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A week has passed and I have heard nothing from Damon. Not a single thing. I kept thinking that maybe it was because I had been on my period last week but even now, he’s ignoring me.

“Why is he ignoring me?” I asked Xavier, as I sat in the control room with him.

“Well you were on your period so maybe he still thinks that you’re on it?” He suggested.

“I think you could tell if I was still on it.”

“I don’t know then. Sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. It’s Christiana’s.”

“Just admit it.” He sighed.

“Admit what?”

“That you have feelings for Damon.”

“I don’t have feelings for Master.”

“Yes you do. It’s obvious.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really. Let’s check the list shall we? Jealous…Check. Gazes into his eyes…Check. Blushes when he smiles…Check. Loves it when he tries to seduce you…Check. Bites your lip when…”

“Okay I get it. He has an effect on me.”

“Then admit you like him.”

“No. I won’t say I’m in love.”

“Who’d you think you’re kidding, he’s the Earth and heaven to you.” He sang.

“Oh my gosh Xavier! You have been watching Hercules!”

“You told me I should watch Disney movies so Andy and I have been watching them.”

“Which one is your favorite?”

“Hey! You’re trying to change the subject.” He protested. “And it has to be Beauty And The Beast.”

“Guilty! And good choice. That’s my favourite Disney Princess movie.” I grinned.

“The film reminds me of you.”

“It does?”

“A beautiful woman, entrapped in a castle, well mansion in this case, by an evil, heartless beast. He slowly warms up to her but then pushes her away and despite all he does, she still has feelings for him.”

“That is nothing like me and Master!” I protested.

He pulled out his phone and dialed a number before putting his phone on loudspeaker.

“Hey X.” I heard a familiar voice say.

“Hi Ands.” Xavier replied.

“What’s up?”

“My cock.” He replied laughing.

“Ew!” I gasped.

Xavier and Andy both started laughing whilst I mocked puking.

“But no, I wanted to talk about that time we watched Beauty And The Beast.”

“What about it?” Andy asked.

“Please enlighten Damon’s pet on how the story scenario is similar to her.”

“Now I think about it, it does match.”

“Oh ha ha.” I sarcastically replied.

“She is in denial for having feelings for Damon.”

“Oh it is obvious girlfriend.” Andy chuckled.

“It is?”

“Nope but you just admitted you do have feelings for him.”

“Damn it.” I cursed.

“Thanks Ands!” Xavier grinned.

“Later X.”

Xavier hung up and turned to me with a told you so look on his face.

“Fine. I have feelings for Master. Happy?”

“Yep.” He replied smugly. “Now go tell him.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“How dare you?” He gasped, placing a hand over his heart. “I should get off of this unicorn and slap you.”

“This is why I love you.” I chuckled.

“What are you still doing here? Tell Damon you love him.”

“I don’t love him.”

“Oh please. You want to hug him, you want to kiss him, you want to love him.”

“Shush before someone hears.”

“Only if you tell him.”

“He would only just kill me. Or laugh in my face.”

“Or he might feel the same way back?”

“No he wouldn’t. He hates me.”

“Kiss him and find out for yourself.”

“NO!” I gasped.

“Well at least talk to him. Act like you usually do and show him what he’s missing by ignoring you.”

“Fine. But I know this won’t end well.”

“You will never know unless you try.”

“Fine. I’m going.”

“Good luck.”

“Thanks…I guess.”

I walked out and nearly bumped into Joe.

“Hey. Have you seen Master?”

“He’s in his office I think.” He replied.

“Thanks Joe.” I smiled, skipping off to Damon’s office.

I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Nothing. I opened the door and peeked my head in to see him sitting at his desk.

“I did knock. I don’t know if you heard me.”

He didn’t even look up at me. I had to break this silence.

“I finished my period yesterday.” I blurted.

Subtle. Really subtle…NOT! God this is embarrassing.

He still didn’t look up or even raise an eyebrow.

“Have I done something wrong?”

Still nothing.

“Fine. I will go then.”

Silence. Complete fucking silence.

I walked out and Christiana pushed past me, into Damon’s office without even knocking.

“Hello Master.” She smiled.

Good luck. He won’t talk to me so I am sure he won’t speak to you.

“Good evening Christiana.” He replied.

My mouth opened wide in shock. He spoke to her. He acknowledges her existence.

I couldn’t hold in the tears as I ran down to the basement, collapsing on the old mattress I call a bed.

I told Xavier it wouldn’t work yet he still made me do it. I feel hurt, alone and broken. I wanted Damon. I needed him. Oh my gosh…I think I’m in love with Damon. Another week had passed and Damon still hasn’t spoken to or looked at, one, He was acting as though I didn’t exist and I have no idea why. Oh right, I remember, he wants me dead.

I got told by Joe to be ready by nine tonight as Damon is going to a club with me and Christiana as he’s meeting with the Alpha of a wolf pack that lives nearby. First vampires and witches, now werewolves. What’s next? The boogieman?

I went upstairs and into my old room. I walked in to find Christiana wearing a red dress that was just above the knee and had a plunging neckline. With it, she wore a pair of killer hooker heels.

“What are you doing in here?” Christiana spat with disgust.

“Master allowed me to choose a dress to wear tonight.” I replied, glaring at her.

“Well hurry up. You’re stinking out my room.”

“It was my room before. The bed you sleep in, I slept there. Come to think of it, Master did many things whilst I lay in that bed.”

“Well I do many things to Master.” She smirked.

“Like what? Kiss his ass like the suck up brown noser you really are?”

“Yeah I do kiss his ass, and I suck his c**k.”


“Am I? Why don’t you just ask Master himself?” She chuckled.

She had to be lying. He wouldn’t. She’s obviously trying to play a game with me in hopes I snap and hurt her, and Damon ignores me for longer. Well two can play at that game, I thought to myself as I grabbed the faux leather mini dress and killer, black, hooker heels. Damon’s attention will be all on me tonight.

I know this goes against my morals but if wearing something extremely short and revealing made him notice my existence again, then that is what I had to do. I walked back to the basement, changing into a black thong, just so I can do the ‘Oops! I think I dropped something on the floor and need to pick it up’ move to give him a view of my ass. I will have him drooling on his knees by the end of the night.

I quickly got changed into all of the clothes, well lack of clothes I chose to cover my skin and made my way to the front door where Damon was stood with his arm around Christiana. Oh but how that changed when I waltzed over to him with my hands on my hips, giving him his own modelling show.

His mouth practically dropped to the floor as he took in what I was wearing. I guess the whole pushing my boobs up helped give him more to look at.  Xavier wolf whistled and winked at me causing me to chuckle and Damon to do his usual growl of, “Mine!”

“Master.” I smiled, bowing slightly to give him more view of my cleavage.

“Pet.” He gulped looking nervous.

Excellent. It was working. He was turning into putty in my hands. He even spoke to me! I’m glad I’m wearing something revealing as it’s the only thing that is helping to get Damon to notice me again.

“The limousine is outside for you sir.” Joe informed Damon as he walked through the front door. “Hello you.”

“Hey Joey.” I smiled.

“No…Joe.” He smiled back.

“Gotcha.” I chuckled.

“Pet.” Damon said grabbing my attention.

“Yes Master.” I replied batting my eyelashes as him.

“Just get in the car.” He hurriedly said. If he was human, he would be breaking a sweat.






I was in the club listening to this Alpha asshole going on and on about some bullshit. I didn’t listen as all I could do was think about what my pet was wearing. Why did she have to wear something leather and very revealing? I just want to grab her ass whilst I pound into her.

Luckily I left her downstairs with Joe to keep an eye on her whilst I talk to this mutt. Christiana is with me as I can’t leave her and my pet alone together. I looked down from the VIP section to see my pet dancing with Joe. I hated the looks other vampires in the club were giving her.

“I will see you around.” The Alpha said grabbing my attention.

“Yeah whatever.” I huffed, waving him off.

He went down and I turned to Christiana when I heard my pet scream. I looked down to see the Alpha grabbing hold of her arm. How dare he touch her!

“Mate?” The mutt asked.

Oh hell no! No way is my pet his mate. She’s mine and only mine. I would die before letting her belong to anyone else.

“No. I belong to my Master.” I heard my pet reply.

Good girl. She will surely get a small reward for that.

“You’re mine!” The mutt growled.

I dashed quickly so I was behind the mutt who dared lay a hand on my pet and pushed my hand through the Alpha’s chest.

“No! She’s mine!” I growled before ripping out his heart.

The Alpha’s body dropped to the floor as I kept hold of his heart. I looked over to my pet who just stared at me, shock evident in her face and eyes.  Good. She can look at me in shock. She’s mine and no one is to hurt her except me. She’s mine!



What on Earth just happened? One minute I get grabbed by this man who claimed to be my ‘mate’ and then Damon rips out his heart. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. The screaming people who were running out of the club didn’t help either.

“Did the mutt hurt you?” I heard Damon ask as he grabbed my shoulder with his hands to get my attention.

I looked at him and then to the squishiness feeling on my left shoulder to see the strangers heart and blood on my shoulder.

I started to feel queasy and that’s when I fell to the ground, blacking out. When I awoke, I was lying on the couch that was in Damon’s office. I looked around to see Damon sitting at his desk looking over some files. I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping.

“I know you’re awake.” Damon sighed.

“Was it a dream?” I asked.

“Was what?”

“You ripping out that man’s heart?”

“Oh no. That was real. You’re mine after all.”

“What did he mean when he called me ‘mate’?”

“Exactly what you think. You’re his mate.”

“I’m not friends with him or anything though. I have never met him before.”

“Not friend, mate. He’s a werewolf, an Alpha actually. You were his mate, his other half.”

“I read about it before but only in stories. I never thought it was real.”

“Oh it’s very much real pet.”

“Wait, if I was his mate, wouldn’t I be in pain?”

“Nope. You’re human. You don’t feel the pain of losing a mate nor do you feel the same pull to them as they do to you.”

“So losing him doesn’t affect me?”

“Nope. Only if you loved him you would feel heartbreak but nothing out of the ordinary.”

“I hate you.” I spat coming to terms with things.

“Why? He hurt you.”

“He didn’t hurt me. I was a little scared as a strange man was calling me mate.”

“Well you’re mine.”

“I hate you so much right now you stupid, messed up fudge monkey!”

“Now pet. Don’t talk to me like that.”

“Or what? You’re going to rip my heart out as well.”

“It was needed to be done.”

“No. I have read about mates! They’re made for each other. A werewolves mate is made for that person which meant that man was made for me and you took him away from me. You killed my only true love, my soul mate. You a**hole!”

“I feel like all of this anger’s not only because I killed your soul mate.”

“You’re right; it’s not just because of that.”

“Well enlighten me then. What else is firing up your lungs?”

“You ignoring me!”

“I have been busy.”

“Yeah, receiving blow jobs of Christiana.”

“I think you’re delusional.”

“I think you’re a liar.” I snapped back. “You never denied it.”

“So what if she does. I’m not complaining.” He smirked making my upset. He really didn’t care for me. I bet he’s planning how he’s going to kill me right now.

“Why have you neglected me?” I asked, fighting back the tears.

“I didn’t.”

“Yes you did. You have abandoned me.” I cried as the tears escaped.

“Just go pet.”

“Why? What’s so wrong with me that you don’t want to be near me anymore? Did I do something bad? What did I…”

I couldn’t finish my question as Damon’s lips locked with mine plus I couldn’t help but fall into him. His lips were soft as he kissed me passionately and desperately. The sensation of the kiss blinded me as parts of me, parts that I had only ever warmed up alone started to go full blast. He pulled away, face slightly flushed and his eyes were glowing red with lust. My lips felt tingly as I urged for his lips to return but it never happened. Instead, he took a step back.

“That got you to shut up.” He nervously said.

I could tell he was acting as though he was doing it on purpose to stop my questioning but I could tell by the way his eyes glowed red and how eager he was to kiss me that he had wanted to do it for a while now. I hate him but a part of my heart longs to be in his arms.


I couldn’t say anything to him as he left the room leaving me frustrated and still shocked from what just happened. I was confused. Did he like me then? Or is this because he feels bad as he’s going to be killing me, almost like the kiss of death? I exited Damon’s office, still shocked as to the kiss Damon and I just shared.

“How are you feeling?” I heard Joe ask.

“Hmm what?” I asked.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh…Yeah…I’m fine.”

“That means no. Want to talk about it?”

“What happened to Damon?”

“What do you mean?”

“What made him the way he is?”

“I don’t know. He doesn’t talk about it. Only his mother and father know.”

“I bet his father has something to do with it.” I mumbled.

“Probably. He’s bad news. I never liked him.”

“Me either. He’s a creep and a cruel man.”

“I know.”

“I’m glad Tommy is nothing like him.”

“Same here. Damon ensures it.”

“Do you think David did something to Damon to make him the way he is?” I asked, more to myself.

“I wouldn’t doubt it.”

“Maybe I should speak to him about it.”

“I think that’s a bad idea at the moment.”

“Well we will see then. Where is he?”

“His bedroom.” He started before he saw me heading to the stairs. “You don’t want to go upstairs.”


“Just don’t.” He pleaded.

“Is Christiana in there?”

“Just stay here.”

No chance. I had to see it with my eyes. He wouldn’t do this to me. He just kissed me. I loved him. I ran upstairs and to his room where I opened it to see Christiana and Damon on his bed. Christiana’s head was bobbing up and down as Damon groaned. This wasn’t happening. I should have listened to Joe. I should have stayed downstairs. I stepped away from the door, closing it quietly behind me before rushing over to the stairs.

I sat on the top step taking in what I just saw. It was true. He was receiving blow jobs from her. I felt disgusted for actually having feelings for him and wanting to kiss him again. How could he do this? I thought he hated sex with humans. Oral sex is still a kind of sex, penetration or not. He must have lied because he didn’t want to have sex with me.

“Like what you saw in there?” Christiana giggled as she wiped something white from the side of her lips.

“You filthy little whore.” I spat standing up to come face to face with her.

“Why are you jealous?”

“Of you? I would rather not be a whore like you.”

“Me a whore? Who was the one slutting it up yesterday?”

“I was just showing you that I’m his and can’t be replaced.”

“Oh but honey, he did replace you. Does he ask you to suck him off? No he doesn’t. Does he ask you to come over for late night visits? No he doesn’t. Are you in your room? No, you’re sleeping in the basement. He has replaced you with a better looking and skinnier person.”

“Did you just call me fat?” I growled.

Number one rule in life is to never call a girl fat. Now I’m going to have to open a can of whoop ass on her!

“I would be lying if I said you were skinny.”

“Oh you didn’t just go there.” I scowled. “Do you want to sign your own death certificate?”

“Oh is the fugly bitch jealous of me?” Christiana smirked.

I slapped her around the face as hard as I could. I felt satisfied with the red hand print that was now visible on her left cheek. Serves her right.

“Now you’re jealous.” She chuckled. “Oh the moans I made him have.”

That was it, I snapped. She just had to bring Damon back into this.

“I never liked your hooker heels anyway.” I stated.

“What?” She asked confused which turned to shock when I kicked her heel causing it to snap off.

As the heel snapped, she started to tumble and grabbed onto my shoulders for support. Of course, I wasn’t going to let that happen.

“Hasta la vista…Bitch.” I spat before pushing her arms off my shoulders.

She fell back down the stairs and I heard a snap of her neck as she fell down the steps. She landed at the bottom of the stairs with a thump.

“What’s going on?” Damon asked as he got to the top of the stairs, standing next to me.

He looked down at the very dead Christiana whose face was going pale and lips that were turning blue. He then turned to me with shock in his eyes.

“What did you do?”

“What? The b**ch fell.”

“What did you do?” Damon asked, looking at me as if he didn’t recognise

“What? The b**ch fell.”

“This isn’t like you. You wouldn’t take the life of someone.”

“I would. I planned to kill Stanley and I still plan on killing David.”

“This isn’t you talking.”

“Yes it is. What don’t you like it?”

“You sound like my father.”

“Better your father than you.” I spat instantly regretting it when I saw the pain in his eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

“Yes you did.”

“No I didn’t. I was angry. You kiss me then go get a blow job by Christiana. I was angry and hurt and I killed her. I killed Christiana. I killed a human being.”

“This is my fault.” Damon frowned. “I’m turning you into a monster like me.”

“You’re not a monster.” I said placing my hand on his cheek as I sobbed.

“I’m sorry pet.”

Before I could ask why he was sorry, I felt his hands wrap around my throat. No. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t.

“Please Master. Please. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to kill her. I flipped.mIt will never happen again. I promise.”

“It’s too late. The darkness has started and once it starts, it will never stop until it consumes your heart and soul. I’m doing you a favour.”

“No. Please.” I sobbed harder.

His gripped tightened and I found it harder and harder to breathe. I scratched and clawed at his hands to get him off. I even started to kick but it was no use. He wasn’t letting go. I saw pain flash across his eyes as I pleaded him to stop, tears streaming down my face.

“Please.” I begged as his eyes teared up.

“Sorry Britney.” He whispered before there was a crack and my world turned black.





“You sound like my father.”

“Better your father than you.” She spat instantly regretting it when she saw the pain in my eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

“Yes you did.” I replied, my heart aching.

“No I didn’t. I was angry. You kiss me then go get a blow job by

Christiana. I was angry and hurt and I killed her. I killed Christiana. I killed a human being.”

“This is my fault.” I frowned. “I’m turning you into a monster like me.”

“You’re not a monster.” She said placing her hand on my cheek as she sobbed.

Why did she have to say that? I am a monster.

“I’m sorry pet.”

Before she could ask why I was sorry, I wrapped my hands around her throat.

“Please Master. Please. I am sorry. I did not mean to kill her. I flipped. It will never happen again. I promise.”

“It’s too late. The darkness has started and once it starts, it will never stop until it consumes your heart and soul. I’m doing you a favour.”

“No. Please.” She sobbed harder.

I tightened my grip and she found it harder and harder to breathe. She began to scratch and claw at my hands to get me off. She even started to kick but it was no use. I wasn’t letting go. Pain flashed across my eyes as she pleaded for her life. Tears streamed down her face.

I was hesitating. I should have killed her by now. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t kill her even though I have to. It is for the best. I couldn’t let her become a monster she was starting to become.

“Please.” She begged as my eyes teared up.

“Sorry Britney.” I whispered before I snapped her neck.

I watched as her lifeless body dropped to the floor. I fell to the floor and screamed out. I loved her and I killed her. I couldn’t let her become a monster my father made me into. I cried as I held onto her pale form, clutching onto her for dear life.

“What have you done?” I heard Joe ask. “You killed her!”

I ignored him as I cried into her chest. She was gone. I had lost her. I regretted what I had done. I want her back but now it’s too late. She was gone forever.

My hurt turned to anger as I carefully placed Amelia’s body on the floor. I dashed of downstairs and picked up Christiana’s dead body.

“YOU DID THIS!” I screamed as I chucked her body through the front door, causing it to smash into pieces. “YOU TOOK HER AWAY FROM ME! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”

“No Damon.” I heard Joe say behind me holding Amelia’s body. “This is all on you.”

He was right. It was all my fault. I did this to her. I just wish I could rewind.




I sat down as I saw Xavier standing in front of Britney’s casket. I was so happy to know her name now. It was beautiful like her. Tears started to cloud my vision. Why did she have to go so soon? She didn’t deserve to die.

“I didn’t know Britney for that long but I’m glad for the time I have known her.” Xavier started. “She accepted me for who I am. For my choice of gender I prefer. She didn’t look at me different. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be with Andy today. She showed me my soul mate and she has helped make me the happiest man alive. I can’t thank her enough. I’m going to miss her bubbly energy.”

Xavier sat down and Andy held him as he cried. I couldn’t help but cry too. Next it was Samantha’s turn.

“From the second I met Amelia, I knew she was different than the others.

She was strong and brave. She had a feisty attitude but along with that, she had a warm heart. She would make you laugh and just seeing her smile made you smile. She was a bright ray of sunshine and one of the best people I have ever known. She will never be forgotten.”

Samantha sat down and I held her as she sobbed into my shoulder. Tommy got up and wanted to say some words.

“I only met Britney the one time but we had fun. She played Call Of Duty with me and was fun to be around. It was even more fun when we had a food fight. We ended up covered in orange juice and egg mayo.” He chuckled slightly as he sobbed. “She was a nice person. She didn’t deserve to die.”

He went and sat by Claire whilst he sobbed. That’s when I realized it was my turn to speak. I slowly rose and walked to her casket before turning to face the small group of people. I looked to Damon who sat at the front looking at the ground. I’m glad he’s hurt and feels regret. I hope it eats him alive.

“Britney touched the lives of many people with her warm smile and kind soul. She was beautiful and smart. If you were having a crappy day and saw her smiling, you couldn’t help but smile as well. She would laugh and you would laugh as it was contagious. You could never be sad around her. I remember when Xavier got her drunk and she danced around singing a song from The Lion King about killing Damon.” I said the last bit with a slight chuckle which caused Xavier to smile slightly as he remembered that night as well. I took a deep breath before continuing.

“The first day I met her, she was so strong and determined. All she ever wanted to be free and now she finally is. I know wherever she is now, she’s happy and free. No matter what life threw at her, she found a way to push through it and live on. She would smile even if she felt like crying.

She said she hated Damon which was true, but she also loved him. She never admitted it to his face but she did. I saw the way she would look at him. No matter what he has done, she still loved him. She may have had a mate which Damon killed but I knew that to her, Damon was her true mate. She would have never admitted it though but she did love Damon. I bet she still does no matter what he did. She always did see try to see the good in everyone.

I loved her like she was my own daughter. I tried to take care of her the best I could. I hated seeing her hurt and I hated seeing her cry. She deserved to be happy. She deserved to be loved. I love her and now I feel like there is a hole in my heart that will never be filled. She was family to me.” I then turned to face the open casket. I looked down onto her lifeless face.

“I’m so sorry I did not make it in time to save you.” I cried as I placed my hand onto hers.

I removed my hand from hers and closed the casket down before turning to walk away. There was a bang as wood splinters flew in all directions. We all took cover, ensuring it didn’t splinter our hearts. I slowly looked over to the now destroyed casket to find Britney crouched, red eyes blazing and lips curled up over her teeth as she snarled.

“Holy shit!” I gasped in shock.

Britney was alive…And a vampire.



*Author’s Note*

*This was so emotional to write, especially Joe’s bit! I even teared up writing it.*

*But who was shocked by the gob-smacking ending?! Britney is alive…And a Vampire!!! :O*

*Who did not see that coming?*



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