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Rise and shine shitbag. A voice said.

My eyes slowly opened to see Stanley crouched in front of me. I instantly went into acting mode. I sat up and started to push myself away from him.

Where are you going?

Please don’t hurt me. I begged as my back hit the wall.

Oh sweet, sweet shitbag. He cooed.

Leave me alone. I cried.

But I can’t. You see, it’s your first day of Auction. I have to get you ready.

I just want to be left alone.


He picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.

Put me down. Please. I’m scared. I pleaded.

Shut up. I think I prefer you when you’re more of a shitbag. Damn it I might need to come up with a new name.

Sorry. I cried harder.

Shut the fuck up. You’re giving me a headache.

I can’t do anything right anymore. I sulked.

Can’t you just go back to normal instead of all this depressing shit?

I didn’t reply. Instead, I carried on crying and whimpering. He took me to a bathroom and turned on the shower.

You have ten minutes to get washed and dressed into this pair of bra and panties that are the same as the ones you’re wearing as they like to keep you all authentic.

What will happen if I’m not ready in ten minutes?

Well I will have to help you then. He smirked.

My eyes opened in shock and fear. I didn’t want that. It repulsed me to imagine his hands touching my nude skin.

Be ready in ten. He said before leaving.

As the door closed, I hurriedly stripped off my underwear and entered the shower. It felt good to feel water on my skin. It has been two years since I last had a shower.

I must smell really bad. It also explains why my hair is a mess and has knots in it. It took three minutes to wash my hair and get it reasonable. I spent another five minutes cleaning my body, scrubbing off dirt and old blood that had clung to my skin months ago.

I got out the shower, turning it off, and putting on the clean underwear. It did feel good to be clean.

I found a mirror on the wall and hesitated before looking in it. I looked awful. There were black circles under my eyes and my hair looked like it had been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Sit down. He commanded as a woman in her mid 40’s came in.

I sat down in the chair and just like that, Stanley was gone again, leaving me alone with this strange woman. Was she human or a vampire?

I’m a human. She replied almost as though she just read the question in my mind.

How did you know I was thinking that? I asked confused.

Everyone always asks me that. She lightly chuckled.

Why are you even here?

Well this is what happens to the pets that never get sold. She replied sadly.

I started to feel sympathy for her. If you don’t get sold, it means you aren’t good enough to find a home. It makes you feel more worthless than you already do.

Anyway is this your first auction?

Yes it is. I don’t know what to do.

Didn’t they tell you when you came in?

No. They have spent the past two years ‘breaking me in.’

Well all you have to do is kneel on the floor next to the podium and wait for someone to bid. If no one bids, you go back to your cell until your next auction. It just repeats after that.

What does the person at the podium say?

He will say your name, age, blood type and virginity status. Then they will describe what you’re like so the vampires know what they’re getting themselves in for.

What if you get a home and the vampires don’t like them?

Then they can either sell them back here, sell them to a friend or family member, sometimes they give them as a gift.

Worst case scenario?

They kill them.

They would do that?

There are some bad vampires out there. You’re extremely lucky if you find a nice master out there. But even the nicest vampires can have a short patience span and a little bit of a temper issue.

So either way you’re screwed?

Pretty much. Yes.

Great. I sighed.

You’ll be fine. A pretty girl like you will go to a decent home.

Thank you. Though I’m not that sure.

Well once we are through with brushing your hair and putting on a little make up, you’ll have vampires drooling at your feet. She chuckled.

She attempted to try to brush through my hair but I winced in pain. It was worse than I thought.

Most of the bottom part is knotted so we will have to cut it. She announced pulling out a pair of scissors.

I heard the snipping of scissors and my head felt lighter.

When she was finished cutting my hair, I looked down to realise a lot of my hair on the floor. I never realised how long it was. Now my hair was falling just below my breasts.

Now this should be much easier to brush. Plus it’s wet from your shower as well so that helps. She smiled.

She started to brush my hair and I kept wincing. Damn knotted hair. Might as well shave my head. It will be easier then.


Finally. She sighed.

Sorry for the trouble.

No need to apologise my dear. She smiled warmly. “Now what next? Oh yes make-up. Have you ever worn it before?”

Just a little bit of mascara and lip gloss before, but that is it.

Well today we are going for mascara and eye liner to make your eyes stick out more, along with some red lipstick to match your clothes.

I would hardly say I’m wearing clothes. I huffed. “Wait? In the homes, would I wear clothes there?”

It really depends on the master. Some don’t mind what you wear, some choose what clothes are acceptable and others prefer them nude. She explained whilst starting to apply my make-up.

Really? Naked?


I don’t want to get sold. I mumbled.

It’s a scary thing but you can’t stop it. If you get sold, you belong to them now and have to do what they say. Just be a good girl and you won’t be punished.


Okay close your mouth. She smoothly said as she got out the lipstick. She started to apply it as she answered my question. “Oh yes. If you step out of line, they will put you back on it. There are a range of punishments. Most commonly is spankings, isolation and 20 lashes.”

I think I’m going to faint. I mumbled through closed lips.

Like I said, just be a good girl and do as you’re told. You will live longer that way.

Thanks for the advice.

You’re very welcome my dear. Now you’re ready. She said setting the lipstick down.

I turned to the mirror to gaze upon my reflection. I looked so different that I barely recognised myself. Wow you can do a lot of growing up in two years.

Perfect. She smiled. “Stanley.”

What? He grumbled coming back in. He gasped in shock when he saw me. “Well look at you shitbag! Barely recognised you for a second then.”

I kept quiet knowing one wrong move could send me back to that dog cage. He motioned for me to stand up and led me to a room full of other women who were also cleaned up with make up on.

I stayed where I was, watching as the girls were taken out into another room, one after the other. It was coming to an end as only me and two other girls were left.

Shitbag. You’re up next. Stanley informed grabbing my arm.

He pulled me out into the other room that was set out like a stage. The light blinded me and I was pushed to the floor. I remembered what the woman said and knelt next to the podium.

This here is a newbie to the auctions. Her name is Britanny Young. She’s 18 years old. It has taken a while for her to be broken in but as you just saw, she’s very obedient now.

What is her blood type? A man called out.

Hmm strange. It’s not in her file. One moment. Stanley.

Stanley walked out and over to the short, stubby vampire at the podium.


Did she get tested?

I thought that was Frank’s job.

No. She was your responsibility.

Well then no. She’s not had the tests.

The vampire at the podium turned to the other vampires in the room.

I’m sorry to inform you that she hasn’t been properly tested yet. My apologies but these things do happen. However we will do the tests and she will be back here tomorrow at the same time so if you have an interest in her, come by then.

Stanley grabbed my arm and took me away angrily.

It’s not your fault. I said trying to reassure him.

Maybe, just maybe if I got in his head a little and made it out that I cared, he might feel pity for me and let me go.

You’re my responsibility. He grumbled.

I’m sure he would have forgotten. It’s not your fault. It’s that Frank guys fault.

Good to see you’re on my side shitbag.

I forced a smile on my face. I then thought to mess with his head some more.

If we met under different circumstances and you didn’t kidnap me and torture me, I might have actually had feelings for you. Maybe you would have gotten a blow job then. Maybe even something a little more. I said giggling a little afterward like a teenage girl had just been smiled at by their crush.

Now you’re pulling my leg.

I’m being serious. If I must tell the truth, you’re not as unfortunate looking as I wished you were. Some would even say you were…Umm…Sexy. I looked away when I said sexy so he thought I was embarrassed.

Thanks shitbag. He smiled loosening his grip on my arm slightly.

Wow a genuine smile and he loosened his grip. I’m good at this. But oh boy I’m mean messing with his head like this. Oh well. Now it’s my turn to torture him a little. Jokes on him in the end when I get sold and I tell him the truth.


Stanley took me back to the room with the cage in and goes to walk out.

Wait. I said.

What? He sighed.

What about the testing?

It will be all done in the morning. I suggest you get some rest shitbag.

With that, the door was shut and I was left alone. Part of me kept wondering what tests they would do. The other part of me left me thinking that Stanley was not coming back for me, that he’s just going to leave me here and this is all part of a brand new torture.

I barely slept that night or day, hell I don’t even know what date it is any more.

Stanley came in the room just as I was about to finally drop off.

Wake up. You have had five hours sleep. It’s time for your tests. He informed me.

Five hours? I was awake for five hours? It felt like at most an hour.

Five more minutes. I grumbled.

Nope. Now. He said annoyed.

Great. He was back to normal. After the testing is done, I need to get back inside his head and mess with him some more.

NOW! He shouted.

I shot up too fast causing me to nearly stumble back down as I momentarily forgot I had legs.

When I had regained my balance, he grabbed my arm and pulled me along behind him, not even checking to see if I was caught up with him, which I was barely might I add.

He dragged me to a white room which reminded me of a hospital room. He pushed me onto a white sheeted bed.

Stay. He commanded.

I sat on the edge of the bed, swinging my legs over the side whilst looking at him smiling.

What are you looking at? He snapped.

Damn he really was in a bad mood.

Nothing. I mumbled.

Three people in white lab coats came into the room. One of them, a tall, blonde woman, instantly came over to me and stuck a needle in my arm.

Ouch. I hissed at her.

I then looked to the needle to see she was drawing blood. Why is she doing that? She then handed it to a rather elderly man who drank the blood. Ew! Why is he doing that?

Yes. She is O-. The elderly man stated.

I could have told you that. I said rolling my eyes.

Tests are tests Briteny. The blonde woman said. “Now strip.”

W…W…What? I stuttered.

You heard the woman. Strip. The third person said.

He was an average height man with dark hair that was slightly grey in some areas. I noticed his eyes were shining red so I’m guessing he’s a vampire. And the one who tasted my blood and the woman who knew where my vein was without checking first were vampires too. Great. I preferred them when they were back in the coffin.

Either you strip, or we rip of your underwear meaning you have to go to your next auction nude. The younger man said.

I gulped before getting up of the bed. I turned my back to them and slowly took of my underwear.

No point in hiding. He said spinning me around.

The other vampires in the room eyed my nude body up and down in lust. Ugh disgusting leeches.

Now stand still while I check your body. The woman ordered.

Even if I wanted to move, I couldn’t. I was stuck in my place, unable to find the energy to move. Never have I ever felt more vulnerable in my life.

Some scars on her back. The woman said whilst the average looking man wrote it down. “A couple of bruises on her ankles, wrists and arm. I’m guessing that is your doing Stanley.”

She kept trying to get away from me. He replied defending himself.

No fang mark scars so that is good. No open wounds as well. Everything else looks fine. Now for the vaginal examination.

THE WHAT?! Oh hell no!

I wanted to run but the woman and average looking man grabbed my arms and dragged me to the hospital bed, forcing me down on it.

I am sorry my dear but we have to see whether or not there is harm to your interior vaginal area. Some vampires at the auction are specifically looking for humans as breeders so we have to check. Now Stanley, can you check whilst I test her vitals?


He went round to the bottom of the hospital bed where I was kicking, trying to stop him getting anywhere near my flower.

I froze in shock, as I felt two fingers forcefully penetrate my most sacred place. The fingers lingered for a moment before they were gone.

Well she is tight so I don’t think she has had much experience.

Move. She huffed. “You are meant to use the tongs and flashlight to check inside for damage, not create it.”

She moved Stanley out the way and stuck the end of a pair of medical tongs into my entrance and opened me up.

I felt sick to my stomach as I continuously played the image of Stanley penetrating me over and over again. I felt violated. It brought back bad memories, I soon would rather forget.

Have you ever had sex my dear? The woman, calmly asked.

I…I…I… I stuttered, still in shock.

I could check. Stanley chuckled.

VIRGIN! I squeaked before saying it more quieter. “I’m a virgin.”

Thank you my dear. She replied before turning to Stanley. “Next time, try not to be a sadistic pervert, she is still a person.”

Only on weekends. He smirked.

I wanted to just get up and get dressed already but I felt like my whole body was numb as I could still feel his fingers down there.

You can all leave now. We have what we need. She ordered.

I have to stay and take her to her auction, but she needs her make up done first.

Well you can wait outside then.

Whatever. He sighed stepping out, closing the door behind him.

I’m sorry for what he did to you. If I knew he would have done that, I wouldn’t have asked him.

I managed to sit up and gave her a weak smile.

Here let me help. She suggested, trying to smile as she picked me underwear up off of the floor.

I stood up and she helped me into my underwear.

There. Now you had better go.

She opened the door and led me out into the hallway.

Stanley went to grab my arm but I pulled away. I didn’t want him to touch me again.

Maybe it would be best if I took her. The woman suggested.

Whatever. Stanley shrugged. “I have to stay with her though as she’s my responsibility.”

Fine. Just don’t touch her. The woman warned.

Okay. He chuckled lifting up his hands in surrender.

When I get free, I’m so coming for his head. Maybe I will chop of his dick first so he knows how it feels to be violated.


Has anyone else just hated Stanley even more than before? What do you think of the test they do to humans?

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