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I entered my bedroom and decided to go to bed. Where would the PJ’s be?


I went to the chest of drawers and tried the second drawer. Nope that’s swimwear. Next drawer maybe? Nope just socks, stockings and tights. I tried the last drawer to find it full of nighties and thank God there was one camisole and short set. It was a beautiful teal, silk camisole with matching shorts.


I took off the dress and heels before putting on the PJ short set. It felt so smooth against my body. I could get used to clothes like this. I looked at the time. It was only 7:20pm. Oh well, an early night will

be good. I pulled off my red, satin sheet and got in bed. Mmm memory foam mattress. I always wanted one of these. I never want to get out of this bed again. I easily fell asleep slipping into my dream world of being free.


The bed dipped waking me up. I looked to the clock which read 12:01am. Who the hell is waking me up at this time?


“Hello pet.” Damon said.


“Oh fudge.” I groaned burying my head into the pillows that felt like fluffy clouds.


“What do you think of the room?”


“Nice.” I mumbled.


“Is that all you can say?”




“Much better. What about the bed? Is it comfy?”


“I prefer it without you on it.”


“Ooo someone is grumpy when they get woken up.”


“Who isn’t?” I grumbled rhetorically.


“That’s very true. But really, what do you think of the bed?”


“Why do you care?”


“I want to know my pet is comfy. A happy pet means I’m happy and less irritated which is good for you.”


“It’s very comfy, it’s like lying on a cloud. Happy now? Can I go back to dreaming?”


“What are you dreaming off?”


“Not being with you that’s for sure.”


“Oh pet. You’re hurting my feelings.”


“Why are you still here?”


“This is my house? Would you prefer to sleep in the basement?”






“Is there a bed down there?”




“I’m good here then.”


“I want to talk to you about what happened at dinner.”


“Can this just wait until the morning?”


“No.” He snapped, jeez anger issues much. “Now I want you to finish your sentence from before.”


“What are you talking about?”


“When you said, ‘I will leave when…’ and then Joe dragged you away.

What were you going to say?”


“I can’t remember.” I groaned.


“You’re a very bad liar pet.”


“Fine. Do you really want to know?”


“Yes I would. That’s why I asked.”


“I was going to say that I will leave when you use my real name.”


“I do.”


“No you don’t. My name’s…”


“Pet.” He interrupted.


“No it’s…”


“Pet.” He interrupted me again.


He was really starting to piss me off. First he wakes me up in the middle of the night and now he’s provoking me for an argument.


“Stop it.” I warned.


“Or what…Pet?”


Oh he just had to go there.


“I hate you.” I spat through clenched teeth causing him to chuckle. “Oh am I amusing you?”


“Actually you are, pet.”


“Argh you’re unbelievable.” I said irritated.


“And you’re very delectable.” He added.


“Eww. Did you just call me delectable?”


“Yes. In those PJ’s you are. I just want to rip them off you and fuck you against a wall.”


“Oh.” I gasped shocked.


I didn’t expect him to say that. His eyes shone red in lust. I remembered what Joe said to keep my leg closed around him so I quickly shut them.


“You’re no fun.” He mockingly pouted.




“You secretly love it pet.”


“Stop calling me that.” I groaned in annoyance.


“Someone’s really touchy about their name.”


“Are we really doing this again? Pet is not my name, it’s…”




“I give up with you.”


“Does that mean that you’re going to submit?” He questioned.


“I will never submit to you.”


“You will, one day.”


“I would die before I ever submitted to you.”


“We will see about that.” He sadistically smiled.


“Yeah we will.”


“Night pet.”


I ignored him and soon felt the bed lift as he got up. I looked up from the pillows and felt the bed to make sure.


“Missing me already.” I heard him whisper in my ear causing me to scream.


He laughed as he stood back up straight and finally left my room to go to his. Evil, sadistic bastard thinking I will submit to him. Ha never in a million years.


“Wake up.” A voice said in the distance. “Wake up.”


Who was disrupting my dream? I sure hope it’s Damon so I can kill him.


“Go away.” I groaned.


“You need to get up now.”


“Let me sleep.”


“Damon’s parents are coming so you need to get up, washed and dressed.”


“Five more minutes.”


There was no way I’m leaving this comfortable bed. The sheets have accepted me in as one of their own now and if I leave, I might lose their trust.


“No now.”


Just then the sheets were ripped away from my body and I felt cold.


I grabbed the sheets and tried to cover myself again to get the warmness back.


“What’s taking so long?” I heard Damon ask in the doorway.


He started chuckling when he saw me fighting for the sheets with whoever was holding the other side of them.


“She won’t let go off the sheets and get up sir.” A woman’s voice said.


It was smooth and sweet but I knew she was evil. A nice person would leave me be to sleep.


“Pet? I think I might be thirsty. Fancy letting me feed?”


“I’m up.” I stated, shooting up too fast, making the world spin round.


My vision focused and I saw a tall woman with light brown hair and amber eyes. She was very pretty as well. I have noticed that all of the women who worked here were very pretty.


“Good. Now meet Victoria, your head maid. She will help you with anything you need but she’s not your servant. She will only help you if you need to get dressed, to bathe or if you get hurt.”




“Okay what?”


I sat quietly. I still wasn’t going to say it.


“You will call me Master when you submit to me, and that will be soon.”


When he left, Victoria came over to introduce herself.


“I’m Victoria but people often call me Vicky.”


“Nice to meet you Vicky, my name’s…”


“Shush.” She quickly said holding out her hand.


“Forgot. No one can know or say my name.”


“I hate he’s doing that to you.” She sighed.


“Why? Didn’t he do that to the other pets?”


“The other pets sometimes don’t last a night or were just called by their name.”


“So why am I different?”


“He likes to try different methods with his pets. This must be a new one.”


“I hate it.”


“I would too.”


“So are you a Pureblood?”


“No. I was turned just over 150 years ago.” She replied. “Anyway enough about me, we need to get you changed for the meeting of his parents.”


“What are they like?”


“His mother is nice but if you get on the wrong side of her, she will be sure to let you know. Hardly anyone has ever gotten back on her good side after that. His father is a nice man. Very handsome too. He does have a temper though so be careful.”


“Guess it runs in the family.”


“I guess it does.” She chuckles. “Now clothes. Damon has told me what you will be wearing so just go get washed and I will get it ready for you on your bed.”


“Thank you.” I smiled.


I went off to the bathroom to shower and make myself feel fresh and ready for the day ahead.


After my shower, I wrapped a towel around me, blow dried my hair and walked out into the bedroom.


“Your clothes are on the bed for you.” Victoria stated motioning to the bed. “Do you need any help changing?”


“No thank you.”


“I will be outside. Let me know when you’re done.”


“I will do.”


After she was gone, I walked over to the bed. There was a lace pair of panties, thank God not a thong, but no bra. That was weird. There was also a long, black, stretch lace and chiffon gown and a pair of black, platformed heels to match. The gown was actually surprisingly beautiful.


I put on the lace panties before I carefully slipped on the gown and stepped into the heels.


I walked over to the wall length mirror and saw my reflection. The whole gown was practically see through and didn’t leave much to the imagination. I realised why there was no bra as it had built in under wires in the gown.


You could easily see my panties through the dress and my breasts were pushed up slightly.


“Are you done yet?” Vicky asked.


“Are you sure he wants me to wear this to meet his parents?” I asked.




“But I might as well just walk around in my panties with how see through this dress is. I’m just glad the lace bodice covers my boobs slightly.”


“The dress is designed that way.” She chuckles.


“Great.” I sighed rolling my eyes.


I shouldn’t complain to be honest as I’m lucky I even have something to wear. I was lucky that Damon isn’t one of those owners that makes their pets walk around naked.


“Come on, his parents have arrived.”


“Coming.” I said walking out the door.


“You look stunning.” She smiled. “Oh wait!”


I stopped in my tracks as she pulled out a red lipstick. She put it on me and I rubbed my lips slightly together.


“There. That should bring attention to your lips and less to other parts of you.”


“Thanks.” I smiled.


“This way.”


I followed her down the hallway towards the stairs where I could hear voices. First Damon’s and then an older woman’s and man’s voice.


“So where’s this new pet then Damon?” The woman asked.


“You haven’t killed her already have you?” The man asked.


“No I haven’t. I’m close though.”


My heart started to beat fast. He was going to kill me…and soon.


“Ah I can hear her heartbeat picking up. She will be coming down the stairs in a moment.” Damon informed his parents.


He heard my heart beat from here?! Okay that is creepy as hell.


I made it to the top of the stairs and started to walk down, slowly with my left hand placed on the banister for support in case I collapsed.


Damon and his parent’s mouths opened slightly when they took in my appearance and obviously my revealing body through the clothes. Thank God for the invention of panties.


“She’s stunning.” His mother gasped.


“Absolutely beautiful.” His father added. “You really did well buying this one. How much did you pay?”


“Five million.”


“Five million?” His father asked shocked.


“Yes. She is O- and get this, she’s a virgin.”


“She is? Oh she’s perfect.” His father’s eyes shone red with lust.


I started feel uncomfortable and disgusted when I could see that his father was undressing me with his eyes.


Don’t get me wrong, he was very handsome with brown hair and green eyes but I could tell he was trouble. Also let’s not forget the fact his beautiful wife is literally standing right beside him. Now a quick note to self, never be alone with Damon’s father.


His mother on the other hand looked at me in awe. She was blonde with blue eyes that were similar to Damon’s but less cold. She was very beautiful but so far I have noticed that most vampires are.


“Pet come here.” Damon ordered.


I knew that around company, I must behave as if I show up Damon he can punish me or if I insult a vampire, they are allowed to punish me in their own way which is usually sexual assault.


I heard one of the girls who were sold where I was, showed up the person who bought her so he covered a dildo in Naga Chilli Sauce which is the hottest sauce in the world and he shoved it inside his pet.


She was in so much pain and he left her like it for two days before deciding she had been punished properly.


Stanley and the guards went on about it for a long time, even laughing.


I snapped out of my thoughts and stood next to Damon. He looked at me shocked that I was following his orders without putting up a fight.


“You have trained her well already.” His father stated.


“Yes I have.” He replied cautiously.


“Now pet, I would like you to meet my mother, Claire and my father, David.”


“Nice to meet you, Mr and Mrs Gray.” I smiled, holding out my hand for them to shake.


“Oh so polite as well.” His mother smiled.


Damon laughed but covered it with a cough as he knew I wasn’t anywhere near polite.


“Shall we go to the living room?”


“Yes. I’m thirsty as well.” His mother announced.


He knew I was probably up to something so as we all went to the living room; he kept his eyes on me, watching every move I made. He was starting to remind me off that song from The Police.


What he doesn’t know is that I may not be that smart, but I’m not dumb enough to have hot chilli sauce in my hoo haa. Ouch.


“Pet stay here. Mother follow me so you can choose whichever blood type that pleases you.”


“I will wait here and keep an eye on this one.” David said.


I looked at Damon with pleading eyes not to leave me in a room with his father who was still undressing me with his eyes.


“We will be back soon.” Damon said before leaving.


He left me! He left me alone with this creep.


“So pet? What’s your name?”


“No one’s allowed to know or say my name.”


“I won’t tell.”


“I can’t.”


“Oh come on. It will be our little secret.” He smiled creepily as he pulled me onto his lap.


I instantly tensed up. This wasn’t happening.


Please Damon. I will be good for you just please come back.


“So tense! Maybe I need to loosen you up.” He growled playfully as his hand rose up my leg.


It travelled to my inner thigh and was getting closer to the place I didn’t want it to go.


I dug my nails into his hand, happy when I actually drew blood. Who knew you could draw blood from a stone? He hissed at me and let go.


I took this as a chance to get up. He stood up and slapped me round the face with full vampire strength causing me to fly against the wall with a bang.


I fell to the floor, clutching my cheek as it stung like crazy. Tears escaped my eyes as the pain only seemed to get worse.


“What the hell is going on?” Damon shouted.


“YOUR PET HURT ME!” David shouted. “She tripped and I went to help steady her so she dug her nails into my hand. I had to slap her for falling out of line.”


“Is this true pet?” Damon asked me.


I looked at Damon who looked irritated and then to David who looked at me with a look that said if I told, he would kill me. I looked back to Damon before answering.


“Yes it’s true.” I replied, holding my head down in shame.


I would tell Damon the truth but David would do worse to me if I did.


“Go to your room. When my parents are gone, I will punish you myself.”


I nodded before getting up, still clutching my cheek. I left the room and as soon as I was clear from view, I ran up the stairs and to my room. How could his father do that to me and then lie? I was only defending myself.



A couple of hours passed and with each passing minute, my anxiety grew. Any minute now, he would come barging upstairs and punish me.


I have been punished and tortured many times before but I’m even more terrified then I ever was then and I got lashes and poisoned by Stanley.


You’re probably wondering how I survived being poisoned. Well he gave me poison and just as I was about to take my last breath, he gave me the antidote. He was a cruel and sick motherfucker.


“She had better be in her room.” I heard Damon growl with annoyance clear in his tone.


“She is. I saw her go in and she hasn’t left since.” Victoria stated.


Shit I had to hide! I quickly crawled to the bed and slid under it.


I lay watching the door as shadows cast under it. The door opened and he walked in, closing it behind him.


“Pet, come here now.” He ordered.


I stayed where I was. I knew he would probably find me anyway but there’s no harm in trying to at least hide.


He walked around the bed and got on it. I stayed silent, trying not to make a sound.


I was looking through the end of the bed, waiting for his feet to get back on the floor and for him to leave. I heard the bed creak slightly and stared, waiting for his feet to touch the floor.


“Boo.” He grinned as his face came into view with mine.


I screamed and dashed out from under the bed to see Damon still on it. That bastard had known I was under there and decided to lower his head down to give me a scare.

“Did you really think you could hide from me? I’m one of the best trackers there are.”


“Vain much?” I gasped still trying to catch my breath.


I felt like I was having a heart attack as I was trying desperately to breathe.


“You’re so very amusing.” He chuckled lying back on the bed.


“Is this the punishment?”




“Then what’s the punishment then?”


“I haven’t decided on the severity of it. That’s mainly due to the fact that you lied downstairs.”


“I didn’t.”


“You did pet. You’re a bad liar you know. You have this tell, something your eyes do when you lie.”


“And what’s that?”


“If I tell you, you might try to find a way to stop doing it and I rather like knowing when you’re telling the truth.”


“Well I was telling the truth downstairs.”


“There you go again.” He said. Within a second he was stood in front of me, making me jump again. “Lie.”


“Could you stop doing that?” It was more a statement then a question.


“No I can’t. Now tell me the truth.”


“Fine.” I sighed. “I tripped and he tried to steady me but I don’t trust him so when his hand held my hip, I dug my nails into his hand. He slapped me as I had hurt him when he was only trying to help.”




“It’s the truth.”




“I’m not lying.” I lied.


“Lie. Lie. Lie.” He growled irritated. “Why are you lying to me?”


He raised his hand up to slap me but I quickly answered his question.


“You asked me if it was true and I could see you were irritated and then your dad looked at me like he would kill me if I didn’t say it was the truth so I said that it was true.” I said flinching, waiting for him to hit me but it never came.


I opened my eyes slowly to see he was trying very hard to keep calm and relaxed.


“What really happened?”


I told him word for word what happened.


“So pet. What’s your name?”


“No one’s allowed to know or say my name.”


“I won’t tell.”


“I can’t.”

 “Oh come on. It will be our little secret.” He smiled creepily as he pulled me onto his lap.


I instantly tensed up. This wasn’t happening. Please Damon. I will be good for you just please come back.


“So tense. Maybe I need to loosen you up.” He growled playfully as his hand rose up my leg.


It travelled to my inner thigh and was getting closer to the place I didn’t want it to go.


I dug my nails into his hand, happy when I actually drew blood. Who knew you could draw blood from a stone? He hissed at me and let go.


I took this as a chance to get up. He stood up and slapped me round the face with full vampire strength causing me to fly against the wall with a bang.


I fell to the floor, clutching my cheek as it stung like crazy. Tears escaped my eyes as the pain only seemed to get worse.


“He tried to touch you?” Damon asked, his eyes turning black which meant he was beyond angry.


“Y…Y…Yes.” I stuttered, trying to stay calm but failing miserably.


“And you let him get that far?” He directed his anger at me.


“I had no power. You left me alone and I was weak.” I whimpered.


“Weak? That’s not you. You even said you were strong.”


“I try to be but ever since he saw me he was undressing me with his eyes. I was pleading in my head for you to stay but you just abandoned me in that room with him.”


“Abandoned? A strong word. You said left you there before.”


“That’s what I meant.”


“No you didn’t. You have abandonment issues but I don’t understand why. You have parents don’t you?”


“Yes but I think they sold me to your kind anyway.”


“And they did something else, I can tell. I see the pain in your eyes at the mention of your parents. But on the matters of them “selling” you to my kind, I will have to thank them for that if it’s true.”


“Argh you fucking asshole, shit face, dickhead, twat, bitch, leech, c**ks**ker, f**kt**d!” I cursed trying to call him every name under the sun.


“Look at you.” He laughed. “Using such big, grown up words.”


“If you’re going to punish me, just punish me.”


“I’m not going to punish you as it was my father who did the wrong in this case and you were just defending yourself. I have noticed how he can be when my mother’s not around.”


“So you’re going to go now?”


“I said I wasn’t going to punish you for what happened with my father, I didn’t say that I wasn’t going to punish you.”


“What for? I did nothing wrong.”


“You lied to me.”


“I did it so your father wouldn’t kill me.”


“And you had a chance just then to tell me the truth but you kept lying until it ended up with me having to threaten to hit you, then the truth came out.”




“No buts.”


“That’s not fair!” I whined.


“What should it be?”


“I don’t deserve anything as I did nothing wrong. So what if I lied, everyone lies.”


“Not to me they don’t. Now come and bend over my lap.” He ordered sitting on the end of my bed.


“You can’t be serious.”


“Bend over my lap now or you will get 20 lashes.”


“This is bullshit.”


“It’s your choice pet. You get 10 spankings for lying, or 20 lashes for defying my orders.”




“You have to pick one.” He warned.


“Fine, I choose or.”


“You have five seconds to make your choice or I will make it for you and I know exactly what I want to do to you.”


I could tell it too. He was going to go for the lashes because he’s a sick asshole.




Before he said zero, I started to walk over to him with a scowl on my face. This is the one thing Stanley has never done to me, spanked me. I hated the idea of it.


When I got to him, I slowly bent over his lap. He lifted the bottom of the gown up, over the top of my back and pulled down my panties so they fell to my ankle.


“No.” I said trying to get back up but he pinned me where I was.


“Do you want the lashes?” He snarled.


“No.” I mumbled.


“Then shut the f**k up. The only words or sounds I want to hear in the next few minutes are your screams in pain and you begging me to stop.”


I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. There’s one thing that being with Stanley has taught me, and that’s how to stay silent when being tortured.


His hand lifted up and fell down onto my right cheek. It was normal, how a human slap would feel. My eyes stung a little with the threat of tears escaping but I held them in. The next one was slightly harder but still no tears or sound.


He did it harder again and my tears fell but I bit my lip and made no sound.


He hit again, and again, and again, and again. Four slaps to go and I was surprisingly okay. My a** just hurt a little. He growled in frustration and drew his hand up and smacked it down. This hurt a lot more than the previous and a little whimper escaped my lips. He smacked harder and I yelped out. I tried to bite my lip to hold in the sounds but I couldn’t help it as I yelped again as the next slap was harder.


Just one more, one more and he will be gone.


His hand went up and he smacked it down with all of his strength which caused me to let out an ear ripping scream. The tears fell down my face like a waterfall and my ass felt like it was on fire.


“That was not too bad was it? Just needed to hit hard to get some sound from you.” He said stroking my sore ass cheek. “Ooo this might leave a mark for a few days. Ouch it’s going to hurt to sit down on it.”


“You’re done, you can go now.” I cried, trying to act strong.


“I’m not done just yet.”




“I’m not going until you call me Master.”


“Then you will be here for a long time then.”


“Call me master pet.” He said, softly, stroking my a** cheek.


I must admit, his cool, gentle touch felt so good right now. God why did him caressing my a** cheek feel so good right now. I should hate him for causing this much pain but all I want is to melt under his soft touch.


“All you have to do is say Master. That’s all you have to say.”


“All I have to say?”


“Actually I would like for you to say, ‘thank you for the spankings Master.’”


“Heck no.”


“Well I tried but I won’t give up. You will say it soon. That I promise you.”


“Don’t get your hopes up.” I mumbled as he pulled my panties back up.


“One day you will let your guard down and that will be the day that you will call me Master.”


I got up of his lap and he stood up to face me.


“Just admit that you like it here and want to be my pet and this could just go much more smoothly.”


“I…That…You…” I just couldn’t find my words.


I wanted to deny everything he said but at the same time, I couldn’t. Yes I enjoyed it here as this is the first time I feel at home and yes, I don’t mind being his pet. I hate the idea of pets but I could have had worse. Hell, I could be parading around the house naked but I get to wear clothes. Sometimes, I even get a choice of what to wear. Living here, wasn’t as bad as I hoped it would be.


“That’s what I thought.” He smirked before leaving the room. “Oh and almost forgot…”


He took a step back into the room and handed me a gift wrapped box.


“What is it?” I asked, curiously.


“Just open it.”


I pulled off the ribbon and lifted the lid. It was a beautiful, Venetian metal, petal designed mask.


“It’s your masquerade mask for the ball tonight. I got the rhinestone crystals replaced with real diamonds so do take care of it. Your gown is in the closet in the black, dress cover on the far right side. I suggest you do something with your hair and don’t pile too much make up on. I will be downstairs at 9:30pm. If you’re not there by then, I’m leaving without you.”


“I still get to go?”


“You have had your punishment. But be warned, humiliate me or step out of line whilst you’re there and you will be killed.”


“I will be on my best behaviour.” I smiled.


“Good. I suggest you get ready soon. You have less than three hours to get ready. I will send Victoria up to help you.”



I had just showered again as I wanted to be extra clean tonight, and also because I love the smell of the strawberry shampoo.


I had blow dried my hair, curled it and pinned my hair back into a bun leaving a strand of curl either side of my face to dangle down.


I went to the make up, vanity table and did a smokey eyes look with a bit of mascara to make my emerald green eyes stand out more when I put the beautiful, elegant mask on. I would go for a different eye shadow look but it seemed fitting with the mask.


Next was the dress which was absolutely stunning. It was a black, long, A-Line gown with an embroided bodice whilst the skirt of the dress flowed out to make it slightly puffy, giving it that ball gown look.


I stepped into and pulled it up just as there was a knock at the door. I said come in and Vicky entered with a box in her hand.


“This is from Damon.” She informed me.


I opened up the box to reveal a pair of silver, sandal strapped heels with what looked like rhinestone crystals.


“He said that like with the mask, the crystal rhinestones have been replaced with real diamonds.”


“Why does he keep putting diamonds on everything?”


“Because he’s rich and likes everyone to know that.”


“I get it. This way he feels he has more power over others as he has wealth.”




“Well I’m not complaining at the moment. I love Disney movies and right now I feel like one of those Disney Princesses.” I smiled.


“You look like one too in that dress.”


“Thank you.” I said taking the heels out of the box and slipping them on.


I know for a fact, the Disney princess’s wear those outrageous puffy dresses which tend to be bright, like pink or blue. I have yet to see a really gothic princess who wears black dresses all the time. Now that would be a movie to see.


I snapped out of my thoughts when remembered something. Oh yes, lipstick.


I walked back over to the mirror and applied some blood, red lipstick. Kind of ironic how I’m going to a vampire ball and wearing the colour blood red on my lips.


“Are you ready?” Vicky asked.


“Yes. I think I am.” I smiled nervously.


“Don’t feel anxious, you look beautiful.”


“Thanks Vicky.”


“This way. It’s nearly half nine.”


“Okay.” I said following after her.


I got to the top of the stairs where I saw Damon waiting at the bottom in a black Carl Gross, wool, slim fit tuxedo and classic black, Venetian masquerade mask.


He looked so sexy standing there waiting for me.


If he wasn’t a cruel, heartless vampire, I would be ripping his clothes off and banging him in the hallway like a screen door in a hurricane.


But unfortunately he was a cruel, heartless vampire so no hanky panky for him.


“You made it just on time pet.” Damon stated as I got to the bottom of the stairs, still not taking my eyes off him. “Like what you see?”


“Maybe.” I sighed. “I mean…No.”


“Liar.” He smirked.


He led me out the front door where a black, Bugatti Veyron was waiting for us. Joe got out and handed Damon the keys.



“You’re not coming with us?” I asked him.


“Not tonight so have fun and remember to always stand on Damon’s left side.”


“Left side. Got it.”


“You look beautiful by the way.”


“Thanks Joey.”




“Gotcha.” I chuckled.


I got in the passenger side and off we went to the ball.


“So where’s this ball?”


“At Lord Williams’ Castle.”


“A Castle?”


“Let me guess, you’ve never been to a Castle before?”


“Hmm…I have been living in a 2 bedroomed bungalow with my parents for 16 years, then spent two years in a room being tortured and now I am here so of course I have bloody not been to a Castle before. Not everyone is lucky as you.”


“No need to snap and get pissy. I was only making conversation. Now when we get there, stay with me and don’t wonder off. Anyone will try to get a taste of you whilst you’re there.”


“But they will have their own pet.”


“Most aren’t bringing their pets. Only me and a few handful of others are.”


“Why are you bringing me and not someone else?”


“Because I would rather be with my pet then go with this whore Candice.”


“Who’s Candice?”


“A whore.”


“Did you date her?”


“No. We only hooked up but she wanted more.”


“Why didn’t you get more from her?”


“Because she sleeps around with other vampires and with humans.”


“What’s bad about sleeping with humans?”


“It’s fucking disgusting to fornicate with your kind.”


“Oh.” I said sadly.


I don’t know why but I really was disappointed in that. I think a part of me was actually liking the idea that I could sleep with Damon.


What am I saying? He’s cruel and wouldn’t sleep with me anyway, I’m /human/.


“You want me to sleep with you?” He asked curious with my sad reaction.


“Pfft no.” I huffed.


“Lie.” He sighed. “Even after your punishment you continue to lie to me.”


“I’m not lying.”


“Well you may think that but a small part of you wished I did sleep with you, so deny it all you want but I know the truth now.”


“I don’t see why you even care anyway. You even said yourself, you would never sleep with a human.”


“Good point pet.” He said turning into a driveway.


We stopped at a gate and he pressed the buzzer.


“Who is it?” A male voice asked.


“Damon Gray with my plus one here for the ball.”


“You’re not on the list.”


“Cut the shit Johnny and let me in.”


“Who’s your plus one?”


“Let me in and you will get to meet her yourself.”


“Deal.” The man laughed before opening the gate for us.


Johnny? Where have I heard that name mentioned before? I think Joe mentioned someone called that before.


We stopped behind a load of other cars and he turned to me. He reached across and took off my collar. Thank God for that.


“Don’t look so relieved. I’m only taking it off so I can put this one on.” He smirked pulling out a black, diamond studded necklace.


I hate collars in general but this collar was really pretty. Darn him and his nice expensive things.


He put it on and did up the padlock before putting the other one in the back of the car.


He got out and I got out too before he locked up his car. Tonight was going to be a magical night.



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