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We walked to the front door where two men opened it for us. We entered a room full of other beings. They all turned to look at us and I started to feel a little insecure. In pairs, the vampires went off into another room.

“What’s going on?” I asked Damon curiously.

“We’re all going in after the other. They will announce our presence as we enter.”

“Oh.” I smiled.

“You seem more relaxed than usual. Not so much on alert.”

“I’m excited. I have never been to anything like this before. It’s magical.” I replied in awe.

“I would have stayed on alert if I were you.” He warned.

“I should?”

“Yes. My father will be here tonight.”

“I don’t think I will be able to see him.” I stated starting to panic.

“Calm down. You’re drawing a lot of unwanted attention.”

“Sorry.” I mumbled trying to calm myself.

I thought of my dream I have. I’m running through a field of daisies, grass as green as the leaves on the trees that surrounded the field. I stopped in the middle of the field and twirled around, smelling the fresh air as for now, I was finally free.

“Much better.” Damon whispered in my ear causing me to snap out of my dream world. “Now come on, we’re next.”

We entered the next room that had steps leading to a massive ball room. Most of the room was gold whilst the rest was red. It was marvelous. I made sure to keep to his left. He held out his arm for me to take so I hooked mine through his.

“Introducing Mr Damon Gray, who’s accompanied this evening by his extremely beautiful pet?”

Damon then led me down the marble steps and over to the side, away from the others. I could tell that he really doesn’t like to interact with others unless he has no other choice. He’s more of a keep to himself sort of person, well around his own kind that is. Round me, he is all up in my business. The names of more people were called until it was time for the last pair.

“Now introducing the man of the ball, the future leader of all of our kind, the Lord Jonathan Williams and his alluring pet, Henrietta Amara.”

I looked over to the two people. The Lord had dirty blond hair and what looks like emerald green eyes. His pet next to him was a brunette with dark brown eyes. She looked stunning in her blue, floaty dress. Her dress reminded me of the one that Cinderella wears in the movies. Then his named seemed familiar again and it reminded me of when Joe told me Damon actually had a good friend called Johnny that was a Lord. This must be him. Lord Jonathan Williams.

The Lord and his pet, Henrietta, made their way down the steps onto the ballroom floor. As they walked through the crowd, people bowed down to their Lord and future King. The Lord made his way towards where Damon and I were stood.

“Damon. Good to see you made it.” The Lord smiled.

“I told you I would.” Damon smirked.

“So this is your plus one then?”

“Yes. Pet this is Lord Jonathan Williams. Johnny this is my pet.”

“Your highness.” I said curtsying.

“Such good manners.” The Lord Complimented. “But do just call me Jonathan. And your name is?”

I looked to Damon who just looked at me and nodded. I thought he was allowing me to say my real name but I knew what he had told me before and I really didn’t want to be spanked again as my ass still is sore.

“I’m only referred to as Damon’s pet.”


“Yes my Lord.”

“I’m sure you have a name.”

“That’s it sir.”

“Damon? What’s your pets’ real name?”

“I believe she already told you that.”

“Well as your Lord, I say you tell me her real name.”

“Pulling that trick again I see Johnny?”

“It’s only you that makes me say it.”

“Very well then. Her name is Britney Young.” Damon scowled clearly not happy, although I did like the way my name sounded as it rolled of his tongue.

“Britney? Hmm I like it. Well Britney, I would like you to meet my pet Henrietta.”

“Nice to meet you Britney.” I smiled warmly at her.

“Nice to meet you too Britney.” She smiled back causing Damon to glare at her.

“Henrietta, his rules apply to you. She’s only known as Damon’s pet to you.”

“Yes master. Sorry Mr Gray.”

“You’re forgiven.”

“Your pet is very beautiful Mr Gray.”

“And so are you this evening.” Damon added causing Henrietta to blush.

I tensed next to Damon, glaring slightly at Henrietta. I didn’t like him flirting with her. I hate Damon but if I’m his, then he’s mine and I don’t want anyone looking at him like that. Damon must have noticed my changed posture as he looked at me with curiosity. I glared back at him causing a smirk to appear on his perfect face.

“I must go and introduce myself to everyone. Will you excuse me and my pet?” The Lord announced before leaving.

“What has got you all riled up?”

“Nothing.” I said through clenched teeth.

“Are you jealous that I was flirting with someone who wasn’t you?”

“No, that’s not the reason. I just deserve for you to show the same sort of respect back.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really.”

“And what makes you think that?”

“If I’m yours then you must be mine. If I can’t flirt with others, then neither can you.”

“I never said you couldn’t flirt with others.”

“Fine then. I will flirt with all the men here then.”

“It’s a long walk home then.”

“But you never said I couldn’t flirt with others.”

“Well I’m saying it now. As you just admitted to yourself, you’re mine.”

“You make it sound like I have submitted to you.”

“You haven’t?”

“No. Like I said, I never will.”

Just then, I saw someone walk over to us who I never expected to see again.

“Nibble on my cock, I don’t believe it.” I burst out causing Damon to start to laugh at my outburst.

“You will have to excuse my pet Stanley.”

“No worry. As for you, Damon’s pet, it would be you that would be nibbling on my cock. Although I would prefer if you sucked it.”

Damon laughed along with Stanley but I knew that Stanley wasn’t joking around. He has wanted it to happen for a long time but I would never suck his cock.

“It would probably be too small to suck anyway.”

“What did you say?”

“Did I say that out loud?” I asked Damon for reassurance who simply nodded in response, holding back a laugh.

“You little shit bag!” He roared grabbing my arm tightly causing those around us to quieten and stare.

“Stanley I suggest you get your hand off of my pet now before I break every bone in your body. And her name’s not even shit bag so never call it her again or it will be the last thing you will say.”

I change my mind; I might be starting to like Damon a little more now. Personally, I take pet over Shit bag any day.

I liked him more when Stanley removed his hand from my arm. I grasped it and glared at him. I hope Damon stabs him in the leg with a fork or something else sharp.

“You’re not going to punish her for showing me up?” Stanley asked angrily.

“Why would I? She didn’t lie. You probably do have a tiny dick anyway.”

Ooo burn motherfucker!

The room erupted into laughter as a very angry Stanley turned an angry shade of red.

He lunged for Damon who easily pulled out a stake and drove it through Stanley’s heart before he could even lay a hand on him.

What just happened?! Why does he have a stake in his inside pocket of his suit?! Who just casually whips out a stake like that?!

Why am I complaining? Stanley is dead.

“Can’t we go through one ball without you killing someone?” Jonathan asked shaking his head slightly.

Woah! How many people has he killed at events like this?

I still couldn’t help but chuckled slightly. Johnny might as well have said, “Goddamnit Damon! You had one job!”

“It was self defence. Everyone saw that.” Damon smirked.

“Guards, take the body away and dispose of it.” Jonathan sighed.

The others carried on talking whilst some continued to stare at Damon in fear.

No wonder people were scared of him if he could just kill someone just like that and not even care.

I did however feel in his debt as he has just killed someone I wanted dead. That’s one person of the list, just his dad and then him next and I should be happy.

“You really should learn to think before you speak.” Damon spat.

“I thought I said it in my head.” I said defending myself.

“Well you seem to be saying a lot of things out loud without realizing so I suggest not thinking so much.”

“Johnny has a point you know.” Damon’s mother said coming into view.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t kill anyone this year.” His father added.

Oh God, what’s he doing coming over here? I really hoped I wouldn’t see him tonight.

“So what punishment did you do to your pet then?” His father asked.

“Just something basic. A spanking.”

“I bet you enjoyed that.”

“I bet you would enjoy it more…David.” Damon said glaring at his father.

“What are you getting at son?”

“I think you know what?”

“Could you two stop arguing?” His mother sighed. “I know you don’t like each other but please be civil tonight.”

“I will try, just for you sweetheart.” David smiled at Claire, but I still saw a hint of mischief flash in his evil, creepy eyes.

“Just keep your eyes to yourself.” Damon snarled.

“Okay. Come on David. We should go talk to Miles.” Claire said before walking off, taking David with her.

I have decided that Damon’s mother is nice. His father’s a dick. Damon’s growing on me a little and is on my good side at the moment because he has killed Stanley, saving me the trouble of doing it when I got free.

“Fucking prick.” Damon cussed.

“Maybe we could do something to take your mind off of him.” I suggested.

“What are you suggesting?” He smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“Not that!” I gasped.

“Not what pet?”

“You know, doing the sex thing.” I whispered.

“Doing the sex thing?” He chuckled. “You really are a true virgin.”

I couldn’t help but blush as I had just embarrassed myself. Why couldn’t I just say that we won’t have sex?

“Let’s dance shall we?” He announced grabbing my arm.

I whimpered as he grabbed the arm that Stanley did. Damon looked down to the bruise that was already starting to form on my arm.

He shook his head before releasing my arm and grabbing my other one, surprisingly gentle if I’m to be honest. He led me to the dance floor when the next song started to play.

He embraced me in his arms as the man started to sing, “You’re in my arms, and all the world is calm.” It seemed strange how I was in his arm dancing when the lyrics started.

We started gliding and twirling around as we danced. I felt happy and as though I was in a dream as I danced, my dress swaying with my movements.

Right now, is the happiest I have ever been. I smiled as he spun me around and found myself gazing into his dreamy blue eyes.

“You did well earlier tonight pet. That’s the only reason I’m dancing with you, as a reward.”

“I did?”

“Yes. When Johnny asked for your name, you said that your name was Damon’s pet.”

“You said that I couldn’t tell anyone my name and I didn’t want to be spanked again.”

“Well I’m glad you remembered but I’m disappointed. I would love to spank that pretty little ass of yours again.” He smirked.

“I’m glad I played by your rules then. I’m curious about something though.”

“About what?”

“If you liked it so much, why don’t you just do it anyway?”

“It will be negative reinforcement that’s why. I won’t explain that.”

“I know what it is and why it would be. If you punished me for doing something good, I will most likely not do the good thing again as to me, I would be punished again for it.”

“Where did you learn about something like that?”

“I have always been passionate for psychology. I loved it in school.”

“Hmm interesting. Have you tried any of your psychology knowledge on me?”

“You are a sociopath and a psychopath. I haven’t decided yet as you fit into both categories. You like to exert your power onto others and show you’re more powerful and rich than them but at the same time, you prefer to keep to yourself. You also take pleasure from other people’s pain and you don’t feel guilt.”

“Awe! You know me so well.” He mockingly cooed. “Now come on. We’re going home now. I never liked things like this anyway.”

“Okay.” I said sadly.

I didn’t want to leave. I was having a fun time. Why did it have to be over all of a sudden?

We were back at Damon’s and I was tired. I have just had one of the best nights of my life and all I wanted to do now, was curl up in my bed and sleep.

“Get changed into your nightwear and meet me in my room.” Damon ordered.

“Okay.” I replied before he disappeared upstairs.

“Remember what I told you.” Joe said grabbing my attention.

Woah, where the hell did he just come from? Talk about being a fucking ninja.

“Keep your legs closed.” He added.

“I will do. Thank you Joe.” I smiled before going off to my bedroom.

I went to look to see if there was another pair of pyjamas but there wasn’t, so I was stuck having to wear the teal, silk camisole and matching short set I did last night.

I took the bobble out of my hair, allowing it to fall around my face. I went and took off my make up using baby wipes and made sure I looked at least decent.

I walked back into my room and to the door that went into his room.

That is when I found him lying on the black bed, covered in matte black, satin sheets and pillows, in a pair of grey, lounge pants and no shirt. Why did he have to be so hot?

“I swore you were wearing those PJ’s yesterday.” Damon stated.

“I was.”

“Didn’t you think about wearing something else?”


“Tomorrow night, you’re to wear something else, something I choose.”

“Of course. Whatever you choose oh kind sir.” I replied, sarcasm dripping off my tongue.

“I don’t like sarcasm pet.”

“And I don’t like you.” I snapped back.

Trust him to ruin one of the best nights of my life…Asshole!

“Then why are you still looking at my bare chest?”

“I’m not.” I protested still looking at his bare chest.

Shit. I was. Asshole. He chuckled which confused me. Wait. Can he read my mind?

“Can you read my mind?”

“What would make you think that?”

“You’re pure blood. Would you not have special powers? Also you chuckled after I thought it my head that I was staring at your bare chest and then called you an asshole.”

“Vampires don’t have special powers. You have seen too many movies or read too many books. As for your thoughts, thank you for admitting you like me and I was chuckling because your face showed annoyance so I knew you knew I was right.”

“I don’t like you. I called you an asshole.”

“You may have called me an asshole, but that’s only because you couldn’t stop staring at me. That’s because you like me.”

“I can still hate someone whilst drooling over there body.”

“You were drooling over my body?”

“No…I meant…Ugh…You know what I mean.”

“Well you may not like me in your head, heart or soul, but your body does.” He smirked sitting up and pulling me onto his lap so I was straddling him. “Mmm I love the smell of a virgin’s arousal.”

“I’m not aroused.”

“Not yet you aren’t.” He smirked, stroking my inner thighs.

This is David all over again. Like father, like son.

Just then my stomach loudly grumbled. I had forgotten I had no eaten all day and was pleased as well Thank you stomach for stopping his actions.

“When was the last time you ate?”

“I would have said last night but this cruel vampire tried to turn me into a cannibal.”

“How about we have a little proposition?”

“I’m listening.”

“I feed you, and you feed me.”

“What you want for us to spoon feed each other?”

“No. I get you food, without blood in it, and you let me drink from you.”

“No!” I protested.

He pulled out his phone and text someone. Within seconds someone had dashed into the room with a plate of 3 slices of pizza and left. Oh god I haven’t had pizza in years.

“Cheese is your favorite isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” I said starting to drool slightly.

“There’s no blood on or in this pizza. Are you sure you don’t want to think over my proposition?” He asked wafting a slice of pizza under my nose causing my stomach to grumble like a dying whale.

That sly bastard. He was teasing me, tempting me even. Maybe this time he feeds, he will be gentler.

“Fine! Now give me the pizza.” I snapped.

“Here you go.” He smiled victoriously.

I think that’s the first time he has actually smiled and not smirked. I snapped out of admiring his smile and grabbed the plate of pizza from him. I bit into the cheese pizza and I could have died happy then. This was like heaven. I couldn’t help but moan, it tasted so good.

I felt something harden underneath me when I realized I was still on Damon. Wait something hardened beneath me! I felt the hard thing with my free hand and he hissed slightly when I realized what it was. Oh no! I just touched his d**k. Why was it hard?

Yes I have taken sex education but that was more about periods and pregnancy. They never talk or enforce sexual activity as we aren’t allowed any pleasure, so I have no idea why his member was hard. Is it a good thing maybe? Or a warning?

“It would be best not to moan whilst sitting on me.” He informed me chuckling.

Shit. I should have never taken the pizza and ate its heavenly taste. I knew the hardened member was a warning and bad.

“If you want to carry on touching me, I wouldn’t complain.”

“Why is it hard?” I asked, before covering my mouth.

Oh my gosh! Why did I just ask him that?

“Carry on touching it and you will soon find out.”

“I…Umm…I…Pervert.” I stuttered.

“Do you want to eat the rest of the pizza?” He asked reaching for the pizza.

“Don’t even dare try to take this pizza away from me or I will bite your fingers off.”

“I do love how feisty you get pet.”

“Fuck off.”

“Give me the pizza pet.” He growled.

I quickly stuffed as much of the pizza into my mouth as I could before he took it away from me. I felt like a baby had just had a lollipop taken away from it.

“I warned you.”

“I will be good.” I said.

Well that’s what I had said in my head but my full mouth muffled it out so I just spoke gibberish.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full or I will shove something else into your mouth.”

I was shocked with his reaction that I started choking on the pizza. Damon grabbed the plate and patted my back hard causing me to spit the pizza out onto the plate and a little on Damon himself which caused me to smile.

Payback’s a bitch. You want the pizza back; well it’s on you now. Well at least some of it was.

“Lovely.” He said sarcastically wiping pizza off his bare chest. “Now I do believe we had a deal.”

“I haven’t eaten it all.”

“I believe we made a deal on you getting some pizza and I get to feed on you. I never said how much pizza you get.” He replied placing the plate on the bedside table.

“Thank you for reassuring me to never trust what you say.” I huffed.

“Oh pet. You should never trust anyone. That’s how you survive in the world.”

“Wait. You don’t trust anyone. Not even Joe, your parents or your nanny.”

“How did you know about the nanny? Never mind. I bet it was Joe. That’s why I can’t trust him as he can’t keep his mouth shut.” He growled.

Oh shit. I’m so sorry for dropping you in this mess.

“As for my parents…” He continued. “…Do you really think I’m going to trust my father?”

“No.” I mumbled placing my hands on his chest for support as I was starting to feel sleepy and didn’t want to fall asleep on him. “What about your mother?”

“She knows what my father is like and what he does. She tells him everything so why should I trust her?” He asked placing his hands on my hips.

I know I shouldn’t be placing my hands on his chest but I’m not protesting either. I starting to feel warm inside when his hands were on my hips. What is going on with me? I hate him…I think.

“What about anyone else?”

“I don’t trust anyone pet.”

“Then why tell me all of this?”

“So you know I would never trust you so don’t even try to butter me up or anything.”


“Now stop talking and let me feed before you fall asleep.”

He must have noticed that I was extremely tired and was barely keeping myself awake.

“Lean closer.” He commanded.

When I didn’t, he pulled me against him so my neck was level with his lips.

He moved my hair to the side before taking in my scent. At this point, I was too tired to fight back…That was until I felt his fangs penetrate my skin. I screamed at the pain. Now I was awake…and pissed.

I tried to push myself off of him but he held me with a firm grip so I couldn’t wriggle free. He then pulled out and I was barely conscious.

“The least you could do was make it feel better with your venom stuff.” I mumbled.

“You’re here for my pleasure. You don’t get any.”

“Asshole.” I mumbled before lying down against him feeling sleep start to overtake me.

I felt his fingers, trace small circles on my lower back and I felt more relaxed. He then shook a little as if he was snapping out of his phase.

“Joe!” Damon called and someone came into the room. “Take my pet back to her bed before I decide I’m hungry again and finish her off.”

I was immediately swept into a pair off cool, arms that made me feel like I was safe and protected.

“You make me feel safe.” I mumbled to Joe.

I looked over his shoulder slightly and could see that Damon didn’t look happy. I woke up with my neck sore from last night. I dragged myself out of bed and over to the bathroom.

I looked in the mirror to see some of my hair was stuck on dried blood on my neck. Great. Absolutely perfect.

After I had a shower, I decided that I wanted to lounge around all day. I remembered about the pool so I went in the bottom drawer of the chest of drawers to find some bikini’s. Of course most of these were revealing.

I finally decided on a salmon pink, Lascana Balconette bikini. I slipped on a pair of salmon pink flip flops, grabbed a towel and sunglasses before making my way downstairs and out into the back garden.

I lay down on one of the deck chairs, put on my sunglasses and closed my eyes.

“Here.” A deep voice said making me jump.

I opened my eyes to see Joe towering over me holding a bottle of sun lotion. I sat up and took the bottle from his hands.

“Damon said to put it on so you don’t get sun burnt.”

“Awe he actually has a heart to care.” I said sarcastically knowing full well that he was leaning against the doorway that led to the garden.

“He says if you get sun burnt, you won’t look f**kable to others and they won’t get jealous.”

“I think I prefer getting sun burnt than being called, ‘f**kable.’” I smirked over at Damon.

I saw his eyes flash red as he scowled. He was in an extra bad mood today and probably because of him being jealous last night. Maybe I should see if he actually is.

“Joe. Can you help me out with it?”

“Sure. Where do you want me to do it?”

“On my back. I can never reach there.” I giggled lying on my front and undoing the bikini top string.

Joe squirted some of the sun lotion into his hands and began to work it into my back. I may be allowing Joe to do this so I can see if Damon actually does get jealous but I’m actually enjoying this. Wow Joe’s hands are like a work of art.

I started to moan slightly at how good it felt. I had completely forgotten Damon was there as I fell into this pit of delight. It wasn’t until I heard a growl that I realized Damon was in front of me. I opened my eyes and smirked at him.

“That will be enough Joe. Go elsewhere and do something useful.” Damon growled.

“He was doing something useful. He was helping me, very well in fact.” I chuckled, doing my bikini top back up.

“Joe get out of here now whilst I speak to my pet about manners.”

“Yes sir.” Joe replied before he left.

“Do you enjoy ruining people’s lives when they’re relaxing and having a good time?”

“Only yours. I told you that you’re here for my pleasure only. Also to never talk back. You only talk when I allow you to talk.”

“This isn’t a fucking prison you know.”

“Language pet.”

“Language Damon.”

“Right, you’re in for it now.” He snarled grabbing my hair and dragging me over to the pool.

He leaned me over and shoved my head under the water. I tried to fight back and get my head back up over the water but I couldn’t.

I tried my best to hold my breath but I knew I couldn’t do it for much longer. He pulled me back up.

“See what happens when you call me by my name and don’t follow the rules and my orders?” He asked before shoving my head back under the water.

Come on Britney. You need to hold your breath. You need to live or you will never be free. I kept telling myself these things but I couldn’t do it. I had to breathe.

I opened my mouth and water started filling my lungs and I couldn’t take it. I started to think to myself, this is it. This is how I’m going to die.

Just like that, my head was out of the pool and I was choking out water.

I could barely breathe and felt as if I was dying.

“I hope you have learnt your lesson pet. Now I expect you to call me master from now on, got it?”

“Yes.” I croaked.

“Yes what?”

“I’m not saying it. I agree I have learnt my lesson but I’m not saying it.”

“You will learn one day and it should be soon otherwise I will have no choice but to give you 20 lashes.”

“Lashes?” I gulped.

“Yes. And as you know, I won’t hesitate to go full strength on you.”

I just nodded in response as I was speechless. Lashes? I didn’t want that.

“Now carry on with relaxing. Tomorrow we have a big day as Johnny’s coming round for a visit.”

“Johnny? Lord Williams?”

“Yes so be on your best behavior. One wrong move and I will slit your throat.”

“I will be on my best behavior but don’t expect me to call you master. Sir maybe, but never master.

“Never call me sir. I hate that.”

“Well it’s either sir or nothing tomorrow.”

“Fine. Only tomorrow you will call me sir.”

“Okay…Sir.” I smirked.

“Do you want to go back into the pool?” He asked.

“No.” I gasped.

“Good.” Now it was his turn to smirk.

“Can I have my hair back now?” I asked.

“Sure. Can I have my bikini back?” He asked causing me to burst out laughing. “What are you laughing at?”

“You asked if you could have your bikini back, I didn’t know you wore bikini’s.” I said laughing so hard, tears were falling down my face.

“You know what I meant. Everything you have here is mine. I can take it all back if you want and make you walk around naked. Trust me when I say that I won’t be complaining.”

“Didn’t you tell me just last night that I shouldn’t trust anyone as that’s how you survive?”

“Ah so you do listen then?”

“Yes I do so don’t sound so surprised.”

“I am though. You actually listen to me yet you don’t obey.”

“There’s a fine line between listening, and obeying. I’m my own person, a lone wolf.”

Now it was his turn to laugh which I hated but at the same time I liked. I have not seen him laugh yet but I did like it. Wait he was laughing at me. Why was he laughing at me?

“What is so funny?” I asked irritated.

“Lone wolf? Your own person? Oh pet. You lost all that when you became my pet. I’m a lone wolf, you’re an injured gazelle. Easy prey.”

“The only one injured will be you in a minute.” I warned.

“And what will you do then pet?” He asked. I didn’t reply as I couldn’t think of anything. “Exactly. Nothing. Lone wolf my ass.”

“One day, I will get my revenge on you.”

“Yep. Keep on dreaming kitty cat.” He laughed before walking away.

“Hey I wasn’t done talking with you.”

“Well I am. Have a good day pet.”

“Bye asshole.”

“I heard that.” He shouted.


*Author’s Note*

*Who else thought that at the end of that, they sounded like a married couple slightly? haha*

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