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I was taken to the same make up room I was in before. Stanley stood outside whilst the woman walked me in. I sat down at the vanity table and the blonde woman left. As she left, the woman from last time came in.

“Hello again my dear.”


“Not much luck last time?”

“No. They forgot to do those tests on me.”

“I hated those tests.”

“Did they check your you know? Thingy?”

“Yes. Horrible. I was glad they were at least gentle.”


“Weren’t they gentle with you?”

“No.” I mumbled feeling tears start to build up behind my eyes.

“Oh you poor thing.” She said sadly giving me a hug.

“I just want to get out of this dreadful place.” I cried.

“I know. I know.” She said softly. She then pulled away and smiled. “Let me do your makeup and guarantee you get sold today.”

“I doubt it. None of them looked interested when the man at the podium said it took a long time to ‘break me in.’”

“Maybe you will get lucky. As the saying goes, second times are the charm.”

“I thought it was third?”

“Well we are going with second.” She chuckled.

I tried to force a smile onto my lips but couldn’t even do that. Maybe I did just get broken in. I had to find my inner strength again and fight for my freedom.


“Now hold still my dear whilst I make you look buyable, not that you

weren’t before but vampires like human women that wear make up.”

I stayed still whilst she applied mascara, eyeliner and lipstick again. My hair got brushed and I looked the same way I did yesterday, just a little bit more broken.

“All ready. Good luck.”

“Thank you.” I replied.

I stood up and went to the door. Stanley went to grab my arm but I flinched away.

“Fine. Just make sure you keep up.” He said before starting to walk off.

I hurriedly followed him back to the room from yesterday. It was like déjà vu again.

The room was full of girls, who were being taken out into the stage area one after the other. This time, I was the last to go on which meant that the room I was in, was empty, leaving just me and Stanley alone.


I sat in the corner with my knees up to my face, cowering away from him. Just then, Stanley motioned for me to follow him. I slowly got up and followed him out onto the stage before kneeling by the podium.

“The last girl I have for you, is Britney Young.” The short stubby man at the podium announced. I didn’t want to look out at the crowd again. Last time I did, I was met with red eyes, glaring at me. I kept my head down and tried to draw less attention to myself.

“She’s 18 years old. She was up yesterday but there was a misunderstanding with her test results but we have them confirmed now.

Ready yourself as Britney here is type O-.”

I heard shuffling of people in their seats and looked up slightly to see the majority of vampires were sitting forward in their seats, all apart from one who remained leant back. I couldn’t make out his face but I could see red eyes staring right into mine. Shit I made eye contact with him.

“Now to get you all even more excited, she’s a virgin.”

As soon as the word virgin left his lips, the room was filled with deep growls. Oh shit!

“Now it has taken her awhile to get her broken in but she is obedient.

She can tend to be a little opinionated and here and there she has spoken before thinking. But I’m sure all you care about is the virgin

and blood type.” He chuckled. “Shall we start the bidding? We will start at half a million due to her rareness.”

“Half a million.” One vampire said.

“£600,000.” Another one said.

“£1,000,000.” Another vampire added.


The room went silent. I wanted to look at who bid a million pounds for me but I was still captivated by the mysterious red eyes staring at me from across the room, his face, hidden by the shadows.

“One million. Is there any more offers?” The short, stubby vampire asked. “Going once. Going twice. Going…”

“Five million!” A voice boomed through the room.

I gasped in shock when I realised the voice came from Mr Mysterious.

“Five million? Are you sure Mr Gray?”

“Positive. I want her.”

“Very well Mr Gray.” The man grinned. “Well the Auction is over then.

Vampire’s who have bought a human today, go into the room on your right to pay for your pet and to collect them. Other vampires, the door to your left will take you to the exit.”

The vampires went into their assigned doors and I tried my best to see who bought me but only caught a quick glimpse of the back of him. All I saw was that he had brown hair and was wearing a suit.

“This way shitbag.” Stanley said grabbing my arm and dragging me into an unfamiliar room filled with some of the girls from the room before. I pulled away from his grip, feeling disgusted and sick from his touch.

“Sign out Britney Young.” Stanley informed the woman at the desk.

“Yes sir.” She smiled.


The door opened and in walked some of the vampire’s from the stage room. I couldn’t tell where mine was. Maybe he was still paying.

I still couldn’t believe he paid £5,000,000 for me. That was crazy.

“You think I’m bad, I’m nothing on the man who just bought you.” Stanley whispered in my ear.

“Well I fooled you didn’t I leech? Now who gets the last laugh?” I smirked.


“Oh that thing for the past few days is what you call acting. I did

pretty well I think. Hey, I could be an actress. I could even win an Oscar.”


“Did you really think I would even remotely for a second like you, let

alone be attracted to you? I was getting inside your head.” I interrupted.

“You little…”

“You can’t touch me now. I belong to someone else. Sorry.” I pouted


“You are an evil, conniving bitch.”

“And don’t you just know it. You never broke me; it was all just an act that you fell for you stupid fool. I would watch your back as when I get free, and I will get free, I am coming for your head.”


“I wouldn’t be so sure about that as the joke’s on you now. You will see what I mean once you find out more about your new master. Then I will be the last one laughing.”

I was worried about what he meant. Is he playing mind games with me or is he telling the truth? Is there someone worse out there than Stanley?

“Back off Stanley. I believe she’s mine now.” A voice said behind me.

The voice held a slight Scottish accent on it that caused my legs to feel weak as if my knees were about to buckle beneath me. I turned around to come face to face with what I thought would be his red eyes but instead, I saw ice cold, piercing blue eyes. I took in his full appearance.

He was handsome. No. He was sexy. He had brown hair and slight facial hair. His suit hugged his arms and chest perfectly. He was just a dream.

“Do you need a collar for her Damon?” Stanley asked.

Damon. Even his name was hot. Wait. What? Collar? I’m not a dog!

“No.” Damon replied. Thank God he wasn’t going to put one on me. “I brought my own.”

Of course he f**k*ng did!

He pulled out a black collar with a matching lead. Oh hell no. He wasn’t putting that on me. I turned to Stanley who had gone. At least I won’t be seeing him again.

I got snapped out of my thoughts when I felt something cool round my neck. I touched my neck to find a collar around it. I tried to take it off and felt for the clip part only to feel a padlock on it. He has locked this collar around my neck? He is now on my kill list, after Stanley that is.

“Come now pet. I have a meeting to attend soon.” He said tugging the lead.

He started to walk in the opposite direction but I grabbed the collar and pulled in the opposite direction. No way am I going with him and his sexy looks. For all I know, he could be Satan himself trying to tempt me to eat the fucking apple.

“Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.” He sighed turning to me.

“I really don’t have the patience.”

I stomped my right foot on the ground showing I wasn’t going to budge.

“Fine. Joe. Take her to the car will you.”

“Yes sir.” Said a deep voice behind him.

Just then a tall, muscular and slightly tanned vampire with dark brown hair and eyes picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

“Put me down.” I protested.

They didn’t reply. They ignored my protests and took me out to the black, Audi S8 that was parked outside. The big guy, Joe, opened up the back seat and threw me in the back. He then went to the front and got in the driver’s seat.

I saw this as an opportunity to escape through the other door.

“Don’t even bother trying.” A voice informed me as I felt someone get in the back seat with me. I turned around to see Damon.

“Joe. Take me to my workplace. I have a meeting in 30.” He said pulling out his iPhone 6s.

“Yes sir.”

“Now you.” He directed at me without looking up from his phone. “You will call me Master only. No sir. And don’t ever call me Mr Gray and especially not Damon or you will be severely punished. Got it?”

I nodded in response.

“Sorry. I don’t speak mute. Now speak up.”


“Yes what?”

I wasn’t going to say it. He could punish me anyway he likes but I won’t call him Master.

“I will let you off this time but next time you will call me Master. I did pay five million for you anyway so it will be a shame to kill you so


Kill me? Could Stanley be right? Is Damon really worse than him? The rest of the car journey was quiet. Have these people even heard of music or even the radio?

I let out a little sigh not realising how loud I was.

“What’s the matter now?” Damon groaned.

“Nothing.” I mumbled.

“You will say Master.”

“Make me.” I said looking out the window of the car.

This is the first time I have been outside in two years. It felt good to get fresh air. Only bad thing is, I wasn’t a free woman.

“Come here.” Damon ordered.

I turned to face him and saw his phone was away. I looked up to his face to see annoyance and anger plastered across it. If he was a dwarf, he would definitely be grumpy. I heard Joe burst out laughing and that’s when I realised that I just said that out loud. Shit.

“I suggest you get here now before you know how ‘grumpy’ I can really get.”

I sat still but it only made him angrier. He grabbed my collar from behind and dragged me over to him, cutting off my airway for a couple of seconds. I coughed as I tried to get as much oxygen back into my body again.

“I would save your strength pet.” He sadistically chuckled before elongating his fangs. “Have you ever been fed on before?”

I shook my head, no. He just chuckled more. He lifted my wrist up so it was level with his lips.

Before I could protest, I felt a sharp pain as his fangs penetrated my skin. I screamed out as the pain was growing unbearable.


“Should I pull over?” Joe asked concerned causing Damon’s fangs to withdraw from my wrist.

“Keep driving.” Damon replied before sinking his fangs back into my wrist.

I just kept screaming and screaming. God this hurt so much. Please make it stop. Please. I will do anything. Just please someone make this stop. I started to feel faint and that’s when the darkness overtook me. I woke up, blinking away the light that shone on me. Was I in heaven? Am

I dead?

“Oh good you’re awake.” I heard a voice sigh in relief.

I looked to where the voice came from to see the outline of a man with dark brown hair. His voice was deep.

“Are you an angel?” I mumbled.


“Are you the devil? I thought you would be more red.”

“I’m neither an angel or the devil. You’re not dead.”

“I feel like I am.”

“You just had quite a bad blood loss that is all.”

“Blood loss?” I said to myself.

That’s when the images of before came flashing back.

“Stay away from me!”

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

“You!” I pointed at him when I realised the man was Joe. “You work for him. You let him do this to me. You let him hurt me.”

“I didn’t want him to. The least he could have done is released a chemical in the meantime so you feel pleasure instead of pain.”

“I don’t want to feel pain or pleasure. I don’t want to be bitten at all. I want to go home to my mom and dad.” I started bursting into tears.

“Don’t cry.” He said soothingly as he rubbed small circles on my back.

“I want to go home.”

“You can’t be weak around him. He will eat you alive.”

“He already has.”

“You know what I mean.”

“What’s he like?”

“Cruel. Unsympathetic. Impatient. He’s used to getting everything he wants handed to him on a silver platter, so he’s annoyed you’re not just giving in to him.”

“I will never submit to him if that’s what he wants. I’m a lone wolf. Not a wounded pup.”

“I can see that. You’re stronger than the others.”

“I have been through two years of torture and still come out the same. Stronger even. It will take a lot to break me.”

“He will do it though.” He said sadly. “He always does.”


“Punishment mostly.”

“What about the other times?”

“He will try to seduce you. Bring your security walls down. Manipulate you etc.”

“But isn’t it against the law for a vampire to fornicate with a human?”

“It is but if it happens, they won’t do anything about it. The only times they ever seem to be bothered by it, is if the human or the

vampire woman becomes pregnant.”

“What would they do then?”

“Force them into getting an abortion. That’s why some vampires get their pets neutered after buying them.”

“Neuter them? Like an animal.”

“Aren’t we all animals?”

“Your species are monsters. You kill people.”

“So do humans. What about World War One and Two. They were human. So are serial killers.”

“That’s only because people turn a blind eye if a vampire does it.”

“Most of the disturbed minds are humans.”

“That’s very biased.”

“What’s your opinion?”

“Vampires are the ones whose minds are more disturbed. The torture and feeding is sadistic.”

“Now who’s being biased?”

“How is that bias if it’s the truth?”

“You wouldn’t be saying that if you were a vampire.”

“I think you have me there.” I slightly laughed. “So what are you really like then?”

“Not like Damon that’s for sure. I’m more of a protective person. I look out for people.”

“Why work for Damon?”

“Believe it or not, but we are friends. I knew him when he was a teen and I was a child.”

“You grew up when you were both human?”

“Damon has never been human. That’s the difference between him and I.”

“How’s that even remotely possible?”

“Well he’s a pure blood, I’m not.”

“What’s a pure blood?”

“Pureblood means you’re born vampire, not turned into one like I am. His parents are both vampires and so on, so on.”

“He’s not royal is he?”

“Nope but his friend Johnny is a Lord.”

“So you said you grew up with him? How? If you weren’t a vampire then.”

“My mother was a maid in his parent’s manor when I was growing up so I spent a lot of time there. When my mother died when I was young, his parents took me in under their wing. When I turned 24, they turned me.”

“What was Damon like? Was he always so cruel?”

“He was surprisingly good. Well around his nanny he was an angel but was rebellious and cruel round his parents. I mainly believe the reason for that is because his parents hardly gave him the attention a child needs. Especially a vampire child as their emotions are more heightened. His nanny was the one who raised him which is how he got the slight Scottish accent as his nanny is Scottish. Also I believe he has a bad past with his father.”

“Is it bad if I am starting to feel sorry for him?”

“Yes. Never feel sorry for him or you might start to believe what he’s doing to you is okay. It’s not okay. Don’t feel sympathetic to him or he will use that to manipulate you.”

“Got it. No sympathy for him. Anything else I should know.”

“Follow his rules and you should be fine. Also if you’re sitting down, keep your legs closed. If they’re open, even the slightest, he will try to seduce you.”

“Keep legs closed. Follow rules. Got it.” I confirmed. “Joe?”


“Will I ever be free?”

“Sadly not. You would be dead before you even got the slightest taste of freedom.”

“Oh.” I replied sadly.

“Let me guess, that’s your one major goal. To be free.”

“Yes.” I mumbled.

The car went silent. It started to grow very awkward. Joe quickly got back into the driver’s seat causing me confusion with his actions. I then realised why he did that when the back door opened.

Damon got in and shut the door behind him.

“Where to sir?”

“Take me back home.” He sighed collapsing against the seat.

I guess he was tired from the meeting. Wait. Don’t feel sympathetic to him.

“You’re awake now I see.”

I didn’t reply. I just looked away not wanting to look at him and his devilishly handsome looks. He’s cruel. He’s evil. He’s manipulative. I would never like nor sympathise with him.

“Whatever.” He said slightly annoyed. “Joe. Get back fast so I can get some rest. Those people have drained the life out of me.”

“Karma.” I mumbled causing Joe to chuckle in the front.

“What did you just say?” Damon asked irritated.


“That’s what I thought.”

Joe drove along the motorway before pulling off at one of the junctions. He followed the road, twirling off into the countryside. That’s when I saw a huge stone wall. We must have spent 5 minutes driving past this stone wall before he turned into a gateway. He leant over out of the car window and punched in a code for the gate that was too quick for me to make out. Someone’s voice came through.


“Joe. Transporting through Damon and his new pet…” He then turned to Damon.

“Her name’s pet. She will be known to you as Damon’s pet. No one uses her real name as my pet won’t tell anyone it or she gets punished.”

“With his pet.” Joe forced through his teeth, clearly not happy with Damon’s decision.

“Okay Joe.”

“Oh and Xavier, ensure Samantha’s here when we get out of the car.”

“Will do.” Xavier said before opening up the gates for us.

I was guessing there was a button inside the house that opened up the gate. Strange to have the code pad and the button inside the house. The car rolled up the driveway and up to the front door of the house…Well more like humongous mansion. This place is fucking huge!

“Welcome home pet.” Damon announced.

“I’m going to be living here?” I asked amazed.

“Yes pet. All of this is your new home.”

“Wow.” I awed.

This grey, stone mansion with its white outline was beautiful and huge…Have I already mentioned how big it is? At least I will never get bored, maybe just very lost. Damon got out of the car and left the door open, motioning for me to get out. At least he was a gentlemen in some way or other. As soon as I was out, the door shut and Joe drove off to where the car was kept. Before Damon even took a step, a smallish girl with blonde hair, pixie style, came waltzing out with a smile on her face.

“Good afternoon Damon. How was your meeting?”

“Same old, same old Samantha.”

“And this must be your new pet.”

“Yes she’s mine.” He said, emphasising on the mine part.

I’m no one’s, jackass.

“What’s her name?”

“She will be known to you as Damon’s pet. Make sure the others know. No one is to use her real name and if she tells anyone her name, they’re to report it to me and I will punish her accordingly.”

“Very well sir.”

“Good. Show her around and to her new room whilst I have a nap before dinner.”

“Of course sir.”

“I will see you for dinner at six.” He said turning to me. “Choose a dress from your closet, make sure you are clean and then come join me. If you’re so much as a second late, there will be consequences.”

I slowly nodded my head whilst I was still looking at the big house. I heard him sigh in annoyance before he entered the house. Samantha then turned to me and looked me up and down. She shook her head. Was there something wrong with me?

“He could have at least put something more decent on you.” She muttered.

I looked down to realise that I was still wearing my bra and panties from the auction house. My cheeks blushed red in embarrassment.

“Follow me and I will find you a coat in the meantime to cover yourself with.”

“Thank you.” I mumbled.

“No need to thank me. It’s my job as head maid to keep this house clean and I don’t want to be clearing up vampire drool when they see you.” She said before giving me a quick, cheeky wink.

I have decided that not all vampires are bad. Joe’s nice and so is Samantha. We walked through the front door into a huge, white, marble hallway. I looked up to see a crystal chandelier dangling from the ceiling. This, house was absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Before we walked any further, Samantha dashed off into one of the doors and came back out with a knee length coat.

“Here. This should do.”

“Thank you.”

“Well let me give you a quick tour. No need to take you to all the places, just the places you might want to know.”

She took me down the hallway and off into another on the right. She stopped outside a door and opened it. It revealed a deep red wallpapered room, with a fireplace at the far end of it. A couple of leather couches’ surrounded it. To the left hand side, the whole wall was covered in bookshelves, full of classic books. I couldn’t wait to read them, if I was even allowed to of course.

“This is the reading room. I’m sure Damon will allow you to use it but only if you’re good that is.”

She then closed the door and led me to the second door on the right. This time, she didn’t open it.

“This door is locked as it’s Damon’s study. If he has meetings, he will lock it. Now don’t go in here under any circumstances ever, unless he asks for you to go in there. Got it?”

“Got it. Study off limits.”

“Good. Moving on.”

We walked back where we came and went down the other hallway.


She came to a halt, at the first door on the right, and opened it. “This is the living room where he likes to watch TV and relax mostly.

You’re allowed in this room but can only watch TV…”

“If I’m a good girl.”

“You’re getting the hang of this. The last girl was so stupid I’m not even kidding. She couldn’t even count to ten even though she went to college. God knows how she even got in but I have my theories.” She chuckled. “Anyway moving on.”

She closed the door and led me to the end of the hallway, where there was a set of double doors. She pushed them open to reveal a dining room. The table was long to say the least. It was surrounded by 18…No 20 chairs.

“This is the dining room as you can see. Through the doors on the other side is my favourite part, the kitchen. I won’t waste your time there though as I still need to show you the back garden and upstairs.”

She led me back down the hallway we came and down a new one. This one led to clear, windowed, panelled doors that led to the outside. She pushed them open and revealed a huge garden, swimming pool and even a tennis court. All of these things were surround by a forest of green trees making it feel secluded, in a good way.

I ran out and stopped, throwing my arms out sighing. I closed my eyes and felt a cool breeze flow through my hair. I have missed being outside. The grass beneath my bare feet felt like heaven. So this is what the outside is like? I never wanted to go inside again.

“She really misses the outdoors I take it.” A deep voice said.

I turned around to see Joe walking up to Samantha.

“Ah Joe. I see you’re back, unfortunately.”

“Well hello to you too little lady.”

“I’m not little.” She pouted.

“You are. And you’re beautiful.” He winked.

“Damon’s pet? We need to carry on with the tour.” She quickly said causing me to chuckle. I skipped after her until I caught up.

“You like him.” I giggled.

“He’s a pain in my ass.”

“You didn’t deny it.

“Oh stop it you.” She chuckled.

She shook her head before showing me upstairs. She took me down one hallway and down another before stopping in between

two doors on the left side.

“The door on the left over there is your room. On the right is Damon’s. Only go in his room if he asks for you.”


She opened the door to reveal something I actually didn’t expect. The room was beautiful with a theme of red and white. I walked in to take in my surroundings properly. The white carpet, the red walls with white ceiling, then over to the white bed post and red satin sheets. On the floor was a red, plush rug that as soon as my feet stood on it, melted into it. I fell onto the rug and spread my arms and legs out. This is the softest thing I have ever felt in my life.

“Come on. Get up before you get too comfy.” She chuckled.

I got up, instantly regretting moving from the fluffy cloud I was lying on.

“There are three other doors in this room. The two on this side and the one on the other side of the room. This door on the left is your walk in closet and the one on the right is your bathroom.”

“Walk in closet? My own bathroom? I feel like royalty. Wait! What is in the other door? Is it a Jacuzzi?”

“No unfortunately not. This is the door that goes into Damon’s room.”

“His room is adjoined to mine?” I asked shocked.

“Yes. It’s so he can keep a close eye on you and come see you whenever he likes in a more convenient way.”

“Will he at least knock first, you know, in case I’m getting changed?”


“So he gets privacy but I don’t?”

“You are his pet. His house, his rules.”

“This sucks.”

“You could have it worse.”

“I guess that’s true, house wise, but I heard Damon is cruel.”

“Shush!” She hissed. “Never say his name again. His name is to never leave your lips. You’re to call him Master only. I will let it slip this once but that’s it.”

“I’m sorry. I completely forgot.”

“It happens but it can’t happen again. Now I will leave. You have about two hours to wash and get dressed before dinner.”

“Thanks for showing me around.”

“You’re welcome. I think you might be my favourite pet of his.” She replied before she left.


I went to the left door on the far side of the wall. I opened it to reveal my new walk in closet. There were dresses, shoes, shirts, jeans,

skirts and most importantly, shoes! I used to love converse. I miss my lucky black ones. I looked around and found a couple of pairs of converse trainers. I’m officially in heaven. I should wear them tonight, wait no. I have to wear a stupid dress. Asshole. I looked around and a lot of them were either too short or too revealing.

I finally settled on this beautiful red, Lara sweetheart neck, skater dress. It looked like it would only come to about mid thigh and would push my breasts up a little but I didn’t care. I hate dresses but this was one of the only decent one that was in there. I looked around and found a pair of red, slim heeled, ankle strapped high heels. I took them into the bedroom and placed them on the bed. I went back to the walk in closet and closed the doors before heading to the bathroom.

Wait! I’m missing something. Oh yes. Underwear. How could I forget them? I walked to the chest of drawers and opened the top drawer and found it full of matching sets of underwear. G-strings and thongs mostly. I’m not wearing them. They go up your bum and make me uncomfortable. I settled on a pair of black, lacy panties and bra. I carried them into the bathroom and shut the door behind me just in case anyone walked into the bedroom and saw me.

I put the underwear on the wash basin and turned on the shower. I took off the coat Samantha got me and my underwear and stepped in. This shower was huge. It could fit four people in it.  I carried on washing myself and my hair with this strawberry shampoo that smelt like heaven. I got out and wrapped my body and then my hair in a towel.

I walked over to the wash basin and wiped the mist of the mirror. I then tried to think where a hair dryer would be. I opened up the first drawer to my left and there one was, along with a pair of straighteners and curling tongs. I unwrapped my hair from the towel and turned on the blow dryer.

When my hair was dry, I removed the towel from around my body and slipped on the clean underwear. I put the hair dryer back and walked back out into the bedroom. I slipped on the dress and heels before looking at the digital clock on the white bedside table. I still had an hour to waste. Maybe I should do my hair and makeup? I decided to do that and after spending roughly 50 minutes, I was done.

My hair was curled with it up in a high ponytail whilst I left a strand of curl either side of my head free. My makeup was more of a natural kind of look. I had La Mer fluid tint on to even out my skin tone and some Aveda lip tint to tint my natural lip colour slightly.

I walked out my room when I was satisfied and recalled each hallway. I made it down the stairs when I forgot which way to go. Damn I probably have just over 5 minutes to find the dining room. That’s when I saw Joe.

“Joe!” I called.

He turned around and smiled when he saw me. He strolled over to me.

“You look very nice. What can I do for you?”

“Thank you and I need your help.”

“Sure what is it?”

“Where’s the dining room? I completely forgot.”

“Follow me.” He smiled.

I followed him down the hallways, stopping before the double doors where I suddenly recalled, led into the dining room.

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“Anytime.” He replied, returning the smile before he walked off.

I entered the room to find Damon was already seated at the head of the table of course.

“You’re early by four minutes. I’m impressed and disappointed there won’t be a punishment for you.” He mockingly pouted. He then eyed me up and down. “You look rather ravishing pet.”


“It means entrancing pet.”


“Never mind.” He sighed.

“Okay.” I mumbled.

“Well do take a seat.” He motioned for me to sit down, so I decided on the seat furthest away from him. “Oh no, you’re sitting here, next to “One You always stand and sit on my left.”

I cautiously walked round the table and took the seat on the left side of him. I sat down and pouted as the dress rode up slightly. I really do hate wearing dresses.

“What’s the matter pet?”

“I hate wearing dresses.” I pouted.

“Get used to it. You can’t show up to the ball tomorrow night in jeans and t-shirt.”

“Ball?” I asked, my ears perking up.

“Yes. Have you never heard of them?”

“Yes but only in fairytales and Disney movies.” I replied smiling.

This was surprising. It was weird having a conversation with him. Maybe he was different when we were alone. Just then the doors to the kitchen opened and in walked the kitchen staff holding trays of food that smelt divine. The staff placed a plate in front of Damon and I. Mmm it was Spaghetti Bolognese. Oh how I have missed a proper meal. My stomach growled in agreement.

“Dig in.” Damon said as the kitchen staff left.

I took one bite and instantly spat it out in disgust. What the hell is in this?

“What’s the matter pet?” Damon asked taking a bite.

“This tastes disgusting. What is it?”

“It’s only Bolognese pet.”

“What the hell is Bolognese?” I asked confused.

“Basically it’s Bolognese, but instead of tomatoes, it’s blood.” He replied smirking.

“Why the hell would you make me eat that leech?” I asked angry and irritated.

“Watch your mouth pet.” He warned.

“My name’s not pet!” I hissed. “It’s Britney.”

“I bought you, I choose your name.”

“I’m my own person.”

“Well, let us see how long that will last shall we?” He smirked relaxing slightly.

“F**K OFF!” I shouted.

“JOE!” Damon shouted. Joe entered the room. “Kindly take my pet back to her room before I end up wasting £5,000,000 by ripping her throat out.”

“Yes sir.”

“I will leave when…”

I couldn’t finish as Joe had dragged me out of the room and towards the stairs.

“Get off me!” I protested.

“Sorry but I had to get you away from him before he made you the main ingredient in his next dinner.”

“How could he make me eat that?” I asked disgusted.

“He was probably trying to amuse himself.”

“Well there are other ways to do it.” I huffed.

We stopped outside my room and he turned to leave.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did.” Joe chuckled.

“You know what I mean.” I sighed rolling my eyes.

“Yes I do. What’s the question?”

“How is he able to eat human food? Doesn’t it disgust him?”

“You’re right, food’s disgusting to vampires. As for your question, if the food has even a drop of blood in it, it instantly becomes the best thing they have ever eaten. The taste of the blood, overwhelms the taste of the food. It also helped before we became known to the humans as we could eat in restaurants and look normal.”

“How could you eat in restaurants if you didn’t like the taste of food?”

“A few certain restaurants had a couple of vampires as chefs.”

“Ah that makes sense.”

Joe went to start walking away.

“Wait Joe!”

“What now?” He sighed.

“Thanks, for literally just saving my life just then.”

“You’re welcome. Good night.”

“Night Joe.” I smiled before entering my bedroom.
I was in for one hell of a long night and morning when I see Damon again.


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