick as it sludged its way down my throat, making me want to gag.

“Well I hate it. They should suffer the consequences of their actions.”

“Whatever happened to you Damon that made you hate humans so much?”

Yes please do answer Damon as I would like to know that too.

“Nothing happened. They’re a pain in my ass and are vermin.”

I couldn’t help but start to cry. That was so mean of him to say that. I don’t know why I was suddenly emotional but that was harsh and it really hurt my feelings.

“Awe look Damon, you made your pet cry. Have you even got a heart anymore?”

“Lunch is ready sir.” Samantha announced interrupting the conversation.

“Thank you Samantha. You may now leave. As for you pet, go to your room. I don’t want to see you until tomorrow morning.”



“Fine. I will meet you in the dining hall.” Johnny said leaving Damon and I alone.

“Pet you’re to do as you’re told now. You want your chain to come off, go now and don’t complain.”

“Yes sir.” I mumbled before I started to walk out the room.

“You’re to call me Master starting from tomorrow. I don’t care what you say, it is Master or you get the chain again.”

I nodded before leaving. I went straight upstairs and to my room. No way was I going to call him Master. He would have to force me too. I won’t give in. I don’t know why I felt so strong, maybe it was the blood Damon gave me or maybe it was just my mind telling me that I wasn’t going to give in that easy.




*Author’s Note*

*So Damon gets jealous and gets angry at her because of it. Also sorry to disappoint but she is a good girl in this chapter but of course, there is a reason behind it as she wants that chain off her collar remember? So the chain will come off and she will be back to her usual self which is trying to avoid Damon’s temptations, teasing and anger and she will try to come up with another way to be free.*


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